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June 14, 1777 our flag was adopted, been waving ever since. Let’s keep it that way. eagle1

Aaaaand …they’re off!    Preezy and MO (with a full entourage of family and friends) will be leaving on an extended trip to Africa. The trip will cost the taxpayers a measly $60 million to $100 million. They had planned a safari in Tanzania, but reminded how the “optics” would look to Americans struggling to just pay their bills and feed their families, the safari has been nixed. We’ll all pretend, right along with BO and MO, this is not another over-the-top high maintenance paycayshun but a state visit of the utmost importance.safari

After the paper questioned the costs of a planned family safari, the White House nixed the plan. “The president and first lady had also planned to take a Tanzanian safari as part of the trip, which would have required the president’s special counter-assault team to carry sniper rifles with high-caliber rounds that could neutralize cheetahs, lions or other animals if they became a threat, according to the planning document. But the White House canceled the safari on Wednesday following inquiries from The Washington Post about the trip’s purpose and expense, according to a person familiar with the decision.”

According to the White House spokesperson the safari trip was not nixed due to the press finding out about the trip and its expense….riiiiight

When The Post first asked White House officials about the safari last week, they said no final decision had been made. A White House official said Thursday that the cancellation was not related to The Post’s inquiries.

“We do not have a limitless supply of assets to support presidential missions, and we prioritized a visit to Robben Island over a two-hour safari in Tanzania,” said spokesman Josh Earnest. “Unfortunately, we couldn’t do both.”

Internal administration documents circulated in April show that the Obama family was scheduled to go to both Robben Island and the safari park, according to a person familiar with the plans.

We still don’t know the purpose of this “trip”, but can conclude it isn’t for “state business”. We do know MO was “mulling” over an extended summer break for the family. Sooooo, we will be entertained by all sorts of traveling plans to exotic places. It is part of the pattern of running away from serious decisions and governing by Preezy and the entitlement attitude that is pervasive in the White House.

More waste and abuse at the hands of the most transparent Preezy evah…. Michelle Malkin covers another Obama slush fund

We all know now what the vengeful Obama IRS has been doing to conservative nonprofits the past four years: strangling them in the crib. But do you know how much pampering and largesse far-left welfare-state charities have received while limited-government groups suffered?…snip

The Dems’ 2008 party platform proposed the creation of a “Social Investment Fund Network” to subsidize “social entrepreneurs and leading nonprofit organizations (that) are assisting schools, lifting families out of poverty, filling health care gaps and inspiring others to lead change in their own communities.”…snip

The Obama administration’s politicization of charity — or the “Solyndra-ization of philanthropy,” as the Manhattan Institute’s Howard Husock calls it — has created a permanent taxpayer-backed pipeline to Democratic partisan outfits masquerading as public-interest do-gooders. There’s nothing “innovative” about underwriting the same failed dependency-inducing community organizing fronts while persecuting others based on ideology.

Why are we joining a fight that has been ongoing for hundreds of years?

U.S. Military Proposal to Arm Rebels Includes No-Fly Zone in Syria

The White House is currently considering proposals to arm the rebels in Jordan, according to U.S. officials. White House National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden declined to comment on the details of those deliberations.

The limited no-fly zone wouldn’t require the destruction of Syrian antiaircraft batteries, U.S. officials said.

Officials said the White House could decide to authorize the U.S. to arm and train rebels in Jordan without authorizing the no-fly zone recommended by military planners. A White House announcement could come soon, officials said.

That will work out as well as the Libya debacle…..BENGHAZI. What could possibly go wrong?

Preezy “Stasi tactics”:  we’re not the only ones totally offended by government overreach. via Gateway Pundit

German outrage over a U.S. Internet spying program has broken out ahead of a visit by Barack Obama, with ministers demanding the president provide a full explanation when he lands in Berlin next week and one official likening the tactics to those of the East German Stasi.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman has said she will raise the issue with Obama in talks next Wednesday, potentially casting a cloud over a visit that was designed to celebrate U.S.-German ties on the 50th anniversary John F. Kennedy’s famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech.

