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Have a Happy Easter

Easter lions

A few notes and I will be off for the weekend to enjoy my family as I hope all of you will do.

From the Bahamas to Sun Valley…. the girls are vacationing…mostly on your dime. While everyone else’s children are locked out of the White House due to the pettiness of the Obamas, their girls party on.

In an exclusive photo obtained by Idaho’s First News, you can see the First Daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama skiing at River Run Thursday.

Jeannie DeAngelis  of American Thinker makes note of the elitist lifestyle and the arrogance of the Obamas with their in-your-face vindictiveness.

Meanwhile,  when it comes to showering themselves with the perks of the good life, the  Obamas exercise zero restraint. In fact, three months into the second term,  they’re actually outdoing themselves.  Not only that, but the elitist  lifestyle the first family lives has a vindictive in-your-face,  so-what-if-you-don’t-like-it edge to it that smacks of spiteful arrogance.   Therefore, Sasha and Malia are learning what their liberal parents teach them,  and that is to convey the following message to the unwashed masses: “Do as I say  and I’ll do what I want, and I’ll do it with your  money.”

Not to be outdone, Joey B is also living the life of luxury…..also on your dime. You can find out all the details at White House Dossier

Biden’s trip is the latest episode in a bout of rampant vacationing by the First and Second Families, who have been roaring out of Washington this year on taxpayer-funded excursions even as the deficit mounts and the sequester axes jobs and critical spending on other priorities.

Three months, three paycayshuns….don’t you just love it?


But, Spring is a time for hope, say an extra prayer while you attend church, synagogue or mosque this week….America needs all the help it can get. See you all on Monday and thank you for just being here.

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  1. Some people like spring lamb but, spring lion is just so cute too!! 😀

  2. The White House asked the local TV station to scrub the story from their website, sadly, they put their knee pads on and complied. Sun Valley is the scourge of Idaho, bunch of rich super liberal ass clowns who try to tell us “flatlanders” how to live. John Kerry has a house there. Perfect place for the spawn of Mooch and Barry. Gag me!

    • Well, now we know where the girls are staying….Kerry’s house! LOL

      • Haw! Just like the awful relatives who pull their camper up into your lawn for two weeks and wear out your toilet seat!

  3. Happy Easter Lynnie !

    • And to you my dear friend! 🙂

  4. Have a very happy Easter Lynn!! By the way, have you heard from Birdie? How is she? I have been concerned for her, especially after the election last fall, but didn’t want to pry. . .

    • Haven’t heard….still hoping
      Have a lovely Easter Day! 🙂

  5. Carole

    Happy Easter everyone. May the good Lord bless you all and may spring bring you fresh, new journeys that lead you to many wonderful, exciting adventures throughout this year.

    • Have a lovely day and God Bless you. 🙂

  6. Happy Easter Lynn, and all the Birdies! I love the photos above! So precious! I wish all of you God’s blessings on this most special day. Enjoy your families, the beautiful start of spring and lots of chocolate eggs and jelly beans!

    • Thanks, and have a beautiful Easter day.

  7. Waiting for 2012

    Gee, nothing like celebrating the holiest day in the Christian calendar by attending a Black Liberation Theology service:

    I suppose, just as with the Rev. Wrong, Bammer didn’t actually hear what he said, so, when he’s asked about his ties with this pastor 20 years later, he can claim ignorance.

    • What lovely spring Easter frocks the Wee Wons are wearing! 🙂

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