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void whereThere are certainly a bunch of ‘issues’ ongoing in the BO administration. I just don’t understand why everyone seems so shocked and dismayed. I am surprised at all the ‘shock and outrage’ from the left on the overreach of the NSA and, Clapper lying to Congress about the ‘spying’ on all Americans. That man was sweating bullets when he testified and couldn’t look any of his questioners in the eye (kept his head down and his face behind his hand) It seems we’re all ‘suspects’ now and being profiled. I have no idea why the left is so horrified over all this ‘profiling’ of Americans who go about their daily business and routines. In their bid to be ‘fair’ it is the only reasonable choice the NSA could make. After all, profiling Islamists who have committed over 20,000 acts of terrorism worldwide since 9-11 is a big no-no. Even when other governments have given a heads-up to the current administration, Boston, Benghazi, Tripoli, there is no way any of it can be said to involve Islam and its adherents. Instead of concentrating on the few our beloved Lightbringer is stepping all over the Constitution and dragging us all along. We have been reassured if any of us were to be caught up “accidentally” those records would be destroyed by the DOJ. The same DOJ that covered up and lied about ‘Fast and Furious’.  Don’t you feel better now?

All one has to recognize is this is no creepier than the tactics Obama has used to get what he wants from the beginning of his career. When running for State Senate Bo played hardball and his opponents dropped out. Well, after their sealed divorce records were somehow released to the press.

The only thing important was getting elected in the first place as a left-wing senator, and Obama accomplished that in brilliant, if not Machiavellian, fashion — with the help of the leaked divorced records of both his primary and general opponents……snip

But Obama’s record as president? There is pretty much nothing other than ramming through an unpopular takeover of health care, leveraged by political bribes and deemed unworkable even before it is enacted. A “train wreck” is how its author in the Senate dubbed his own legislative offspring.  Otherwise it was golf, down time, and free rein for zealous subordinates to “fundamentally transform America” by any means necessary, usually through administrative fiat and subversions of the vast and always growing bureaucracy.

Obama is now somewhat shocked that a few in the media hold him responsible for lots of bad things that his administration did: destroyed the reputation of the IRS; had a rogue EPA director invent a phony persona; let the HHS secretary shake down PR money from corporations to sell Obamacare; turned the Justice Department into a veritable Stasi enterprise going after the phone records of reporters; reduced the State Department into an arm of the 2012 Obama reelection effort; and helped erode the reputations of both Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, who advanced campaign narratives about Benghazi that were not just untrue, but were demonstrably false the moment they were presented.

Add to the list an EPA director who gave the personal information of farmers (names, addresses et al) to environmental groups and  flies drones over farms to spy on their operations just in case they might need to be prosecuted.

Obama is perturbed that we question any of this malfeasance. I think he is right to be angry. In his case, we made up the Obama rules that symbolism (not performance) and amnesty (not accountability) count. So why break our covenant with him, and now start asking for concrete and honest accomplishment when the teleprompter was always enough? In 2008, did we ask for the specifics of “the audacity of hope,” or ponder how someone who did not miss a service at Trinity Church (“Yep. Every week. 11 o’clock service”) somehow missed Rev. Wright’s serial racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-American rants? That we now want to know the president’s role in Benghazi, or in the IRS, AP, and Fox scandals is something that was just not part of the smartest-president-in-history bargain—as if once upon a time America ever demanded, “What the hell is your hope and change?”

He ignores Federal reports such as this coming out of the San Francisco Federal Reserve..

Surprisingly, despite all the attention federal spending cuts and sequestration have received, our calculations suggest they are not the main contributors to this projected drag. The excess fiscal drag on the horizon comes almost entirely from rising taxes. Specifically, we calculate that nine-tenths of that projected 1 percentage point excess fiscal drag comes from tax revenue rising faster than normal as a share of the economy.

In case you need any reminders on how Preezy has ‘evolved’ on privacy issue, here are some of the statements coming out of then candidate Obama all the way to the present day…..howz that “hope and change” working out for all of us who aren’t part of the Obama crony circle?  We are being stigmatized and treated as the “enemy”, because Obama called us that. No disagreeing on the Lightbringer’s agenda.

 Mr. Obama didn’t need to pick up the phone. All he needed to do was exactly  what he did do, in full view, for three years: Publicly suggest that  conservative political groups were engaged in nefarious deeds; publicly call out  by name political opponents whom he’d like to see harassed; and publicly have  his party pressure the IRS to take action.

“We are a country of immigrants”….how often have we heard those words. But, we are a country of “assimilated immigrants”, not a country of “integrated immigrants”.  There is a huge difference….and it needs to be recognized.

