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What a hoot! BO comes out and makes the stern and angry announcement that Miller is gone from the IRS. Then we find out his time at the IRS is over in June anyway. Sooooo, phony, fakester BO came out yesterday to make a huge announcement that really has no effect on Miller or the IRS. Don’t you think he knows the “acting head of the IRS” will be leaving his post in June? So the melodrama of Preezy and his “heads will roll” statement is so much smoke and mirrors.

“The misconduct that it uncovered is inexcusable. It’s inexcusable, and Americans are right to be angry about it and I am angry about it,” the president said in a brief prepared statement. “I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency—but especially in the IRS, given the power that it has and the reach that it has into all of our lives.”

Obama said the “responsible parties” will be held accountable. Lew “took the first step by requesting—and accepting—the resignation of the acting commissioner of the IRS because given the controversy surrounding this audit, it’s important to institute new leadership that can help restore confidence going forward,” Obama added.

See how easy that was? But, now there is this.…..a symbolic resignation.

The president’s big statement today was a big nothing as far as accountability goes. The only head that has rolled was already scheduled to roll even if the scandal had never come up. It now looks like Obama came out with that statement for two reasons: To look like he was doing something useful, and to bully Republicans not to aggressively pursue the scandal

Since BO has done his best to create an atmosphere of hatred for conservatives, why is he so surprised and angry? What is really inexcusable is how much damage has been done by this Preezy, which will impact the US for years to come.

MO went on a book signing May 7th. It was “closed to the press”.  I now see why…..Mo book 2and just look at the shiny. MO bookShe urged patrons to buy ‘her’ book for Mother’s Day, the one she didn’t write along with photos she didn’t take. But, like BO, it is all about her.

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  1. “It’s been a rough week for Obama. A lot of critics are comparing President Obama to President Richard Nixon. Which is unfair. Nixon’s unemployment rate was only 5%.”

    Leno doesn’t hold back, neither should we.

  2. Simply doing “what their bosses ordered”….thanks to BO and his henchmen the IRS is now a rogue agency and political hacks for Preezy.

  3. and is that produce from the WH garden SWMBO works sooooo hard at?

    • Waxed veggies for props? 😀

  4. [And now Holder himself seems to admit that he has a pattern of seizing these records, rather than having the AP seizure be the exception to the rule. Amazingly, Holder seems to think that his caveat of having refused to approve this kind of secret warrant and seizure “a few times” makes it look better.]

  5. “Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother.” That’s what President Barack Obama said to Rep. Peter DeFazio in a closed-door meeting of the House Democratic Caucus last week, according to the Associated Press.

    From 2009….note to BO, looks like it all caught up with you. Now we’re the ones “keeping score, brother”

  6. Nice Queen Bee suit there, Darlin’.
    (By God, now even her dresses are scowling.)

    • Why, yes, they are! LOL 😀
      I hadn’t noticed that…..

    • Waiting for 2012

      Pharoah Rameses II called, and he wants his skirt back.

    • The tablecloth matches the blue theme…wonder if that was planned…. LOL 😀

  7. Just in case you think the IRS is not up to its eyeballs in s***…..

    [This has to give pause to voters who know that this same corrupt from top to bottom outfit will be the outfit to whom we must give our medical insurance information under Obamacare. That fear is completely justified by its conduct now the subject of a class action suit:

    The Internal Revenue Service is now facing a class action lawsuit over allegations that it improperly accessed and stole the health records of some 10 million Americans, including medical records of all California state judges]

    Read more:

  8. YEP, government is just “too big” …..after touting government is not big or intrusive enough. The Axeman cometh…..

  9. The WH wants people to tweet them three words to describe O’care. Not the first time they’ve asked Americans to proclaim their love for Dear Leader and his policies. In the past, people have gotten pretty colorful. I imagine the f-bomb is being used quite a bit.

    • Since OH has been named #1 for crude and rude….well… can imagine what I have to say about it. LOL 😀

  10. His little “I need an umbrella” speech today was so mincing and appalling. I imagine he had pink ballerina slippers on while standing behind that podium.
    What woman would date that cowardly little prissy thing, much less marry it?
    Of course, he dodged questions- someone in the press dared to ask one.

    • Never a straight answer…parsing words

    • Beta males have never been my type of guy…I like hunks! 😀

  11. TSA can violate you, terrorists get a pass by the DOJ…

    [The Justice Department failed to provide the names of some terrorists in the witness protection program to the center that maintains the government’s watch list used to keep dangerous people off airline flights, the department’s inspector general said in a report Thursday.

    As a result of the department’s failure to properly share information, some in the witness protection program who were on the “no-fly” list were allowed to travel on commercial flights, the federal watchdog said.]

    • More on this issue….great, just great
      [The U.S. Marshal Service has been “unable to locate” two former participants in the federal Witness Security Program “identified as known or suspected terrorists,” states the public summary of an interim Justice Department Inspector General’s report obtained by CNN.

      The Marshals have concluded that “one individual was and the other individual was believed to be residing outside of the United States.”

      The news comes from an audit of the Witness Security Program by the IG’s office , which states that “the Department did not definitively know how many known or suspected terrorists were admitted into the WITSEC program,” among other “significant issues concerning national security.” The report makes 16 recommendations.]

  12. AP scandal gets uglier and much, much more interesting…I believe the word to describe the snooping is ‘spiteful’.

  13. When is a ‘recess appointment’ not a ‘recess appointment’…..when Congress is still in session. BO loses again due to the illegality of declaring the Senate in recess unilaterally. Overstepped his role and authority.

    • Annie's Mom

      All of this coming out in dribs and drabs…really makes one wonder what else they’re trying to keep secret.

  14. Carole

    I just am amazed that Mooch can find so many horrible, mismatched outfits to wear. She must spend most of the 2 days that she even works looking at websites that cater to the frumpy, large, womens’ wear clothing online stores.

    • LOL 😀

  15. Annie's Mom

    I so enjoyed watching the hearings this morning…right down to the several rounds of applause from the gallery. The acting IRS Commissioner, Miller, came across as an arrogant jerk. I didn’t realized one of those loud clapping & whooping was a standing ovation:

    • Like one of the Reps said….Miller isn’t losing a thing. He gets his pension, benefits and got paid to sit there and be smug….he knows what went down but, short term memory is gone.

  16. NBC’s Lisa Myers reported this morning that the IRS deliberately chose not to reveal that it had wrongly targeted conservative groups until after the 2012 presidential election

  17. Annie's Mom

    Good grief…She just can’t stop. Mooch pushing Let’s Move in museums, gardens, and zoos. Personally, I can’t recall any museum that I’ve visited that had food…I remember signs banning food and drinks. Am I missing something here?

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