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Immigration reform done in secret behind closed doors and being rushed through. You would think the “most transparent” governing body ever in life would let a little sunshine on the bill instead of steamrolling it through. 844 pages containing waivers and very little, if anything, about border security.

“If, in five years, the plan has not reached 100 percent awareness and 90 percent apprehension, the Department of Homeland Security will lose control of the issue and it will be turned over to the border governors to finish the job,” Marco Rubio said. “Which is not a Washington commission, made up of congressmen or bureaucrats. It’s largely led by the border state governors, who have a vested local interest in ensuring that that border is secure.”

Of course, the Commission will have ten members, comprised of:

  • Two appointed by the president.
  • One chosen by the Majority Leader of the Senate
  • One chosen by the Minority Leader. (In practice, both will be appointed by the President pro tempore of the Senate.)
  • One chosen by the Speaker of the House
  • One chosen by the House Minority Leader.
  • Finally, the other four will be either the governor or the governor’s appointee from the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

That makes six representatives chosen by D.C. and four from the border states.

That type of “Commission” worked out so well during the sequester debate, let’s just do it again. The count is 11 million illegals destined for amnesty. The truth is no one knows how many are here illegally. Some have cited up to 20 million. An article from the CSMonitor 2006 states that obvious fact.

OFA is jumping on the big immigration bandwagon too… it’s all about Obama and another “huge moment” for him.

Organizing for Action, the activist group that grew out of President Obama’s 2012 campaign, plans what it calls a “major day of action” next month to gather support for the bipartisan Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill.

“This is a huge moment for President Obama,” said Emmy Ruiz, OFA’s immigration campaign manager, in an email sent to supporters of the Obama campaign Sunday. “The president made it clear last year that comprehensive immigration reform is a big part of his agenda — and we can help him keep that promise to the American people.” (it isn’t the American people he made that “promise” to, it was and is the illegals living here-ed)

Yes, just like the “gun control legislation” was a “huge moment”  for BO too. Think of all the taxpayer money wasted by Preezy flying around the country and getting shot down on another “key piece” of his agenda.

Clarice Feldman, American Thinker;

Barack  Obama is a lame duck president. Nobody listens to what he says anymore,  nobody is interested in winning  his approval and nobody much cares if he  thinks they have “let the country down”. This is typical for a second-term  president who has lost all their leverage because they’re no longer running for  office and everybody is patiently waiting for the day when he quits the White  House. But Obama’s difficult personality has doubled the size of the challenge.  Gloating in victory, adolescent in defeat — the Prez doesn’t make it easy to  work with him. Why should conservative senators give him a legislative victory  after he has spent four years painting them as knuckle-dragging rednecks who hate women and the poor?

Whatever  your position on gun control, yesterday’s events are a damning indictment of  Obama’s presidency — a flash of style, lots of soaring rhetoric and, when the  votes are actually counted, little [to] show for any of it. America has  four more years of this lame-duck president telling them that it has let him  down. If only he could tear up the Constitution and rule by diktat he might save  himself a little disappointment. Alas, American democracy is a stickler for rules……snip

Now,  on to the next wedge issue the Administration hoped to exploit — immigration.  This is another major issue, where a very lengthy bill has been drafted so far  without hearings or debate, on an important hot-button issue.

After the events of the past week….it’s not looking to be a huge success for BO or the “Gang of Eight”.

open thread…..


  1. Had to look out the window to see if pigs were flying.
    Pat Caddel insists BO is doing his best to make the sequester tough on the public as a political move.
    Beckel (on the Five) said no more Muslim students should be allowed to apply for student visas until immigration reform is really addressed.
    Liberal (big L) may be waking up.

  2. DUH!…..
    “The two brothers suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon appear to have been motivated by a radical brand of Islam but do not seem connected to any Muslim terrorist groups”

  3. After spending 1.3 billion of your money …Fisker heads for bankruptcy…cars cost $577 + to build. Doesn’t that sound like “smart green energy”?

  4. Punitive….this will backfire too. Dems should be ashamed, especially the Senate

    “Not that taxpayers should have a lot of confidence in the ability of Messrs. Huerta and LaHood to prioritize. On Monday, as flight delays were hitting travelers at airports around the country due to these allegedly unavoidable cuts, the top story on the Department of Transportation’s website announced a $474 million grant program that promises to “make communities more livable and sustainable.”

    How about awarding grants to the control towers at Hartsfield and O’Hare? The community of air travelers would likely agree that sitting in a departure lounge at Newark Airport may be livable, but it’s not sustainable.

    Mr. LaHood’s website on Monday also announced that “DOT launches Women in Transportation History online exhibit.” No doubt all the female passengers waiting for a flight out of LAX will be ecstatic.”

  5. Who could have seen this one coming?

  6. Here they go again….LSM worried about backlash against Muslims….when will these idiots grow the heck up?

  7. “What difference does it make why they did it?” Sounds a lot like The Clinton noise….

  8. On a somewhat humorous, bittersweet moment:
    My niece played a Facebook game religiously every day for four yeas, it was a little game with ‘pets’ that offered dolls, furniture and clothes to buy. Two weeks ago, in an outrage, she posted to me that they were selling a Michelle Obama doll, she didn’t want that “Commie Doll” and that the doll in the game was the Kiss of Death.
    I wasted time convincing her the presence of a commie doll in a game will NOT shut it down. I feel the fool. It was shut down last week.
    Everything the Obamas touch turns to crap.

    • Waiting for 2012

      Today, I was in the grocery store, buying hubby a birthday card. There were only 2 Obama cards: one, with a pic of Bamster and Bidey on the front. Inside: “I thought you’d like 2 clowns for your birthday!”

      The other, though, wasn’t as funny, but it wasn’t exactly fawning. It had a pic of Moo & Bamster:” I thought this would look good on your desk.”

    • I hope Club Penguin is safe. Good place for kids.

      • I’ll have to look at that one. It’s a problem to find a kiddy-kid game. EA stopped the pet game so they can have more servers for smash/kill games.
        Every year EA paradeS out a pr fluff piece about how they are not misogynists, along with a picture of a woman, hands folded confidently on her desk, pink business attire, and yet, they cut down what few girls’ games they have, which are very few.
        In the six months before closing, they offered, in this children’s game, played throughout the world, a Guy Fawkes mask, the Obama doll, an Oprah Winfrey doll (which I’m sure sold big worldwide- sarc/) and a “Healthy eating/ Let’s move!” fiasco, and then scratch their heads and wonder why sales are down.
        Dunno- maybe a big, money hungry giant like EA supporting OWS looked stupid? Maybe even the kids disagreed with this bunk? It was a kid that told me about the “Commie doll”. He kids are bearing the brunt of FLOTUS’s food campaign, they don’t want it in their games, too.
        Never buying anything from EA again.

  9. Just watched the dedication of the library for GWB…gosh, what a wonderful family. And, yes, we do miss you! Bush 41 gave a very short speech from his wheelchair…as the audience applauded, he turned to 43 and said, “too long?”. GWB burst out laughing and shook his head, “no”. BHO and MO seemed out of place amid the words about love of country, family, and convictions…and were among the first off the stage.

    • I took the time to watch too. It was great to see the whole family!

  10. Carole

    Moo’s outfit was too tight as usual, The chunky necklace didn’t work at all for the style of suit/dress, She needs a new wig or needs to shampoo and restyle the one that now is looking ratty.

  11. Just in case anyone missed Weasel Zippers today…a must see:

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