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Friday Bits and Pieces

We all know MO was given the “best dressed woman in the world” title by the Daily Sunday Fashion Rag…er, um, mag. But, in honor of that title they have issued a new ‘stamp’. flotus-stampHow gauche is that?

Finally, MO is being recognized for what she truly feels she is, Queenie. Wonder how Queen Elizabeth is taking the news that she has been displaced by an erstwhile self proclaimed queen?  As Beyonce’  sings in her new lyrical melody, “Bow down B******s”…… know that’s what MO feels she deserves. You really can’t ‘make this stuff up’.

Watching Bob Beckel on “The Five” yesterday was absolutely a hoot. As Andrea said “Whoa…didn’t see that coming”. Beckel was so upset at CBS “The Amazing Race” he was spluttering and sounding off about the ‘optics’. Funny thing, I agreed with him completely. It was beyond tasteless to use a downed B-52 as backdrop prop and listen to a ‘boy band’ extoll the virtues of a Communist regime. 57,000 Americans gave their lives in Viet Nam, scores more were left with debilitating injuries. CBS deserved all the scorn and disdain Beckel came up with to describe them. Kudos to him!

Arlene from Israel has her own take on BO’s most excellent adventure to Israel.

Let me quote what Ruby Rivlin, former speaker of the Knesset, said about the president’s decision — which he called “worrying” — to speak at the Convention Center rather than the Knesset:

“Three American presidents [Carter, Clinton and Bush] have spoken on the Knesset stage, as well [Egyptian President Anwar] Sadat and leaders from Europe.  President Obama should speak to the people of Israel through its elected representatives.”……….snip

…President Obama decided not to visit the Knesset, a decision which is in bad taste….The Knesset is a symbol of Israeli sovereignty, and with all due respect to the president, it cannot be ignored.”

We all know the ‘bad taste’ and ignorance when BO or MO are traveling to foreign countries to represent us. Arlene from Israel is just getting a taste of it now. For some strange reason she thinks BO was being “manipulative” when insisting to speak to only young Israelite university students. We already know that ploy and how well it worked in the last election. It’s one of his trade mark political ploys, to “charm” and make promises to the idealistic youth.

“Today, as we face the twilight of Israel’s founding generation, you – the young people of Israel – must now claim the future. It falls to you to write the next chapter in the story of this great nation.”

Manipulative is not even a strong enough word for how Obama conducted himself here.  Take a lesson.  Under no circumstances is this a man to be trusted.

Arlene from Israel, we know he can’t be trusted.  Everything he says or does has an extremely short shelf life. He also bypasses our Congress to push his own special agenda.

More embarrassment from the West Bank. Arafat, the father of terrorism and suicide bombings was proudly on display as the ‘Leader of the Free World’ gave his speech to the Palestinians.

It is simply astonishing that the leader of the free world would agree to speak against a backdrop of a murderous terrorist with American and Israeli blood on his hands. What kind of message does this send to America’s enemies when the president of the United States gives a press conference standing in front of a banner celebrating one of the most brutal terrorists in history? It projects a clear signal that Washington is weak in the face of terrorism, and it is an insult to the memory of those who died at the hands of Arafat’s terror network.

BO and his staff of advisors, including the State Dept, are the most inept bunch of amateurs and foreign policy bunglers to ever have graced the White House. Libya was such a major fiasco that BO doesn’t have the courage to stand for anything, such a wimp on the world stage should not be representing us.

More on BO’s pick for Commerce Secretary……can you say “tax increment funding”? Michelle Malkin has the rest @

To protect her family’s multibillion-dollar fortune, Pritzker’s enterprises park their money in the very same kind of offshore trusts Obama attacked GOP rival Mitt Romney over. But Obama lapped up nearly $800 million in campaign and inaugural funding raised by Pritzker. A former Pritzker tax lawyer pioneered tax-avoidance strategies for the family, which allowed them to pay $9 million in taxes instead of $150 million in estate taxes after patriarch A.N. Pritzker died. As Forbes notes: “There are now 11 Pritzkers on the Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans.” Nice lawyering if you can get it.

Exempted from Obama’s poisonous class-warfare demagoguery, Pritzker also chaired Chicago’s failed Olympic Village Subcommittee while serving as president of Pritzker Realty Group, a top Illinois mega-developer that would have reaped untold millions in project work if then Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and the White House had secured the 2016 Olympic bid.

