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Supremes and Exceptionalism

Be sure to keep an eye on for some major decisions today. Three blockbusters will be decided before they recess. Days will be added as necessary to decide the highest profile cases:

    1. -Gay Marriage
    2. -Affirmative action
    3. -Voting rights

‘We are tired of living in a nation governed by fear’.  For once, on this issue, the ACLU is absolutely right. The Bill of Rights and our Constitution demands Snowden gets his day in court to defend himself. Whether anyone likes it or not, believes he is guilty of ‘treason’ or ‘espionage’,  as a US citizen the Bill of Rights belongs to him as much as anyone else. This is why we are an ‘exceptional’ country. When we are willing to suspend those rights we lose, each and every one of us.

“We stand opposed to any attempt to treat Edward Snowden as a traitor,” the ACLU writes. “Snowden is innocent until proven guilty before a court of law and he must be afforded all of his rights as an American citizen. If he is brought to an American court, he must be afforded every opportunity to defend himself and convince a judge that what he did was justifiable and patriotic, even if he is charged with violating laws that themselves pose a threat to our democracy.”

IRS losing more integrity…. no one noticed this?

Here  is the story:  The  IRS mailed 23,994 refund checks to the same address in   Atlanta.

The  story gets better, if that’s  possible:  The  IRS sent 11,284 refunds to a 2nd address…..3,608 to a 3rd  and 2,386 to a  fourth address.  All of the checks were refunds for  illegal aliens.

Self indulgent?… betcha!

The dilemma for Obama is that today’s  economically struggling Americans may not be as forgiving when their  president incurs big costs for trips that include not only official  business but also touristy junkets. Members of Congress and conservative  commentators have already made these points, including Rep. George  Holding (R-N.C.).

The main problem will be that if Obama  looks self indulgent, he will lose credibility as a president who says  he is in tune with Middle America.

Since MO and the girls have already done their ‘safari’ thing they should just stay home. Then they would be “in tune” with Middle America.


  1. *snicker* …..Estée Lauder Executive Signs On as Michelle Obama Adviser
    How many is that now?

    • SWMBO needs lots and lots of advice! Judging from all the evidence, She doesn’t pay much attention to any of it–or maybe these “advisers” have as little taste as She does. . .

  2. conner43

    Re: IRS refunds to illegals, this just proves a point that the Left and the MSM refuses to acknowledge; they continue to promote the idea that illegals are innocent, childlike, and are victims, when nothing could be further from the truth.
    Granted, they are poorly educated, and their intelligence level is sometimes questionable, but they are also often cunning, sly, and pros at gaming the system..
    Ie; many are not our friends, and have no interest in traditional American values.
    The Cubans who came to Miami in the early days, were another story altogether. They came for freedom, opportunity, and already had an incomparable work ethic, along with a decent education. Even so, it has taken three generations for them to become fully integrated into American society.
    The simplest way to solve at least half our immigration troubles is to immediately abolish the anchor baby policy. The current policy is a quick path to at least 18 years of public benefits, coupled with a high birth rate, this is ruinous. The proof will be when and not ‘if’ California goes bankrupt.

  3. Our local rag, The Oregonian, is publishing a series on the Mexican Drug Cartels in the Pacific Northwest of the USA in which they are dancing around the fact that many of the players seem to be illegals. They are quite clear, however, that the cartels are here, open for business, targeting their enemies, inflecting damage on the forest lands with their pot farms and setting up manufacturing plants for meth wherever they please including on a main street of the state capital.

  4. Waiting for 2012

    No surprise here:

    However, along with the usual suspects, Marco Rubio can kiss my lily-white CULO. He’s so dead to me now.

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