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Not much happening today

We have guests coming from Europe today, Germany. I’m going to leave an open thread for you to feel free to discuss anything you would like or throw out any idea on what you want to see on the blog.

As I have said in the past, this is your blog as much as it is mine. I appreciate everyone who contributes. So, here’s another opportunity to make this an open community. Tell me what interests you. What’s happening in your state? Or just give an opinion on a topic. See you guys later. I’ll try to check in periodically. Have a good day.


open thread….


  1. I read this earlier this morning. For some reason it’s causing a huge furor.

  2. I guess they weren’t exempt after all…unions not happy with Obamacare

  3. I have no idea why this case became international “news” or even national “news”. I do know it was wrong to villianize a whole town of people for the acts of a few.

  4. BO, the “smartest and most brilliant Preezy evah” …… 😦

    “At the beginning of Obama’s first term, the White House determined that the missile threat from countries like North Korea changed and ceased established missile defense policy. The policy carried over from the George W. Bush administration, which was on track to place 14 missile defense interceptors in Alaska and California. In 2009, the Obama administration decided to eliminate missiles from the proposed stockpile and “mothball” the missile field built to house them.

    At the time, House Republicans fought the proposed change and told the White House not to alter the missile defense policy or shut down infrastructure. In testimony before the House, General Patrick O’Reilly, then-head of the Missile Defense Agency, testified that reactivating “mothballed” silos would cost the taxpayer $200 million.”

  5. More of that phony hopey changey
    “Plant has not produced a single battery designed by lab where Obama spoke Friday, IG reports”

  6. Carole

    I might watch “The Bible” to see if the devil looks like Barry. “The Lordf the Flies.”

    • Watched part of it….that thought never entered my mind.

    • I immediately thought of “The Seventh Seal”, but not 0. I’m not a Bible buff, but am watching the show. My husband gets the names and stories right. I read the Bible all through once, in college, but to be honest, what little expertise I have comes from Jazz songs.
      I think my watching the show comes from a desire to see something geared towards Easter. For a long time, all we had in terms of Easter movies was “the Ten Commandments” and “Jesus Christ, Superstar”.
      I’m kind of hoping it becomes a tradition.

  7. Carole

    oops, “The Lord of the Flies.”

  8. Carole

    The “hooker” out fit that MO wore to Tayler Swift’s childrens’ award ceremonies cost the taxpayers big bucks.

    • Now that costume is definately up there on the list of SWMBO’s worst ever!! Why does She feel like dressing like a $2.00 hooker at a childrens event? If the WH has mirrors, I say She is stoned out again and thinks this getup is appropriate for a First Lady.

  9. Carole

    boy can’t spell and type…outfit

    • It’s those blabby fingers….have a case of them myself on occasion.. LOL 😀

  10. Beware of the “New Elite”….Scott Rasmussen and the majority understand the meaning of “fair”. Not in DC terms…

  11. Harris Abrams on 18/18/13 at 1:25 pm
    Sometimes it’s just the herpes that comes back, and sometimes it’s the whole Weiner.

    ROFLMAO… 😀

  12. Carole

    California students are dumbed down to a scary level. I had a 7th grade student in a social science class try to argue with me that Sacramento the capital of California is a state. He doesn’t realize that cities like San Francisco is in northern California. He thinks that any city outside of the southern part of CA is a state.

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