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Standing Ovation

Representative Kelly (R-word, PA) didn’t mince words at the hearings with IRS Commissioner  Miller. His rant brought the House down and got a standing ovation. You really don’t want to miss this one.

You know, you can put anybody out of business that you want. Any time you want. I gotta tell you. You could talk about how you’re a horribly run organization, if you’re on the other side of the fence, you’re not giving that excuse. And the IRS comes in, you’re not allowed to be shoddy, you’re not allowed to be run horribly, you’re not allowed to make mistakes, you’re not allowed to do one damn thing that doesn’t come in compliance, and if you do, you’re held responsible right then. I just think the American people have seen what’s going on right now in their government. This is absolutely an overreach and this is an outrage for all Americans. (video at the link)

It all trickles down from the top. “Punish your enemies” is the main theme of this current administration, it came from the top and has burrowed itself into every single aspect of the government. From the EPA to the IRS, the “enemies” BO spoke of are being targeted by the ideological believers holding government office. Half the country is now a part of BO’s enemies list. We know this because they have said so and acted in ways that prove our worst case scenario. If there is any doubt the Obama administration did not know about the IRS targeting, the IG has certainly dispelled that theory

The inspector general gave Republicans some fodder Friday when he divulged that he informed the Treasury’s general counsel he was auditing the I.R.S.’s screening of politically active groups seeking tax exemptions on June 4, 2012. He told Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin “shortly after,” he said. That meant Obama administration officials were aware of the matter during the presidential campaign year.

Tom Perez, BO’s new appointee to the NLRB, must be fuming after the DOJ lost its battle to enforce “disparate impact” on the NYFD.

Oddly enough, the case was not based on any particular act of discrimination. It was based purely on the fact that somebody somewhere decided that too many NYFD applicants had failed a job exam. The DOJ argued that these multiple failures were undeniable evidence of “disparate impact.” That’s the quack legal theory that it isn’t necessary to show discriminatory intent to prove discrimination. All that is required is evidence that a policy or procedure has “the effect of disproportionately excluding members of a particular protected group,” to quote from DOJ’s website.

A district judge in 2010 awarded $128 million in damages to those applicants and appointed a monitor to oversee NYFD’s hiring practices. Earlier this week, thankfully, a federal appeals court overturned that ruling, calling it an “excessive intrusion.”

I don’t know how you feel but, when I need a police officer or fireman the color of their skin, gender, or culture is the least of my worries. If my house is burning down I want the firemen to meet a certain set of criteria and skills. I’m not going to check to make sure 12% are minorities. New York City’s Deputy Fire Chief Paul Mannix put it well, saying “there can’t be any diluting of standards … if candidates don’t measure up, they can’t be kept on because of gender or skin color. It hurts firefighters and citizens of the city of all races and genders.”

MO is at it again

Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move!” initiative is now calling for museums, zoos, gardens, science and technology centers to “join the call to action,” to decrease obesity among children.

It takes about 3 hours of hiking uphill and downhill to see all the exhibits at the Cleveland Zoo. Strollers and wagons for younger children are available for parents at the entrance (no charge). The only people who ride the trams to the various compounds are mostly elderly, handicapped, or obese adults and their children.  When you’ve hiked for three hours, a Mickey D’s burger and fries isn’t going to destroy anyone’s health. I am so tired of this woman and her food fetish. She wants to put the whole country on a diet because she was fat and too lazy to stay in shape. Now, since she has decided to curb her wolfing of food, the whole country is supposed to follow her diet plan?  BTW, after 3 years of harping, the women in my neighborhood who are obese haven’t changed one iota. It’s all about their chosen lifestyle. Oh, and they can’t afford the personal trainer and chef to get them in shape and eat right. MO wouldn’t be quite as svelte if she didn’t have that going for her. michelle-obama-ugly-3From June 2009, we do remember what you looked like before you decided to gain a little self control.

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  1. I would agree with you on your post but for one thing- I do not see any control of the food wolfing on Mooch’s part. Look at the casualties in her wake next time a donut cart shows up.

    • LOL 😀
      just trying to be fair and balanced….

  2. aaaaaaand, IT hits the fan…… I am so loving this 😀

    [Reps. Joe Crowley (D-Queens) and Sander Levin (D-Mich), top Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee, on Friday demanded the resignation of Lois Lerner, head of the IRS division overseeing tax-exempt organizations.

    Lerner, who heads the IRS division that includes the Cincinnati office responsible for singling out conservative groups seeking tax exempt status for scrutiny, worked to put a stop to the practice.

    But she faces fire for failing to tell Congress about the problem, including at a hearing held just two days before she apparently used a planted question at a American Bar Association event to try to control news of the scandal.]

  3. Carole

    No matter what Mooch does, exercise, eat healthy, she stillhas a caboose that is waaaaaay too big. The bare arms decreases her looks of being femine. The bangs, remind me of Flip Wison doing his Geraldine character. Mooch just can’t seem to wear one outfit that fits her appropriately or is appropriate for the event or time of day,

  4. Annie's Mom

    We all know the rules are only for the little guy. Of course, if you work for a Clinton, there are no rules:

    • special rules for special people….no rules for the Clintons.

  5. The Marines have rules….office of protocol is a complete failure….as is BO

    • Annie's Mom

      You’d think that someone with a brain would have moved the event indoors, as it had been drizzling most of the day (or so I read). But Marine rules…he doesn’t give a rat’s behind about the military and their traditions.

      • Ummmm…but….ummmm, no one with a brain works in the White House…just sayin’

  6. I can finally see! Michelle Obama debuts a new longer hairdo with ‘irritating bangs’ swept to the side
    and this is so very important?…how? We all know she wears wigs and hair pieces….

    Read more:

  7. Unashamedly lifted from the PJ Tatler,
    Sounds a whole lot like our “betters” answers to Congressional questions…non?

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