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Do not take the bait

Don’t give BO and the Progs a club to use in 2014.

Don’t do Barack Obama any favors!

He is on so many ropes you can’t count them. The only thing that can help him is for a bunch of rightwingers to start screaming about the sanctity of marriage.

We all know DOMA was signed into law by Clinton and supported by Reid, Schumer, Shrillary and the rest of the Progs. There is so much else we should focus on with the IRS targeting groups over political philosophy, NSA spying on all of us, Obama overreach on “recess appointments” (since when does Preezy decide when Congress is in session?) the scandals at the EPA and their draconian regulations that are killing business and our economy, and the mega crapsandwich that is Obamacare. Add to that the foreign policy mess created by BO and, the chaos at the Veterans administration…..well, the celebration will be short. All of the above affect us all, gays included. Please don’t forget, there are conservative gays who also think like we do concerning the above issues.

From Hot Air

Harris-Perry threw cold water on the celebrations ongoing at 30 Rock when she lamented the Court’s decision to not rule in the case against Proposition 8. She said that this ruling, along with other decisions the Court handed down this session, “gut the power of the federal government” and prevent Washington D.C. from declaring gay marriage the law in all 50 states.

“It’s been kind of a rocky week for rulings from the Supreme Court,” Roberts opined.

Harris-Perry agreed and apologized for being the cautious voice in the room and interrupting the “celebratory” atmosphere on MSNBC.

“As much as those of us who are allies of this movement, and those of us how’ve been working hard on the question of marriage equality would like to read this in the broadest sense,” Harris-Perry began. “What they did, all week long – from the beginning to the end of this week so far – is to gut the power of the federal government.”

Gutting the power of the Fed would be a good thing……especially since the Fed has been gutting state’s rights for years.

see here and here….I’m starting to feel a whole lot more “equal” right now.






  1. I’m going to enjoy this one to the max….

    ” Republicans on a House committee overcame strenuous Democratic objections in voting Friday that Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner waived her constitutional right against self-incrimination at a prior hearing.

  2. The NFL has punted, it has passed, it has kicked ObamaCare to the curb. 😀

    • Annie's Mom

      That was good news to me…I fired off an email in the direction of Roger Goodell (football commissioner) in protest. I heard one left-wing dummy comparing NFL football with Obamacare promos to the Army sponsoring a NASCAR team. My reaction to that one was so vociferous, the dog and the cat both headed to the safety of the bedroom….

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