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Mother’s Day

There are none so blind as he who will not see…even with blood on their hands

The day after Benghazi, the parents of Navy SEALS from Seal Team Six, along with military experts and former military officials, appeared at the National Press Club to demand a congressional investigation. The media responded with a collective shrugs and resumed providing non-stop coverage of the Jodi Arias case. Some Lady Macbeths go to prison. Others are meant to go to the White House.

“Why was there no pre-assault fire?” Karen Vaughn, the mother of Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn, asked. “We were told as families that pre-assault fire damages our efforts to win the hearts and minds of our enemy. So in other words, the hearts and minds of our enemy are more valuable to this government than my son’s blood.”

This Mother’s Day is dedicated to the moms whose sons and daughters are at the mercy of a corrupt and misguided government who treat them and their children with utter disdain.

“Under the current Rules of Engagement, if the enemy fires on you then runs behind a rock,” Karen Vaughn told a press that was busy pressing its fingers into its ears as deep as they could go, “when he pops his head out from behind the rock, you’re not allowed to engage him unless you can verify that he has not laid his gun down… in other words you must be fired on twice.”

To all the moms who have made the ultimate sacrifice and whose children have been forgotten, we do remember you today and every other day.

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  1. Pat Smith, the mother of one of the victims of the Benghazi consulate attacks, went on the Huckabee show yesterday to deliver a message to Hillary Clinton.

    “I want to wish Hillary a Happy Mother’s Day,” she said. “She has her child. I don’t have mine because of her.”

  2. conner43

    Not letting Hillary off the hook, but none of this could have happened without a compliant media.
    Imo, the press always knew the video story was total b.s.. They ran with it, in hopes no one would notice, and all would be forgotten. Getting Nowhere Man re-elected was all that mattered.. The helicopter crash that killed so many Seals was much the same, even after it occurred, the story came and went in a heartbeat.
    Now the rats are running for their holes, claiming to have not known they were being misled.. I call b.s.
    Btw, “misled” surely must be one of the weakest words in the language.

    • the rats can run but, they cannot hide.

  3. Happy belated Mother’s Day, ladies!

    Just watched Preezy lie through his teeth about Benghazi. He claims no one knew for several days what was happening. Two points he has seem to forgotten. 1. His administration immediately claimed the Youtube video was responsible (d’oh!). 2. Memos recently uncovered show that they knew from the first second of the attack that it was a terrorist event. Can’t believe he lied like that and the press still won’t call him out. What are they afraid of? Why do they allow him to make them all out as chumps?

    • BO also forgot he was on TeeVee shows and spouted the same nonsense as Rice did on the Newsies. He also forgot to mention the Libyan PM telling reporters it was a terrorist attack. His contradictory statements (also the State Dept.) had the Libyan gov so pissed off they kept the FBI out for 18 days. They really do think we’re all stupid.

      • Not sure about you, but I’m more inclined to believe the SEALs on the ground (who were told to stand down) than FAUXTUS.

        • I’ve never believed the couched lies of BO. Saw right through him when he ran the first time in 2008…..all hat, no cattle.

  4. This is going to p*ss off a few people.

    “Nixonian: Obama Regime Seizes AP Reporters’ Phone Records For Over 20 Separate Lines, More Than 100 Journalists Affected…”

  5. Carole

    Obama, a pimple of a man, stood there looking straight into the cameras and lied his rotten soul out about Benghazi. He thinks we are stupid enough to believe that he wants the IRS personnel brought to justice for tagging conservative groups like the Tea Party. He is just one lying bag of scum. He knew about the IRS tagging conservative groups, you bet his lying asshat that he did.

    • All BO’s political appointees are the same kind of scum….

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