In a closed-door meeting with Sen. Marco Rubio last month,  conservative groups and think tanks shared their concerns and pushed the Florida  Republican to do more on the issue.

Following the meeting, several conservative leaders — including Alfonso  Aguilar, executive director of Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles;  Al Cardenas, chairman of American Conservative Union; Carlos Gutierrez of  Republicans for Immigration Reform; and Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax  Reform — signed a statement, saying they were ready to support reform given  certain conditions. Fostering assimilation was listed as one of them.

Of particular concern to conservatives is a nonprofit foundation created by  the Senate bill to promote integration of immigrants. Many feel that the  foundation should be funded solely by private-sector grants instead of a  partnership that calls for federal grants. They also want any assimilation  language to focus on patriotic principles instead of programs related to  workforce training, and access to health care, legal help and youth education,  which they argue sound more like entitlements.

My apologies for the lack of posts in the past few weeks. We have been terribly busy with work and things are finally coming together. When the weather breaks things get a little crazy until we are all on the same page…finally that is happening.


  1. Quoting Clapper…..he totally lied

    On March 12, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), whom Clapper referenced, bluntly asked Clapper, “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?” Clapper responded, “No, sir.” He then said, “Not wittingly. There are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps collect, but not wittingly.”

  2. LOLOL…the OIG for State certainly is the next “whistleblower”…. this is great! Prostitutes, Ambassador, State Security…..OMG! The whole of government has lost its collective mind!!

  3. PAUL KRUGMAN, NEW YORK TIMES: There was a really good article written five years ago by Jack Balkin at the Yale law school. He said that technology means that we’re going to be living in a surveillance state. That’s just going to happen. But there are different kinds of surveillance states. You can have a democratic surveillance state which collects as little data as possible and tells you as much as possible about what it’s doing. Or you could have an authoritarian surveillance state which collects as much as possible and tells the public as little as possible. And we are kind of on the authoritarian side.

    “we are kind of on the authoritarian side” ……as close as he’s going to come in criticizing BO.

  4. The heart of the effort to target tea-party and other conservative groups, we are learning, occurred in Washington, and that is likely why five D.C.-based IRS officials who are connected to the targeting have retired, resigned, been replaced, or been put on administrative leave, since news of the scandal broke in mid May. They include Holly Paz, who last week, according to an IRS source, was replaced as director of Rulings and Agreements, the division that oversaw the targeting of conservative groups; Washington lawyer Carter Hull, who is accused of micromanaging the processing of tea-party cases, and who, according to IRS sources, requested his retirement package on March 12; the commissioner of the agency’s Tax Exempt and Government Entities division, Joseph Grant, who retired on June 3; former IRS commissioner Steven Miller, who resigned days after news of the scandal broke; and the director of the IRS’s Exempt Organizations division, Lois Lerner, who was placed on administrative leave only after refusing to tender her resignation, according to Iowa’s Chuck Grassley. All five are or were based in the IRS’s headquarters on Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C.

    Should call it Corruption Avenue……does anyone believe any of these a**holes will be prosecuted by the DOJ?

  5. Carole

    Is there a reason I don’t see anyone on here but Lynn II? Did BO scare off the other bloggers? I hope not!

    • Annie's Mom

      Heavens no…I’m on new meds and spend my day in lala land…my fumbly fingers don’t do what my feeble little brain tells them to do.

    • We get visitors…not many comment. I am hoping that will change since we’re all being stalked by Preezy and his boyz from the hood. 😉

      • Calistress

        LOL – Few people comment because you do not allow dissenting opinions. The majority of the folks that do comment or rather vomit their opinions, seem only to focus on the First Lady’s genitals and buttocks and the supposed sexuality of the President.

        People who are interested in discussing policy and politics in an intelligent forum are little interested in reading the racist and stereotypical putdowns about another woman’s body shape or the style of dress that she chooses. Five years in and you folks still can’t get over that fact. You can only rewrite the same pablum so many different ways before thinking people stop reading for content and begin reading for laughs. The latter of which I’m guilty.

        FYI: Boyz from the hood? Really? Oh, I get it, he’s black and he’s from Chicago. Not stereotypical at all. I suppose you call white men whose politics you disagree with Nazis from Belzec? You know, to show just how unprejudiced you are? Au Revoir!

        • I live in the “hood”….and from what I read in your posts racism comes naturally to you. If everything is racist in your eyes, then you have a major problem. Maybe some racial sensitivity classes would help. You can sit with likeminded people of various colors and work out your problem. LOL

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