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Explosions at the Boston Marathon!

Will update as soon as more info comes out. 3 dead and at first report 30+ injured. Sounds like ball bearings were used as part of the packing. Continuing updates at the link

Two more bombs found! (News calls them “devices).

On a better note, Jenna’s baby…… jenna_bush_daughter_mila_thg_130415_wmain

World meet ‘Mila’ ….so cute


  1. My prayers are with the dead and injured, their families and the good people of Boston.

  2. My mind is reeling a bit. My first taught was “Impossible!”
    Why would anyone want to hurt so many innocent people?
    The Boston Marathon- why?
    Those poor people.

    • “Why would anyone want to hurt so many innocent people?”
      Because evil does exist and evil people do very evil things to the innocent.

  3. no doubt it is those pesky Episcopalians again. . .

    • One of the first reports stated that The Tea Party in Boston might have been making a statement on tax day. WTF?

      • I believe it was Wolf Blitzer, last seen chasing his relevancy into the sunset.
        I’m not sure it’s the first suspect that’s been named, either. It seems a little quick to make any accusations

        • Blitzer was the one reporting that it was an anti tax group – not that he had anything to do with this horrific crime.

    • It’s always the conservatives, isn’t it? NY Post is reporting a Saudi is under guard in the hospital with severe burns. Preezy set to talk to us, shortly. Will he call it terrorism?

      • “the president” probably will tell us that we need to reach out more to the religion of peace–it’s our fault, don’t you know?

    • or those dastardly Joooooos….

    • Wasn’t that a gesture of reassurance? To let us know he’s on the job? We have nothing to fear as long as BO and Jay-No are watching over us…./

  4. Waiting for 2012

    What I’d like to know: how on earth did they get Bamster off the golf course? Sorry for the sarcasm; my heart goes out to the people in Boston, but we all know how our Dear Leader is–he won’t do anything right away, and act like a true leader–and, a couple days later, will start blaming the conservatives for this.

    Bostonians, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Waiting for 2012

    Oh, I forgot: funny how the WH now is calling it “terrorism”. I thought we’re supposed to call it a “man-caused disaster”???

    • They can change the words, but the acts of terrorism don’t ever change. I think they’re hoping for this to be anyone but an Islamic jihadist.

  6. Let me think, how many fighter jets did we just send Morsi and the ‘brotherhood.’?

    • 26, I believe that’s the number. Just think of the billions we send to state sponsors of terrorism…..and arms, tanks, training…’s just deplorable how much we bolster them

  7. IEDs?
    The bombs which were detonated in Boston do not appear to have been directional. Rather, they appear to have been the kind of IED where ball bearings—or what appears to be ball bearings—are packed around explosives and wrapped or packaged tightly so as to be under pressure.

  8. A bomb was found at East 55th rapid station in Cleveland….this whole thing is beginning to feel like anarchists

  9. Uh-huh….”tax day” or not, it was a terrorist attack….doesn’t make a difference who did this horrendous thing, they ARE terrorists. Yeah, specifically it is terrorism.

    “The word has taken on a different meaning since 9/11,” Axelrod said of the phrase “terrorist attack.”

    “You use those words and it means something very specific in people’s mind. And I’m sure what was going through the president’s mind is — we really don’t know who did this — it was tax day. Was it someone who was pro–you know, you just don’t know. And so I think his attitude is, let’s not put any inference into this, let’s just make clear that we’re going to get the people responsible.”

  10. Another light dawns for BO….he isn’t the “One”. That job is already taken. Took him long enough….jerk

    “What took the rest of us a matter of seconds to see took Barack Obama twenty hours to comprehend.

  11. BO swears to bring the perpetrators of Boston to “justice”
    Here’s hoping he does better than that Benghazi mess. Not exactly full of success..

  12. Koffler is right….check the pic….good grief
    “The White House released another photo of Obama taking charge of the crisis. That’s fine if they want to let us know he’s paying attention, but they ought to send some of these characters out to brief the public. They can say as little or as much as they want, but they should take some questions.”

  13. seems the additional bombs found was just a rumor…apologies to all for the misinformation.

  14. I heard on talk radio this afternoon that the bombs were made from pressure cookers. I can see it now. Zero and all the idiots in congress are going to now jam through legislation to ban pressure cookers! And while we are on that track, let’s ban knives too b/c wasn’t it last week that some idiot knifed a bunch of students at a community college? Might as well add forks to that list too. Sorry for the sarcasm, but I am in a pissy mood, and the a$$holes in the gov and the media (cnn and msnbc) aren’t helping the situation. NO amount of photos of zero on the phone w/ law enforcement officers or the FBI or whoever to show “he is in command of the situation” will change anything. He is a complete idiot and the real story behind this terrorist attack will undoubtedly be covered up, and a bunch of lies and exuses and “what difference does it make if people were killed” (a la Hillary) will fill all the alphabet news channels. A horrible attack, but yet I honestly have no faith whatsoever in this admin that the truth will come out or any good will come from it. Sorry for the rant….

    • So, tell us how you really feel, Kathy.:) No apology necessary, rants are always welcome here…we’re right there with you!

      • Thanks Annie’s Mom. Aside from feeling so sad for the victims of the terrorist attack, I am just so sick about the MO of this admin. Sick and jaded of what is going to happen. Why an “interfaith service” 2 days after the attack? I am fine w/ people praying and coming together, but this will be exploited by zero and the other admin idiots who will show up, just for a photo op. Do you think that the o admin will make commemorative tshirts to give out at that interfaith memorial, just like they did w/ the Gabby Giffords/Arizona shooting? Do you think mooch will come dressed in all her ‘hotness’ w/ her toned arms ready to smother, I mean hug, all the victims to show how much she cares? Do you think that once the usefulness of the Boston bombing victims and their families is over that the admin will care? I think not. I bet bo is pissed that he has to miss a day of golf and/or fundraising and go to comfort a bunch of little peons in Boston. And another thing that pisses me off, why come so soon? OR why come at all? Isn’t there supposed to be an investigation/crime scene, and w/ his entourage, won’t that interrupt the law enforcement from conducting their investigation? He doesn’t care, it is all about photo ops and to try and look good.

        • That’s a rant? No apologies needed.
          I just got back from visiting my parents. My Poppa woke up that morning, went from socialist DEM to Gadsden Flag in one fell swoop.
          Waking up to the reality of what’s happening? Now THAT’s a rant. You just stated your mind
          This is a good place, when you get fed up. When the illusion gets too much, this is the place to go.

          • How’s your mom taking the “conversion”?
            To be perfectly honest, I am so angry I would personally like to be the one to flip the switch when whoever did this is caught….

          • Oh my, Tanna, that’s good news! Perhaps others will start waking up…we can only hope.

    • Daily ranting is what we do! 🙂
      Never feel sorry for speaking up….

    • Expanded the budget for “green energy” failures, slashed the budgets of preventive services, including border agents. Because when he was elected the whole world voted for him and loved him so much no harm would come to the US./

  15. Condi Rice explains presidential position on terror….does a better job of it than Carney.

  16. Questions that need asking….
    “Secretary of State John Kerry will testify this morning before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the 2014 State Department budget.”

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