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It’s Everything MO Day!

Mo photo shopHitting the cover of Vogue ….again. If she didn’t love the limelight, why pose for so many mags? Do you think anyone will notice how different she looks on the cover from the pic with Preezy? Which proves photoshop can be your best friend.  And, notice how Preezy’s hair has strangely become much darker. Must have had another hair cut.

For the new issue, she wears the same  dress for the inside feature with the President, who is dressed in a  pinstriped shirt and a striped blue tie. Mrs Obama’s choice of Reed  Krakoff for  the cover is a significant one – she also wore the label in her latest  official portrait, and for the President’s swearing-in.

MO photoshop 2

‘I always say that women should wear  whatever makes them feel good about themselves. That’s what I always try to do,’ she explained.

‘I also believe that if you’re  comfortable in your clothes it’s easy to connect with people and make  them feel comfortable as well. In every interaction that I have with  people, I always want to show them my most authentic self.’

Authentic self? Does anyone remember this?Michelle+Obama+IOC+2016+Olympic+Venue+Announcement+_ryAQGimCm7lMust not have been too authentic, MO and Oprah got tossed out first.

Or how about this?MO scoldingNo pasted on comic eyelashes or Sharpie eyebrows. No white stripe down the nose. And, not a diamond bangle or squirty pin in sight.

There’s nothing “authentic” about MO anymore. She’s as plastic as they come. When the make-up has to be scraped off with a spatula, the pretense of any authenticity becomes pretty obvious. Of course, with all the trainers and coaches she has had, the shrillness has gone but, the intent has not changed.

While discussing her daughters MO stated how terribly difficult it was to give them a “normal life”.

She said: ‘The Secret Service has to change the way they do things; they  have to become more flexible. And they do. Because they want to make  sure that these girls are happy and that they have a normal life.

‘There’s a lot of energy that goes  into working with staff, working with agents, working with friends’ parents to figure out how do we, you know, let these kids go to the  party and have a sleepover and walk through the city on their own, go to the game.

‘It requires us to be there and be present so that we can respond and have the system respond to their needs,’ she explained.

The system? There have been other children raised in the White House. Chelsea Clinton was never in the public eye or used by her parents for photo-ops. She actually did have a “normal” life while her dad was Preezy.  So did Amy Carter. Neither one were shoved into the limelight. Their parents had more respect for their privacy. The Bush twins were rarely seen or heard about as well. MO may talk about privacy for her kids and a normal life but, those kids have had more photos in the last four years then all the others put together have had in their lives.

As they discussed their twenty year marriage, BO and MO commented on the “effect” being in  the White House had on their wardrobes.

 The President says he went from having only two suits, to dozens.

‘Thank god,’ said Mrs Obama. ‘Let me tell you: This is the man who still boasts about, “This khaki pair of pants I’ve had since I was 20.” And I’m like, “You don’t want to brag about that.”‘

Laughing, the President added: ‘Michelle’s like Beyoncé in that song, “Let me upgrade ya!” She upgraded me.’

Mrs Obama is the second First Lady to appear on a Vogue cover. Hillary Clinton appeared in the magazine in 1998.

Vogue’s editor, Anna Wintour, was a top fundraiser for the Obama re-election campaign, raking in more than $500,000.

Five hundred thousand gets Vogue a cover with MO and an interview with both of them. Pretty hefty price. Anna Wintour didn’t get that Ambassadorship she paid so dearly for but, she did get BO and MO.


  1. Waiting for 2012

    You should see the yahoo comments about this article!

    OT: I was in the grocery store at lunchtime, using the self-checkout. They always have an employee to monitor, etc. Well, somehow the conversation tunred to guns with the colleg-age young man who was the monitor. He said he wanted to get a concealed carry permit and a gun, I told him he’d better hurry up before the government take those rights away. He looked at me a bit funny, then whispered, “Do you like Obama?” “NO! I detest him!”. “So do I! I voted for Romeny, and my friends and I were so bummed he didn’t win. We couldn’t believe Barry got re-elected–what’s WRONG with those people?!?” Anyway, we had a lovely conversation (mostly whispered!). What a nice kid! And it’s so heartening to hear that his same-aged friends think alike. I told him that, and also that I’m so happy that his young friends don’t buy the b.s. from the libs.

    • 2014 is coming….with their help we take the Senate…Stop BO in his tracks. 🙂

    • Good. I’m not crazy. I thought it strange that young people are asking me about CCL and speaking out against 0 in hushed terms. My first thought was “if so many y’all hated him, why’s he still got his feet up on the Restoration desk?
      And asking about CCL- I want to ask if I look like Calamity Jane that they should ask.

    • OMG, just read some of the comments… how the heck did “they” get re-elected?

