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A Federal judge has ruled BO and DHS can’t let the “Dreamers” stay if the law says they have to be deported. It is not their choice to make. The most shocking part of this decision isn’t the decision itself, it’s who brought the lawsuit against the coercive DHS.

“The court finds that DHS does not have discretion to refuse to initiate removal proceedings” when the requirements for deportation under a federal statute are met, O’Connor said today in a 38-page decision, referring to the Department of Homeland Security…

The case was filed by attorney Kris Kobach, who also serves as Kansas Secretary of State and is a national Republican Party adviser. Lead plaintiff Christopher L. Crane is president of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council, a 7,600- member federal immigration agents’ union.

“Officers are applying the directive to people detained in jails, not kids in school,” Crane testified at the April 8 hearing. “It is now the story in the jails for aliens to use to avoid arrest and deportation.”

J-No has her own take on how laws should be applied, according to executive whim. while testifying at the Senate she had this to say.

“There are tensions with union leadership, unfortunately, but here’s what I expect as a former federal prosecutor and attorney general, and that is that law enforcement agents will enforce the law in accord with the guidance they’re given from their superiors,” Napolitano said. “That’s what we ask of ICE, that’s what we ask of Border Patrol, that’s what we ask throughout the Department and I believe that would be consistent with all law enforcement. Agents don’t set the enforcement priorities. Those are set by their superiors and they are asked then to obey that guidance in accord with the law.”

How is the current guidance in “accordance with the law”?

The Newtown people can stop now. They’ve had their time to move the voters….it didn’t work.  This week the voters turned down more funding for school security………… unarmed school security.

Officials had put an extra $770,000 in the school and town budgets to hire extra police officers and unarmed security guards in each of Newtown’s public and private schools.

Just a tad touch of hypocrisy don’t you think?

To all those who chided us on linking fraud to Obama’s election win, we are vindicated in at least a few states. Officials found guilty in Obama, Clinton ballot petition fraud……it only took the jury 3 hours to convict.

Former longtime St. Joseph County Democratic party Chairman Butch Morgan Jr.   was found guilty of felony conspiracy counts to commit petition fraud  and forgery, and former county Board of Elections worker Dustin Blythe was found  guilty of felony forgery counts and falsely making a petition, after being  accused of faking petitions that enabled Obama, then an Illinois Senator,  to get on the presidential primary ballot for his first run for the White House.

Breitbart vindicated! Looks as if the Pigford was filled with fraud and abuse…..the NY Times made the amazing discovery which proved Breitbart right all along. Andrew-Breitbart-is-here

The cost of the settlements, which could exceed $4.4 billion, is the result of a process that “became a runaway train, driven by racial politics, pressure from influential members of Congress and law firms that stand to gain more than $130 million in fees,” the Times notes.

Among those influential members of Congress was then-Senator Barack Obama, who made Pigford payouts a priority in exchange for political support for his 2008 presidential campaign among a coveted group of black voters in the rural South, the Times reports.

As president, Obama continued to support payouts for new groups of claimants while abandoning a review process that had been used to fight fraud. The aim was “buying the support” of minorities, according to the Times, while middlemen created a “cottage industry” in defrauding the government.

Seems everywhere one looks in the Obama past, fraud is connected to him and his supporters.

Much of the fraud was enabled by the Clinton and Obama administrations, and by members of Congress seeking to reward special interests. Then-Sen. Obama sponsored new Pigford legislation in 2007, while Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) threatened in 2009 to lead protests against the administration if it did not bend to the wishes of Hispanic claimants.

Meanwhile, whole families, including young children, filed claims for past discrimination to reap $50,000 each in cash payouts. As yet, Congress has failed to investigate Pigford.

Someone else is asking the same question I’ve been wondering about for 2 weeks.

If the Tsarnaevs were so persecuted in Kleptostan that they needed “asylum,” how come all of them fly back and forth to that Third World hellhole like they’re jumping on the Red Line to Park Street?

………and did you know the Boston terrorists mother, psycho Islamist nutter, was also added to a terrorist watch list?

The only downside to the opening of the Bush Library was BO droning on and on about immigration reform.

Trying to leverage Republicans into handing over their principles by suddenly singing odes to the president he labeled the root of all evil, President Obama gushed over Bush “reaching across the aisle to unlikely allies like Ted Kennedy” with regard to his immigration reform effort.