Keeps those piles of money coming in for the DNCC. After all BO owes Pritzker big time as she raises funding for his ‘legacy library’ and his home in HA. Capitalism isn’t what’s wrong with America, cronyism is when used to enrich the pols and their politically connected friends.


  1. Would love to recreate the Michelle Obama Intervention Team ! Where did you get that stamp photo?

  2. Of course the unions are denying this…. LOL

    “A veteran business lobbyist familiar with the talks said that while much of the public angst has been about Republicans and conservative reaction to the comprehensive package’s pathway to citizenship, union leaders are also proving to be a major impediment.

    “Every time you make progress … the unions come in the next day and throw something else on the table. They keep moving the goal posts,” the lobbyist said.

    “Everyone is pretending like the [American Federation of Labor] wants this, and they don’t,” the lobbyist added.”…..

    but, this is what the unions are demanding in the “immigration bill”, protectionism for their members.

    “Among the problematic union proposals: a 10,000 annual cap on low wage work visas; barring work visas for any trade covered by Davis Bacon, a federal wage law that would encompass most of the construction industry; and creating an unemployment based trigger for work visas that would come into effect only when employment drops below a specific level, which sources said has been proposed at several levels including eight and five percent.”

  3. ‘Every child in every neighborhood in Chicago deserves access to a high quality education that prepares them to succeed in life, but for too long children in certain parts of Chicago have been cheated out of the resources they need to succeed because they are in underutilized, under-resourced schools,’ said district CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett.”

    She ran the public schools in Cleveland. Made a complete mess of them before they bought out her contract. The next CEO used his position as a stepping stone into a University position and quit (thank goodness, he was no better)
    The new CEO, appointed by the Mayor is making big changes and vouchers are welcome. The local NAACP was upset because he doesn’t have “black skin”. But, the Mayor has persevered, he heads the school board. The new CEO is better qualified then the previous two put together.

  4. OH prosecutor is filing charges against Puxatawney Phil. He’s asking for the death penalty…. LOL 😀
    Another snow storm heading our way…snowed all week ….WTH is SPRING??

  5. Congress just struck down a 30 billion provision of Obamacare…..the tax on medical devices
    A bunch of Dems defected (30)…. LOL 😀 while the vote is basically symbolic, it’s a major start in the right direction
    This keeps up and the draconian bill will be ripped apart piece by piece…that would be a good thing. Vets will also not see any cuts in their health care…slowly but surely the train is wrecking in slow mo. The Gods of the Copybook Headings are laughing

  6. conner43

    Obama causes Israel to
    make humiliating apology to
    Turkey´s anti-Israel prime minister
    PowerLine, by Paul Mirengoff

    All I can say is I admire Bibi’s restraint in not sticking a fork in a certain person’s eye.

    • Lulu

      And Erdogan is now expecting compensation from Israel for the “victims” of that flotilla debacle…

  7. Waiting for 2012

    Why not a Queen Moo stamp? Bammy already has his taster, just like a king does…

    • I have a feeling that, in the long term, the public will look back at the adulation of the Obamas the same way we look back at pet rocks and the Urban Cowboy fads. Everyone I know hates the disco era, but if that’s really the case, why was it so popular? In the future, people will deny fawning over over these frauds. “It wasn’t me, I was too cool to fall for that. It was everyone else.” As their collection of Obama plates and bubbleheads gather dust in the corner of the garage.

  8. Lulu

    I try not to think of her at all. Hard to do when she has become the Sistah version of Big Brothah. But when I do, it is as Madam Queen. From “Amos and Andy”. Down at deh Lodge Hall….

  9. Waiting for 2012

    Funny, I think of “drag queen.”

    This is what I have all up and down my street. People on disability that have no problems shimmying up a tree during hunting season. This article addresses why anyone in their right mind would avoid disability like a plague. It puts a lid on a person, keeping them in poverty their entire lives. I’m really surprised NPR wrote about this.
    Widespread unnecessary disability claims are sapping not just money, but the spirit and drive of many of the people on it. Many children are on disability, providing their parents with money so the parents, if they aren’t on disability, free money to drink and get high on. This is slavery, no two ways about it.
    I know a woman that has the same issues I do, and if she spent half of her time working to better herself as she worked on getting disability, she’d be well off. If the government in this day and age, with it’s hunger for slaves, says you aren’t disabled, honey, you are not disabled.
    This is a very strong issue for me. I’ve watched several times the human spirit get drained by this scheme. The consequences of eating that golden apple are dear.

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