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It’s coming hard and fast for BO. From White House Dossier,

With all the nonsense that came out of the White House about the sequester, it could be that President Obama’s credibility has taken a serious hit. Perhaps it’s not just the Republicans who are going to get blamed here.

Because when Saturday Night Live opens its show satirizing The One, you know there’s a problem in paradise.

MOTUS has her own take on all the hoopla out of Big White,

“Dear Roseanne Roseannadanna: What should I do if the whole government shuts down and I can’t buy any stamps to pay my bills? Can I sue the government to recover my late charges and compensate me for my emotional trauma?”

Meanwhile NPR is worrying itself about the “overexposed” WONS.

“You get this sense that you can’t turn on the television without one of the Obamas on it,” Thompson says.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am certainly sick and tired of seeing both of them. How can we take Preezy seriously on anything? He’s now a pop culture icon much like Justin Bieber and acts about the same age (19).  Preezy really needs to step off the stage but, somehow I feel the adulation is much more important to him then governing.

“This is a very serious time right now for the U.S., with the budget and sequester,” says Justin Vaughn, a Boise State University political scientist. “And it looks like nobody is doing anything except being on the Oscars and talk shows.”

The pop culture appearances might not always sit well with people, Vaughn suggests, because they’re part of a larger issue the Obama administration has with transparency.


  1. I’ve noticed a great deal of criticism of MO lately. Her spending habits, constant media presence, vacationing and general do-as-I-say-but-not-as-I-do attitude are being blasted by the left and right (and everyone in between). Interesting how the tide is turning.

  2. Read it all…pretty chilling

    “Obama and his party behave as isolationist Republicans did in the 1930s, when they refused to take Hitler or Japanese imperialism seriously. Obama’s infamous Cairo speech, pandering to Islamists and Israel-haters, is likely to be seen by historians in a light similar to Charles Lindbergh’s giddy infatuation with the Nazis.

    And Benghazi was strictly trouble on training wheels.

    We have a president whose self-esteem and regal taste for power is exceeded only by his naivety about the rest of the world. Now the question isn’t whether we’ll face foreign crises — perhaps, disasters — but which crisis will strike first or hit the hardest.”

  3. Looks like dear Peggy has lost her fear of being called racist, it’s about time:

    • Been saying this one for 3 years now…..

      “I miss Michelle Obama’s early years, when she was beautiful, a little awkward, maybe a little ambivalent about her new role, as a sane person would be. Now she is glamorous, a star, and like all stars assumes our fascination.

      It can be hard to imagine after four years in the White House, whichever party you’re in, that people might do all right for a few minutes if they’re free of your presence. There’s a tendency to assume you enliven with that presence, as opposed to deaden with your political overlay.”

      Please just leave us alone…go away…get a life that doesn’t include mine ….. seriously! We are truly not fascinated with MO as much as she is with herself…

  4. Organizing for Ac$$es….gigglesnort 😀

  5. What a day…
    Didn’t realize the hoops one has to jump through to recover our property…
    Our car is now officially out of car-jail, back home, safely ensconsed in the barn…….minus the catalytic converter, stripped column, but zero damage otherwise.
    Ripped off by entitlement thieves who really think it’s okay to take your stuff so they can have more stuff of their own.

    • That is good news! I hope they caught the little jerks who stole it. Keep it safe and sound in the barn, rigged to explode if messed with. 🙂

    • I’m sorry that happened. It’s irritating to have someone help themselves. I’m tired of the greedy ones, the ones on gov. assistance, always wanting more. They aren’t happy enough to pick pockets, they have to steal. What’s most irritating is the added cost the decent people have to undergo to guard ourselves against the truly greedy.
      The only time they realize the concept of ownership is when it comes to THEIR things. They live in an isolated emotional bubble, everyone around them just ghostly props in their own minds, only existing to provide for them.

      About six months ago, a woman approached me with a shopping cart of food- this was on my street! Offering a cut price sale on meat, milk, cereal etc..
      She got her product with food stamps, but wanted cash, so she had created a little mobile open air market. She saw nothing wrong with her actions, I asked her that since I already purchased her little trove with my taxes, I think it was acceptable for me just to take what’s mine back. After that, she took off clattering down the street so fast, I rued that there were no grocery cart pushing events in the Olympics.

  6. Now our dear MO is lecturing us about healthy dogs…as we, the taxpayers, pay over $100K a year salary for a trainer who takes care of HER dog! GAK!!!

  7. Carole

    Wow!! the comments were really funny and full of puns. I have been trying to think of the black comedian that use to dress up like a lady and wore a wig with banks. Mooch looks a lot like him. Wait! It was Flip Wilson wasn’t it?

    • Waiting for 2012

      Flip Wilson (“Geraldine”)!

    • LOL 😀
      Describes MO perfectly

  8. Waiting for 2012

    Oh, dear, oh dear. Barry has lost the love of his life:

    Guess the flags at Big White will be flown at 1/2 mast.

    • Those poor children. At that age, waiting even one hour to eat can feel like an eternity. Did anyone on her staff even think about children with medical issues (like Diabetes) that cannot wait for our fabulous FLOTUS before they get food?

      • Not to mention…water? She wrote that they were told not to bring food or drinks. After the munchkins jumped around for an hour…did they get to rehydrate? If I were a parent, I’d be pretty ticked off…what a joke!

    • Waiting for 2012

      It’s all just one big ego trip for that egomaniacal, ugly bovine. Just when I think I couldn’t possibly detest her more, she amazes me every day. Can’t wait to see the very ample backside of hers walking out of Big White for the very LAST time.

      • I think we will continually be amazed…good grief. But wait, Spring Break at the Wee Wons’ school doesn’t start for another 2 weeks or so…what then?

        • So narcissistic she only offered a shirt in her size, XL. As long as she was comfortable and well fed and watered, what did that old cow care about the welfare of the children?
          What a misery for those poor kids. Where they allowed to go to the bathroom?

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