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The PC Strait Jacket

Eric Holder didn’t disappoint the ADL. Now I ask you, who is retaliating? Holder warns against Boston bombing backlash

“Our investigation into this matter remains ongoing – and I want to assure you that my colleagues and I are determined to hold accountable, to the fullest extent of the law, all of those who were responsible for this attack,” Holder said, according to the prepared text of a speech delivered Monday to the Anti-Defamation League. “But I also want to make clear that – just as we will pursue relentlessly anyone who would target our people or attempt to terrorize our cities – the Justice Department is firmly committed to protecting innocent people against misguided acts of retaliation.”

So, to be ‘politically correct’ we aren’t supposed to mention that it has been Muslim jihadists who have caused, are still causing, worldwide mayhem? We all understand all Muslims are not jihadists (radical) but, we also understand Muslim majority countries are teaching hate of all that isn’t Islam. We do know how confrontational Muslims in those countries can be if even a rumor of anyone desecrating Islam or their demi-god Mohammed passes around. Churches are burned, Christians are murdered over any perceived insult. Holder gives all of us very little credit and assumes we are a hateful people. When people are out to kill you, political correctness needs the back burner not another lecture on how awful we are as Americans, especially from a man like Holder who has yet to uphold the laws of our country.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is trying to reassess what he meant by “game changer” in regard to Syrian chemical weapons. But, the gamechanger may already be in the works.

The Free Syrian Army says Israeli air force jets flew over President Bashar Assad’s palace and bombed a chemical weapons site near Damascus, Maariv reported.

The report said Israeli jets entered Syrian airspace close to 6 a.m Saturday and flew over Assad’s palace in Damascus and other security facilities before striking a chemical weapons compound near the city.

The Hebrew language daily said a Syrian army air defense battery positioned in the city fired at the Israeli jets, but the aircraft left Syrian airspace unscathed. FSA rebels posted a video showing smoke rising from the headquarters for chemical weapons.

There were no reports of the extent of damage or casualties.

All the hemming and hawing and walkback just shows us what a short shelf life any serious considerations have in the crappy administration of BO.  Benghazi isn’t going away. He mucked up Libya along with everything else he touches. Now, he doesn’t have to make a decision, still voting ‘present’. With each and every passing day BO loses more credibility.

Preezy is an unhappy man and Congress is to blame. He didn’t get his anti-gun legislation no matter how hard he ‘campaigned’ for it. The sequester was supposed to bring the pain to average Americans. BO did his best, but Congress voted to stop him and, as soon as that ‘s’ is corrected, BO will sign the bill to keep the air traffic controllers on the job.

The idea behind furloughing air traffic controllers was to inflict pain on
ordinary Americans–or, as Klein calls them, “the politically powerful”–so as
to pressure Republicans to raise taxes and to forgo cuts in inessential
spending–or, as Klein calls it, “programs that affects [sic] the politically
powerless.” Instead it was Democrats who felt pressure. The House vote on the
Reducing Flight Delays Act was 361-41, with just 29 Democrats and 12 Republicans in
dissent. The Senate didn’t even bother with a vote, passing the bill by
unanimous consent.

100 days and counting……

bunni_thumb[3]Rest in peace Bunni…..

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  1. RGIII thinks the tyranny of PC is holding the American culture “hostage”.

  2. Jason Collins (NBA) comes out as “gay”….nobody gives a s**t but BO and the LSM….

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one not concerned about who’s gay and who isn’t. At first, I had the inkling of a thought that I didn’t care about gay issues. No, it’s not that, I just don’t care who’s gay or who’s straight. That’s their business- I’m not married to them. I suspect my political leanings say something about my not wanting to poke my nose into everyones’ bedroom.

      • Seriously, why does anyone feel it’s necessary to proclaim their sexual proclivities. No one I know cares about whether or not anyone is gay… matter who they are.

    • Waiting for 2012

      Well, Birdies, I have an announcement to make. It’s something that’s been on my mind for a long time, and I’ve kept it secret for many years:

      I’m a straight, white female, who has been happily married since 2004. Wheww! Glad to finally get that off my chest. Where’s my coming out party and book deal???? 🙂

      • Annie's Mom

        We are so proud of you!!! That took real courage!!! Don’t forget, we’ve got your back!

