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Friday Bits and Pieces

Well, that “Assad must go” is turning out to be a real mess for the US. BO drew his “red line”, both sides have crossed it and, now he wants to arm the Islamists who hate us and establish a “no fly zone” 25 miles inside the Syrian border. What could go wrong…think Libya and Egypt.

Part of the problem, Cruz noted, was arming the Syrian rebels with guns and ammunition.

“Regardless, let me suggest a simple rule,” Cruz said. “Don’t give weapons to people who hate us. Don’t give weapons to people who want to kill us.”

Another idea, stop supporting Islamists who are murdering Christians all over the ME. The slaughter is picking up at an alarming rate in Egypt, Syria, Libya and other parts of Africa including the Sudan. Preezy Snoop says nothing, that in itself is alarming to say the very least.

Is al Qaeda dead?

No, in Syria alone they have 10,000 militants at war and they’re beheading people who criticize them. And Barack Obama is intent on arming them.

Obama has failed in the Middle East and the fight against Islamist extremism

The global ideology of political Islam is the unifying thread between Boston and Benghazi. This same ideology is the impetus behind why countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are motivated to support the Islamist elements of the opposition in the Syrian Civil War. Without a strategy, Islamists will continue to rise from the dust of the “Arab Awakening” as this administration outsources American interests to our enemies across the Middle East. The President’s failure to grasp the import which the Islamist ideology is having in fueling our enemies and threatening us at home will have a deleterious impact on the region and our security for generations to come.

One of our Marines saves lives. Is there anything they can’t do?

Mr Bisnar said: ‘I’m originally from Newport  Beach, California, so the next weekend I brought them to a wildlife conservation  place off of PCH in Huntington Beach.

‘The lady that worked there was amazed about  how a Military member from Camp Pendleton raised four bunnies with a 100 percent  survival rate.

Read more:

Marine & bunnies

Gotta love it!

Correction; Navy corpsman assigned to Camp Pendleton.


  1. Waiting for 2012

    Marines with bunnies and kittens–the sexiest thing I’ve seen in a long time!!! LOL

    • Annie's Mom

      Isn’t that the truth? Lucky is the gal that hooks this guy…

    • Yes, indeed…. 😀

  2. Too funny for words….Taliban hit songs….with a bullet
    “Hello martyr, hello fatwa”
    “Poppa Was A Rolling Stone Age Man
    The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Muezzin
    Allah Said There’d Be Days Like This”

  3. and she also wants it to be her….I’ll never trust her in the WH, not after Benghazi and the State Dept scandals

    ““Let me say this, hypothetically speaking, I really do hope that we have a woman president in my lifetime,” Clinton said in Toronto, before a women-centered event Thursday. “And whether it’s next time or the next time after that, it really depends on women stepping up and subjecting themselves to the political process, which is very difficult.”

    • I’ve figured out the obesity epidemic! Where’s my Bamamedal?
      Week one: food stamps. They gov only sends a check a month, so they recipient rushes to the grocery, bullies everyone with her passel of kids, fills her cart on my dime, and rushes home like she’s conquered Kilimanjaro.
      Because of their doing without ‘groceries’ for a month, they gorge a month’s worth of food in one week.
      Week 2: the Food Bank. They rush to the community food bank and stock up on supplies, saying their food stamps didn’t come in. They also supplement their meals with calling the local Taco Bell and saying they got their order wrong. Free meal for all.
      Week 3: local churches, who have been bashed over the head since FDR to “help the poor” no matter how morbidly obese. Evidently, from hearing over the fence, they used to hit the church on week 2, but some demonic realist saw through their ruse.
      Week 4: emergency food stamp department. My mother used to work there, so I have extra verification. She used to rue the end of the month due to the mewling fatties who clogged the aisles of the department, saying the gov. Wasn’t feeding them enough.
      This I learned through verifiable observation from living in a good neighborhood run down, thanks to Barney Frank. I’m surrounded by the “Fat Needy.”, not one of the households know anything about baking or cooking. They all eat processed.

      We need to rush to MooMoo with out findings. Oh wait, she’s the one that’s for this food desert obesity epidemic.

      • Waiting for 2012

        Tanna, I love this!!! 🙂

        If hubby and/or I lost our job(s), we could rely on our saving for at least a few months, and I’d try to grow as much of our food as possible (I already have managed to carve out quite a bit of food-growing space in a very tiny yard already, and have done so for about 6 years now, ever since we bought our house). I’d try everything I could to avoid hand-outs, and would be ashamed to take them, even if I were forced to do so.

        Remember the Victory Gardens in WWII? Of course, those were grown for a different reason, but the idea is that they provided families with enough food in hard times. During the Great Depression, people did really garden for raw survival. I find it laughable that MOO makes a big deal out of growing the veggies at Big White, but her hubby’s voters wouldn’t get off their fat butts to do it at home. I understand that many of them live in cities, and have very limited gardening space–but, you can grow in pots and window boxes, hanging baskets, and on indoor sunny windowsills. There are even vegetable varieties bred for container gardening. Of course, this wouldn’t provide their entire vegetable/fruit needs, but it would help, and be a useful, rewarding hobby for them and their kids. But, then again, these folks aren’t into bettering themselves…

  4. Carole

    MooCow is so busy telling everyone else what to feed their child and to make them get up abd run, that she doesn’t have time to monitor what her own daughters wear and eat out in public. Old Moo never looks in a mirror to see that her “BIG” asshat behind her looks even bigger in jersey white pants that are giving her a wedgie up her behindy. Moo doesn’t even have time to tell Barry that his pant legs look like they have static cling. Wonder who is eating all the veggies from the organic White House garden while they are all on an extended vacay again? Scat you naughty rabbits, leave some for old Moo!!!

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