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Professional segregationists

A big shout out to federal judge A. Wallace Tashima of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. He has ruled that an AZ law, House Bill 2281, is constitutional. The law would prevent Az school districts and charter schools from;

1. Promoting the overthrow of the United States government.

2. Promoting resentment toward a race or class  of people.

3. Designing courses primarily for pupils of a  particular ethnic group.

4. Advocating ethnic solidarity instead of the  treatment of pupils as individuals.

What a victory for all of us who seek to stop the promotion of racial strife.

“The judge agreed with a prior evidentiary finding by an administrative law judge  that the program contained “classes or courses designed for Latinos as a group” and promoted “racial resentment against ‘Whites.’”

IG for the DOJ has come out with a scandalous report on the Perez Civil Rights Division.  The full report is here.  The report is full of damning evidence of racial dysfunction within the DOJ. So much for the supposed race neutral enforcement of law in a very hostile environment. Perez is being considered to head the Dept. of Labor. From the report;

“The OIG also uncovered e-mails in which current and former Voting Section attorneys criticized and mocked Coates’s work on the Noxubee case. . . . Likewise, a non-attorney employee in the Voting Section wrote in an e-mail to a Section attorney: “[P]ersonally i think that the architects of the [Voting Rights Act] and those who fought and died for it are rolling over in their graves with that perversion of the act … im sorry, but [White people] are NOT covered for a reason.”

Mychal Massie of the Daily Rant has written a piece concerning the “normative” we frequently apply in our everyday conversations. Phraes like “the black community”, “the black church”,  even “the hispanic community, separate and divide us as Americans.

There is a conscious attempt taking place today that is designed and intended to foment discord and disunity. It is intended to keep blacks resentful and distrustful of whites, and it is intended to make whites feel guilty while viewing blacks separate from the whole.

The elite white illuminati on one hand use this to portray themselves as understanding and supportive of the poor disenfranchised black man who cannot get ahead without government help and race-based affirmative-action programs.

Those in the media are especially guilty of this. Newspaper editors, news program producers, and program hosts deeply resent men and women such as myself because we are antithetical to the debilitating and self-limiting, segregative mentality they embrace. They go out of their way to marginalize voices like Ward Connelly, others, and mine because we are working to change the social dynamic that imprisons minds.

The Supreme Court should strike down the Voting Rights Act and rein in Attorney General Eric Holder

and this…  Wisconsin Educrats Encourage Students To Wear “White Privilege” Wristbands

The webpage list a series of suggestions for high schools students to become more racially sensitive. The suggestions include:

• Wear a white wristband as a reminder about your privilege, and as a personal commitment to explain why you wear the wristband.
• Set aside sections of the day to critically examine how privilege is working.
• Put a note on your mirror or computer screen as a reminder to think about privilege.
The Wisconsin DPI also sponsors  CREATE Wisconsin, an on-going “cultural sensitivity” teacher-training program that focuses largely on “whiteness” and “white privilege.”
No matter what anyone’s political leanings, their religion, or the color of their skin, we are simply, all of us, just Americans. It’s time to change the race based language we use to describe ourselves and each other. Part of the reason for my disdain of the Democrat (not Democratic) Party is the racism prevalent in all they do. Pitting what they call the minority classes against each other and whites to benefit a political agenda and elections. Obama used this very divisivness to gain his office, he had nothing else to offer as we have seen for the past four years. Eric Holder and the DOJ have become culpable in the destruction of trust all Americans have placed in the Civil Rights Division.
open thread….

UPDATE:  To all my Catholic friends, I wish nothing but the best for your new Pope Francis I and his guidance of the church.


  1. MRM

    Good compilation Lynn! I saw the wristband article earlier and was sickened by it…

    • Thank you… much appreciated.

  2. Obama walking back the “I didn’t cancel WH tours” ….He did according to Carney….

    • Maybe he and Mooch could have cancelled some of their personal adventures and outings

  3. More of BO’s race based BS…

    Keeping with his race-based ideology, President Obama has named the nation’s first African American education czar to focus on improving the academic performance of black students and countering the discrimination that persists in public schools around the country.

    The official title is Executive Director of White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans and the task is to reduce “racial isolation and resegregation of elementary and secondary schools.” Despite decades-old desegregation laws, “substantial obstacles” to equal educational opportunities still remain in America’s public school system, according to the president. Therefore the academic performance of black students has for decades lagged behind whites and other ethnic minorities.