What a two faced hypocrite Obama truly is to the man, “W”, he has so vilified for the last five years. He isn’t half the man Bush is, nor will he ever be.

open thread…..


  1. Shaming and naming….trying to wiggle out of the law they passed,

  2. Testing your assumptions…for the liberals …..

  3. “Red Line” crossed….WWBD?
    [THREE MAJOR U.S. allies — Britain, France and Israel — have now concluded that the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad has very likely used chemical weapons, not once but on multiple occasions. This would cross a “red line” drawn by President Obama. An Israeli general said Tuesday that “the regime used lethal chemical weapons against gunmen in a series of incidents in recent months,” including a March 19 attack near Aleppo where a “sarin-type” substance was employed. The British and French governments reported to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that they had corroborating evidence, including soil samples, of chemical-weapon use in three instances since December.

    Though his policy on Syria has been weak and muddled, Mr. Obama has been very clear that the United States “will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people,” as he put it last month. He has said that such use would be a “game-changer.”]

  4. A little music for this Friday afternoon:

  5. Strange….not sure all this was really necessary….?????

  6. Cringeworthy to the nth degree…..Politico finally notices….

    [Tuesday morning, a peculiar announcement trickled out of the White House press office: President Barack Obama would be holding a moment of silence for the victims of the Boston bombings. At the White House. By himself. No press or other intruders allowed.

    Except the White House photographer

    That Obama assumed Americans would want an iconic photo of him privately mourning the victims of the bombings was emblematic of a kind of hubris that has enveloped the president and his White House as the president commences his second term.]

    • Everything MO Day pic for sure…notice how both BO and MO have their arms crossed in front of them….talk about body language giving away how they really feel.

  7. More hubris….more backfire….showing his true colors now to everyone….from the Chicago Tribune…and others

    [Hours before the federal spending sequester began on March 1, when President Barack Obama predicted that “People are going to be hurt,” he did not add, Trust me, I’ll make sure of it. But he might as well have, as this week’s furloughs of air traffic controllers make obvious. The furloughs reflect panic: Having exaggerated their early predictions that the sequester’s small reduction in spending growth would seriously affect Americans, many Democrats are hell-bent to pre-empt those Americans from drawing two logical conclusions: If one level of cuts is this painless, then maybe we should make … more cuts to expenditures. And while we’re at it, maybe we should ignore the politicians who told us that if Washington lowered the spending growth curve … the Earth will fly into the sun….

    So, what could the administration do to make a reduction of barely 1 percent of actual federal outlays — less than $45 billion of this year’s roughly $3.8 trillion — turn citizens against Republicans who oppose more tax increases? Easy, or so the president’s men and women figured: Cue the air controller furloughs! Let’s stall some flights on the tarmac! Sure enough, travel delays have followed. We’re less certain, though, that this hostage-taking will cut the way the White House expects: The scheme relies on citizens being — how to put this delicately? — stupid enough to think that the Federal Aviation Administration can’t find a more flier-friendly way to save $600 million.]

  8. Carole

    It looks like to me that Michelle’s hairdresser didn’t get her wig and her own hair aligned quite right. There is no way that MO’s bangs are her own hair. Her hair always looks frizzy, over pressed or dull, never, ever shiny with highlights.

  9. I don’t think Mooch’s look from last night’s dinner was very good. Her hair was atrocious, her makeup way too dark and too much, and the cut of the top part of the dress did not seem to flatter her. I thought the sleeves were too tight and the height of the neckline looked awkward. In one of the Huffpo images, it almost looked she was wearing blue contacts. Unless it was a weird reflection from the camera.

    • Style is who you are, fashion is what you’d like to be. Some women have had a suit that they can wear for twenty years, because it’s their style. Young girls go through their closet and toss out half every year because they follow fashion.
      Mooch is still trying to find out who she is.

    • She tries too hard….

  10. Carole

    Mooch has tried so hard to set her own style from wearing sweaters and tops too tight, backwards and insideout. The boob belt has caught on a little to some of the newer outfits I have on people and in pictures, butt overall, she has failed as a trend setter to set the world on fire with her hairdos or style of clothing.

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