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Odd isn’t it when the media found out Chechen Muslims were the ugly perpetrators how silent they fell? Not once has any of their accusations born fruit but, they sure keep trying to spread the illusion of “right-wing” violence, mostly blaming the Tea Party. Of course, this is all about politics and their need to absolve themselves of any responsibility for the creepy yellow journalism they spout. The MSM accuses everyone who disagrees with their position of either hatred due to racism or scoring political points using a tragedy like Sandy Hook or even the bombings in Boston. All the misinformation and their degrading remarks does little to assure the public they are objective or are little more than sensationalist seekers. Unlike some in the dinosaur media, I have zero sympathy for the Muslim jihadist ingrates. The New York times had an interesting piece about them, “Far From War-Torn Homeland, Trying To Fit In”

Just in case anyone missed their ugliness boston_epic_media_fails_4-19-13

 “That Was the Week That Was”  

Kudos to law enforcement for showing would be terrorists the force they will be up against. A big thumbs down to the media for their despicable comments.

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  1. Boston bombs: Obama lulled America into false confidence over terror threat
    The war on terror cannot be fought at an arm’s length ….nor can it be fought as a civil issue….

  2. Gun control doesn’t make me feel safer….not at all…we do have the right to self defense…it’s recognized by prosecutors, judiciary and juries.
    “Without understanding the visceral belief that many Americans have, that their “right to bear arms” is about self defense and the right to take care of your own when the State fails you, it’s impossible to understand the politics of gun control in the United States.

    The chances of getting 60 votes in the Senate for serious gun control remain slim to none.”

  3. BO always minimizes the danger of Islamic jihadists…..not all Muslims are terrorists but, most terrorists are Muslim. Can’t hide that fact or make nice with the likes of these people. They are not poor misunderstood youth, they are terrorists….stop acting like they aren’t, BO

  4. conner43

    What a rogue’s gallery Lynn! Thinking about all those unarmed Bostonians huddled in their unprotected homes…wouldn’t be surprised if Mass. relaxes its’ gun laws.

    • I certainly hope so. I don’t know how many times I have read comments over the last two days saying something to the effect: “I bet a large percentage of those families locked up in their homes in literal house arrest probably wished they had guns to protect themselves instead of relying on the police”. How much you wanna bet that the sales of handguns, rifles and ammo in Mass skyrockets??? I think after the events of this past week, a lot will change and many people previously FOR gun control will now be seriously rethinking their stance and probably become PRO protection via our 2nd amendment rights.

  5. Cyber Security passes with bi-partisan vote in the House…BO threatens veto out of love for chaos….

    “Ninety-two Democrats ignored the White House’s veto threat and voted in favor of CISPA. The bill would enable the government and private companies to partner and share information in order to actively ward off foreign and domestic cyber attacks.

    Forty-two Democrats supported a version of CISPA that passed the House last year before failing to pass the Senate.

    Sources on Capitol Hill say the increased Democratic support is evidence the White House is losing its bid to stymie the legislation, which military leaders and other experts have said is vital to America’s efforts to fight enemy hackers.

    “I think the White House needs to learn how to play well with others,” a congressional staffer who has been working on the legislation said following the vote.”

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