      • I second AM!! LOL 😀

  3. Obama: “Maybe I Should Just Pack Up and Go Home”……a good idea, the best one he’s had to date–should-just-pack-up-and-go-home-n1583189

    • Oh please oh please!
      I’ve always wanted a passive aggressive president. A president that would say something that a churlish 15 year old girl would say at a slumber party. I’m sure that when he said that, he was expecting the polite, “Oh no, don’t do that.” but all he got was crickets.

  4. More lies from Sleazy Preezy….Congress at “fault” for Gitmo not closing…..

    [Closing Guantánamo doesn’t address the fundamental problem of rights. Obama’s solution, blocked by Congress, is to move the hornet’s nest to a Supermax prison in Illinois — dubbed “Gitmo North” — and keep holding men as POWs in a war that has no end. They’re not hunger-striking for a change in scenery.

    It’s true that Congress put restrictions on transfers of individuals to other countries with bad security situations. But, since 2012, Congress has granted authority to the secretary of defense to waive those restrictions on a case-by-case basis. The administration hasn’t made use of that power once. So it’s a little stale to blame Congress at this point.]

  5. Clearly BO is ignorant on most issues……well, any of the important ones….

    [Obama was asked if he would help State Department employees, survivors of the Benghazi terrorist attack, who have told reporters that they are being blocked from testifying on what they know of the assault.

    “I’m not familiar with this notion that anybody has been blocked from testifying,” Obama replied. “So what I’ll do is i will find out what exactly you are referring to.”

    But Issa has written the Obama team repeatedly about the subject. “A lawyer for Benghazi whistleblowers has publicly stated that the State Department is blocking her client’s ability to talk freely with counsel,” Issa said. “Over the past two weeks, I have sent four letters requesting that this Administration make information available about how lawyers – who already have security clearances and are representing Benghazi whistleblowers – can be cleared to fully hear their clients’ stories. I have yet to receive any response from the Obama Administration.”]

  6. 78 degrees!! Perfect day for digging in our yard……..YAY!!!!! 😀
    Boy have I missed ‘global warming’ lol

    • Omigosh, yes! I’m somewhat happy that there’s some global warming, or else we’d all be knee deep in glaciers.
      Please don’t forget Mooch’s new iTune Fashion App! I’m sure it’ll tell us all where to get the latest in grease mops and boob belts.!

      • LOL 😀

    • Annie's Mom

      Whoop-dee-doo…it’s 74 here. Unfortunately, we’re going to get hit by the cold front that’s about to pound the north…supposed to get down to 20 tonight. Last week when we had a similar cold snap, the hummingbird feeder froze!

  7. OH NO!! Politically Incorrect demonstration in front of Big White…..
    [A group of Syrian activists extended a long, symbolic red line in front of the White House Sunday in a call for the Obama administration to respond aggressively to the Syrian regime’s alleged use of chemical weapons.]

  8. Ah to be rich, powerful……….and obnoxious.

    • Annie's Mom

      What beautiful pictures…Rest in peace, dear Bunni.

      • Waiting for 2012

        I just saw that over on MOTUS. She was so beautiful–was she a model?

        You’re in my prayers, Bunni. God bless you. you’ll be greatly missed.

  9. Another liberal loon bites the dust….faking and flapping and lying….

  10. Yes indeed…a jihadist gets more “concern” from BO and Holder than our own vets will ever get, also from the acid rush MSNBC Maddow

    [Rieckhoff, a frequent Maddow guest, was persuasive as always in advocating for veterans. But his appearance last night on her show was surely no coincidence. And it did little to dispel the perception that Obama is more concerned with the jailed jihadists at Guantanamo than with the wounded warriors at home.]

  11. She ‘paid’ handsomely for that job….and is reportedly working to purchase a property in HA for Preezy and Co when he leaves office. BO sure knows how to take care of his ‘crony capitalist friends’.

  12. Sleazy Preezy picks another DC ‘crony capitalist friend to head Federal Housing Finance Agency….

    [Rep. Melvin Watt (D., N.C), President Barack Obama’s pick to head the Federal Housing Finance Agency, has received $1.2 million from Super PACs in the housing industry and financial marketplace over the course of his political career.]

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