Government surveillance is an extremely sensitive topic in Germany, where memories of the dreaded Stasi secret police and its extensive network of informants are still fresh in the minds of many citizens.

In a guest editorial for Spiegel Online on Tuesday, Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger said reports that the United States could access and track virtually all forms of Internet communication were “deeply disconcerting” and potentially dangerous.

“The more a society monitors, controls and observes its citizens, the less free it is,” she said.

No matter which part of the globe the Obamas trot off to visit they always find a way to muck it up and embarrass the United States. Get the popcorn ready, we’re going to have one heck of a summer.


  1. HAH!!!!…..I knew the MO could not stay away from the G8

    “On Monday, President Obama will head to Ireland for the G8 summit. While Obama participates in those talks, Michelle Obama and the kids are slated to head to Dublin’s Trinity College to take a look at an exhibition on Obama’s Irish ancestry.”

    • Annie's Mom

      Oh my, what a busy summer for our dear MO…trip to Ireland, then off to Africa and finally landing on Martha’s Vineyard. Didn’t we read earlier that she was planning an extended visit to Martha’s? It’s such hard work playing the role of Queen!

      • Remember, Cameron asked the wives to stay home. Mrs. Cameron isn’t going to be there and not one thing is ‘planned’ for any of the wives ……soooo, why is MO and co going? Why are we paying for this?

      • Anon

        Look, the poor woman didn’t even have a vacation last year with the election and all that goings on. Can’t we just chill and let them enjoy themselves for the entire summer this year.

        • “Yes we can”! LOL 😀

  2. Annie's Mom

    Waaay O/T…but I couldn’t resist…stumbled on this while working on my genealogy. Can you just imagine our dear MO’s contributions to this stately historic library?

    • well…..there is that gardening book…. 😉

      • Annie's Mom


  3. Yep, we should just “trust them”……

    “Yahoo’s top lawyers had a courtroom showdown with the National Security Agency after it had demanded information on certain foreign users without a warrant, but the tech giant lost and was forced to hand over the data, it was revealed today.

    Court documents obtained by the New York Times show that the Internet company had initially refused to join the PRISM spying program, insisting that the broad national security requests seeking users’ personal information were unconstitutional.

    However, the secret court operating under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) sided with the NSA and forced Yahoo’s hand.

  4. Ireland and Germany….taking their EU tour, then off to Africa and then the Vineyard (for a break from governing)…..

    • Carole

      Gee, Barry seems to think that fathers are important to the family, even thpugh he and Moo have a ” pretend man and wife marriage.” His daughters are old enough now to figure out that their mother is a beard for old Barry and that their father has something going on behind closed bedroom doors.

  5. HA HA HA HA …… LOL 😀 …Preezy so loved all over the world

    The Muslim Lawyers Association (MLA) in Johannesburg, South Africa has apparently had enough of President Obama. The MLA has submitted a request to the Office of the National Director of Public Prosecution calling for the arrest and prosecution of the U.S. President when he next visits the country.

    The MLA mainly objects to Obama’s massive use of drone strikes to kill Muslims, something Obama has repeatedly defended and, despite claims he would ramp down the program, has continued to execute in the face of world-wide criticism.

    “The complaint, dubbed the ‘Obama Docket’ encourages South Africa to take seriously its domestic and international obligations and to act against International War Criminals lest they consider South Africa a safe haven and travel here freely with impunity,” the MLA said in a press release.

  6. Nobel Peace Prize update….yep, he’s going there…..give it time
    “Jordan wargames: Patriot batteries, F-16s and 4,500 US troops near Syrian border”

  7. Artificial pricing, confiscation and RAISINS….who knew it could be so complicated to raise a few grapes or sell them…..can’t make this stuff up

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