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Memorial Day

Enjoy the day and do have fun at the picnics and barbecues but, do take the time to remember. We owe them that and we did promise we would never forget all those who gave their lives for all of us. Those who stood guard over us and kept the promise of freedom alive and well should never be forgotten. Keep the promise, remember them. memorial-day

See you back here on Tuesday!

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  1. Great site to support the kids of our troops…..take a look!

  2. Annie's Mom

    GWB hosted some wounded heroes at his ranch for his annual mountain bike ride. If you have a few minutes, take a look at some of the photos…

    • Waiting for 2012

      Wonder what Zero is doing to honor the vets today? Probably golfing.

  3. Just want to say–my son has returned from his deployment to Afghanistan, safe and sound!! He was way out beyond the wire and saw action but now has returned, flying into Fort Bragg toward the end of last week. He’ll have leave toward the end of June and while he hasn’t made any plans yet, he ordered lots of stuff online during downtime on deployment & he’ll want to pick these toys up so we’ll see him then. I’ve stacked the boxes in his old room awaiting his visit.
    Can’t wait to hear his tales of goings on in the ‘stan. His stories of Iraq’s Anbar Province were interesting when he returned from there. I can hardly wait to see him!!

    • Annie's Mom

      That is just fantastic news! I’m so glad he’ll be home soon so Mom can love him up!

    • Give him a kiss and hug from all of us….we’re so glad he made it back safe and sound.

      • Waiting for 2012

        That’s wonderful! I bet you’re so excited!!!

  4. Carole

    What great news on Memorial Day Nellyq. Today I am just celebrating the fact that I am able to take care of Gary at home now that his Parkinson’s Disease has advanced so quickly. As I look at the flag on our flag pole waving up so high, I thank my hubby and all the men and women who have bravely served our country so that I can live in nation that allows me to have so many wonderful freedoms. Thank you Birdies for loving your country and speaking out to keep our freedoms and to show so much loyalty for a nation that is facing so many scandals and tragedies. Love to you all.

    • Annie's Mom

      Carole, I’m so sorry to hear that your dear hubby’s disease is progressing so fast. I know I speak for all the Birdies in telling you that our prayers are with you. You know you can always pop in here for moral support or a shoulder to cry on. Be strong. 🙂

    • Ditto what AnniesMom said….this is a difficult time for you and we are always here for you.

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