    • Oh dear, what delusions! He really does think he’s king, doesn’t he? Sounds like he missed out on a lovely lunch, all due to his own ego.

      • Nobody else dropped dead from the food…what a hoot!
        Susan Collins was laughing at him… ME too 😀

    • He looked “longingly” at the food. LOL 😀
      MO had to cut back on her food consumption at Big White, so does everyone else.
      I’m still convinced the “Let’s Move” was more about her than anyone else. The pablum filled interviews tell me so.

  2. ““We had to figure out how to make a mortgage, payin’ the bills, goin’ to Target, and freakin’ out when . . . the woman who’s looking after your girls while Michelle’s working suddenly decides she’s quittin’.”

    Hard to understand why anyone would “quit” and not want to work for the world’s most perfect family /

    • She got tired of all the missed ‘g’ s at the end of words?

      • Waiting for 2012

        LOL! Ok, I finally found one thing I like about MOO–she’s tidy around the house. Still not enought ot ever make me like her, though..

      • LOL 😀

  3. This certainly speaks for itself. What if you gave a conference and no one came? LOL 😀
    A paltry 200 or so showed up for the much touted OFA conference.

    “Never let it be said that President Barack Obama won’t admit his mistakes. “What we don’t want to do is repeat the mistake I think I believe in 2008 we made,” he told a rather paltry crowd of inaugural donors to his “social welfare” group Organizing for Action during dinner at the St. Regis hotel Wednesday. “Where some of that energy just kind of dissipated and we were only playing an inside game.”

  4. Can’t open the People’s House for tours but, can fly all over the country to campaign?

    “They are only the first of nearly a dozen fundraisers the president has agreed to attend for the Democratic campaign committees. Obama agreed to attend a total of 14 this year — five each for the DCCC and DSCC outside Washington, and four in the beltway.”

    MO will be out mooooving on AF2. Bet on it!

  5. O/T This is what BO and company are doing to the whole of the US…Looting the country

    “Too many of Kilpatrick’s colleagues and collaborators are still at large. And far too many of America’s big cities are cursed by deeply corrupt political machines that don’t just steal but also wreck the fabric of governance and deprive poor people of the services they need to have a chance at a better life.”

    Most of the corruption is headed by Dems in the urban areas

    • I love the last paragraph. It’s a sin to leave the truly poor in such deplorable conditions, breaking them down even further. How are they to lift themselves up, when all around them, their city has been looted and demoralized?
      I don’t mind the ‘hand up’ approach, it’s the ‘hand out ‘ that always leads to a trap. Hunters don’t leave food for their prey out of the generosity of their hearts, they leave bait to lure the animal into killing range – that’s what today’s welfare is.

  6. Meet the latest cabinet member….You will remember her as the big bundler who is raising funds from the wealthy to buy BO and MO an upscale home in HA when he steps down in 2016…presumed to be the new “commerce secretary”….pay to play politics.

    “Pritzker, who helped lead Obama’s fundraising efforts in 2008 and was a major bundler in 2012, is personally worth $1.8 billion, according to National Journal–rich enough to buy Mitt Romney many times over. Pritzker and her family control the Hyatt hotel chain and many other businesses. In 2001, Pritzker’s Superior Bank collapsed, with huge losses due to what National Review’s John Fund calls “aggressive subprime-lending.”

  7. Give us a 🙂 ….
    “The founder of Dominos Pizza won his bid for a court order to prevent enforcement of the mandate while the lawsuit it filed against the Obama administration over the HHS mandate that forces religious employers to purchase drugs that may cause abortions for their employees continues.

    Tom Monaghan calls requiring businesses, schools and other religious places to pay for such drugs a “gravely immoral” practice and filed suit earlier this month in federal court for Domino’s Farms, a business development complex he owns. …

    For purposes of the preliminary injunction, Judge Zatkoff focused only on the unconstitutional nature of the HHS Mandate due its infringement on Mr. Monaghan’s exercise of religion. Judge Zatkoff held that he did not need to engage in a separate discussion of Plaintiffs’ Constitutional right to the Free Exercise of Religion since both theories seek to protect the same liberty interest — the free practice of one’s religion.”

  8. No one is throwing good money at Egypt anymore….just the ignorant Preezy-in-Chief.

  9. OMG! She’s pointing a finger gun at Preezy!!


    • Waiting for 2012

      Doesn’t MOO look like Lurch from the Addams Family????

      • I report, you decide…. LOL 😀

  10. Preezy wants to remind everyone “I WON”….

    • Must keep that for when 0-care falls into the toilet like his wife’s toothbrush that he didn’t tell her about.

  11. The Dim Senate IS the problem…..has been for the last 4 years.

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