    So last summer the commander-in-chief issued an executive order to create a special White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans. The goal is to tackle a rampant crisis of perpetually low academic performance and high dropout rates among black students. African Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools and challenging college-preparatory classes and they disproportionately experience school discipline and referrals to special education, according to the executive order.

    • MRM

      “countering the discrimination that persists in public schools around the country.” Perhaps they should investigate the “soft bigotry of lowered expectations” which has done more than its share of damage….

  4. In a first for any American public school system, education officials in the District of Columbia have set new achievement targets for students based on race and income with lower goals for black, Hispanic and poor kids and higher ones for whites and Asians.

    Washington D.C. officials are simply following a national trend implemented by the Obama Administration, which is paying states to adopt different education achievement goals for different groups of children. The administration is just “trying to be realistic about what’s achievable,” according to a U.S. Department of Education (DOE) official quoted in the mainstream newspaper that reported the dramatic shift in policy this week.

    Besides D.C., more than two dozen states have set special academic targets for different groups of students, which the news story points out represents a sea of change in national education policy that for years prescribed blanket goals for all students. Evidently, the Obama Administration believes this new approach will speed achievement for black, Latino and low-income students.

    Officials in the area surrounding the nation’s capital took the bull by the horns, setting specific race-based goals for the next five years, even though some parents view it as a form of prejudice. The plan sets goals according to demographics. For instance the reading proficiency level at an almost exclusively black school in an impoverished area is expected to be much lower than an already high-performing magnet school across the city. One D.C. parent calls the plan “disgraceful.”

  5. “In the report, Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez — a possible Obama nominee to head the Department of Labor — makes clear that he doesn’t think Section 5 should ever be used to protect a white minority in covered jurisdictions.

    Perez feels it should only be used to prop up the political position of “people of color.” If the victims of discrimination happen to be white, too bad — they are not protected”

    Makes me sick to think these are the people BO wants to serve the public…racists!!

  6. Holder called us a “nation of cowards” when it comes to discussing racism… how does he feel about the racism in his Civil Rights Division? How about discussing his racist problem…

    • I don’t care what color the skin is, if you tell someone they are a cementhead, by and by, they will believe it. Don’t they understand that parading out this message over and over again is affecting black children. They get off the bus at night, thinking no matter how well they do, they just aren’t smart enough to make it. It’s plain wrong and a lie.
      I’d like to ask Holder “Why is it that the people of color in my small town school did just as well as everyone else?” The town was so small, people couldn’t afford to be racist, you’d miss a good part of the populace. It’s segregation that’s creating these problems! It’s segregation to always put a label on people. I am honestly starting to believe that DEMS see those little steakhouse tags over everyone’s head, you know the kind, “rare, med, done”? I suspect liberals imagine steaktags over everyone they meet, “Woman, Black” Southern” etc..

      • Putting labels on everyone keeps their narrative nice and tidy….but, it doesn’t change the reality of the ugliness inherent in doing that.

      • Besides, if it wasn’t for double standards the left would have no standards at all… LOL 😀

      • MRM

        It’s the old ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ thing… Dems can’t afford for the electorate to stand united…. hence, the eternal division tactics.

  7. A scandal over nothing…bad translation brings out the crazies

    “The Spanish clothing brand “Mango” has apologised on its French web site for selling jewelry advertised as “slave style” due to a translation error. French anti-racism associations are not amused.”

  8. More on Perez and the DOJ filled with racism….
    “During his tenure with the Obama DOJ, Perez sought to undermine electoral integrity by attacking South Carolina’s voter ID law. His race card antics were rebuked by a unanimous U.S. District Court panel (which included a Clinton appointee), and the law prevailed.

    Perez was instrumental in covering the backsides of the militant New Black Panther Party thugs who menaced voters and poll watchers in Philadelphia in 2008. The American Spectator’s Quin Hillyer recounted that a federal judge challenged the veracity of Perez’s testimony about DOJ political appointees’ interference on behalf of the Panthers. “This came after Perez also had, apparently unlawfully, refused to honor valid subpoenas from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights — and it was in addition to yet another falsehood by Perez, this one to the effect that DOJ had sought the maximum allowable penalty against the Panthers,”

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