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Ich bin ein snoop?

I won’t bore you with the details but, if you would like to read about BO’s flat speech and the less then enthusiastic greeting go to Spiegel for an interesting take on US/EU relationship.

Interestingly enough not everyone is thrilled to death over -resident Snoopy:

On Tuesday, the head of the largest and most all-encompassing surveillance system ever invented is coming for a visit. If Barack Obama is our friend, then we really don’t need to be terribly worried about our enemies.

Berliners greet BO at Checkpoint Charlie:Yes we scan!

BO’s own Berlin WallBO proof

MO and the girls visited the Holocaust Memorial and the remnants of the Berlin Wall.  Hopefully they will begin to understand what “never again” means. MaliaTalk about discrimination, Jews are still the most vilified minority group on the planet.

At one point during the tour, Malia  thoughtfully reached out to touch one of the stone monuments as her younger  sister looked on.

They were also accompanied by President  Barack Obama‘s half-sister, Auma Obama.

The group were given a guided talk by  Uwe  Neumaerker, director of the foundation for the Memorial to the  Murdered Jews of  Europe.

Still picking stuff off Preezy, geezMo lint At a formal get together at the

palace….wearing her best kindergarten outfit Mo germany

When you help create a monster… will definitely turn on you eventually. AP and others finding that out the hard way.

Associated Press’ president Gary Pruitt on Wednesday slammed the Department of  Justice for acting as “judge, jury and executioner” in the seizure of the news  organization’s phone records and he said some of the wire service’s longtime  sources have clammed up in fear

So much for that First Amendment thingy.

Audit this!

More people attend the TEA Party rally in DC than the Obama speech in Berlin. Unlike Obama, they aren’t sweating or stuttering.


  1. Obama: ‘If Catholics Have Their Schools and Buildings and Protestants Have Theirs … That Encourages Division’ –
    Maybe he should have phrased that differently…..

  2. Would it have been a problem to put summer dresses on the girls for their photo op with Too Moo, at such a sensitive visit? Sorry, they looked like Mall Rats. Disclaimer: I’m not a perfect Mom like Michelle, but damn, my kids dressed appropriately for “public” appearances with DAD’s work. 😀

    • Too busy working on herself as the perfect fashionista?

      • That’s what it looks like.

        • Carole

          Yet old Moo never looks appropriate. No matter how much she spends, who the designer is or what the occasion may be, Moo aways looks like a thrift store bargain hunter. The daughters are just arm candy to Barry and a side show to present the image that they are a happy, normal family. I doubt that Moo gives one moment of thought to what her daughters should wear at special events. They apparently dress on their own and Moo is OK with whatever they wear. Moo has no idea as to appropriate clothing for any event at all. She is totally clueless.

  3. If this doesn’t twist your panties in a knot….. 😦
    “The Internal Revenue Service is about to pay $70 million in employee bonuses despite an Obama administration directive to cancel discretionary bonuses because of automatic spending cuts enacted this year, according to a GOP senator.

    Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa says his office has learned that the IRS is executing an agreement with the employees’ union today to pay the bonuses. Grassley says the bonuses should be canceled under an April directive from the White House budget office.

    The directive was written by Danny Werfel, a former budget official who has since been appointed acting IRS commissioner.

  4. Loss of public trust….
    “Deception is now institutionalized in the Obama administration. It infects almost every corner of the executive branch, eroding the trust necessary for the IRS, the Department of Justice, our security agencies, and the president’s official spokesman — sabotaging the public trust required for democracy itself”

  5. classify/declassify….snoop wins!

    “Obama falling short of openness pledge
    Since 1995, classified documents with permanent, historical value have been made available to the public 25 years after being originally classified. In his first three years in office, President Barack Obama has lagged behind previous presidents despite a pledge to declassify more documents.”

  6. Tone deaf and disappointing…yep, that’s -resident Snoop….in other words a crashing boorish egomaniac

    “The big problem is that Obama still hasn’t rhetorically moved on from 2008: he still talks like a candidate, dishing out clichés about overcoming the odds with hope and teaching the world to sing. But he’s lost the saintliness of his earlier incarnation as a candidate. He is now a President, dithering around Syria, tarred by various security state scandals and marred by the general air that the US has lost its will to lead.”

  7. conner43

    Hi Lynn and Denise, we have known forever that karma would catch up to O, still a work in progress, but we’re getting there. Over at DM, one of the comments apologized to the Europeans for the US having so many lo fo voters that enabled his re-election.
    Must segue to the Dress above, ….remember the scene in Cinderella where the birds and mice fashion Cindy a dress by looping up ribbons and making bows ? First thing I thought of when viewing this latest horror.

    • All that’s missing is the upswept hairdo and headband…. LOL 🙂
      You do look at things in the most interesting way 🙂
      What I will never be able to fathom is why so many people voted for such an ugly, small minded hypocritical man. All those pretty flowery speeches? BO is a walking disaster for the US.

      • conner43

        While much of the latest speeches is just noise, I must take issue with his criticism of Catholic and Protestant schools in Ulster..Imo, it equates to being invited to someone’s home for dinner and telling the host that their children are ugly and you hate their décor.
        Forget, whatever stupid point he was trying to make, it was just classless and rude.
        Does he critique Madrassas [sp ?] schools in Islamic countries ? Fair is fair….
        what an embarrassment!

        • He should try to move into this century and get out of the 19th. The worst foreign policy President since Carter.


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