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What a week we’ve had

Power outages due to storms moving across the state, a water main break (thank goodness I store 30 gallons of water for emergencies), 7 days of rain waterlogging everything (including my basement). It’s been a real challenge, to say the very least. According to the forecast we’ll have more thunderstorms until July 4th. Wish some of this was out West where it’s really needed.

The $100 million trip to Africa is going swimmingly for the WONS. MO dazzled and glowed according to the LSM. Here she is glowing….. MO glow according to the press her evening wear had “all the colors of an African sunset” incorporated in it. Must be the reason for keeping the background in the pics so dark, to show the “glow” that is MO.

Of course MO told her own story of deprivation as she held a roundtable talk with South African students. MO glow 2  Compared to her present lifestyle, a middleclass upbringing might seem like deprivation to her. The more she tells that particular story, the more deprived her younger self becomes. Truth seems to be as difficult for MO as it is for BO.  I am truly not sure what it is MO is wearing but, the effect is bizarre.

BO senegal  A garbage chute….a fictional story, just like the man in the doorway.

“So, like so many things with the president, all was not as it seemed. “There are  literally no historians who believe the Slave House is what they’re claiming it  to be, or that believe Goree was statistically significant in terms of the slave  trade,” said Ralph Austen, a professor at  the University of Chicago.”

Also while visiting SA BO made a point of making it all about him…as usual….

The U.S. leader describes Mandela as a ‘personal  hero’, and has reminded audiences in Africa in recent days that his first  political activism was to urge his U.S. college to divest itself of South Africa  investments to protest against apartheid.”

BO and MO will be meeting up with George and Laura Bush in Tanzania. The Bush’s are in Africa doing an AIDS conference, continuing the work he started while Preezy. 45 million lives have been saved thanks to President Bush. How many lives has BO saved? How has he made the world a better place?

Correction;   Bush is in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, at the same time as Obama for the African First Ladies Summit hosted by the George W. Bush Institute. His wife, Laura Bush, and first lady Michelle Obama will also both appear at the summit.


  1. Being robbed blind…the architecture of graft and greed

    “But what the Harris County case really shows is that the problem with the welfare state is not that poor people will abuse it, but that well-off, politically connected people making nice six-figure incomes will abuse it. We can and should help the poor, but that does not mean allowing well-connected political sycophants to rob us blind. HUD should not be reformed, but dissolved.”

  2. HAH! … no wonder BO and State Dept wanted to cover up Benghazi….he backs the government who ordered the attack….

    “Middle East expert and author Raymond Ibrahim released a troubling Libyan intelligence document this week. The document asserts that the Muslim Brotherhood, including Egyptian President Morsi, were involved in the September 11, 2012, terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Four Americans, including the US ambassador, were killed in the attack.”

  3. I am so sorry about your basement. I spent two weeks one summer handing out Red Cross supplies in my home town one summer due to the same thing. The Red Cross had pamphlets of recipes, methods, etc. on how to clean and restore things from the damage of water, smoke, and so on.
    I hate it when people’s hard earned things and memories get damaged.

    • If this keeps up much longer we’re going to use our carpentry skills and build a boat (ark)
      Most stuff has been put up on ledges….time to put in a sump pump….as soon as it dries out some. We’re actually on higher ground than anyone else around us. So, I feel sorrier for those downhill from me.
      Those yards and basements are a mess.

  4. It was one of those “teachable moments;” a chance for the Obama daughters to learn first-hand about Mandela’s role in battling racism in South Africa

    Ahhh, but those White House tours, channeling Maria Antoinette, it is as if Mr. and Mrs. Obama are saying “Let them eat cake.”

    Once again America’s first guests, the Vacationer-in-Chief and his family, have skipped town under the guise of diplomacy, avoiding being president and dealing with urgent issues, and worse, scandals, at home.

    Don’t all presidents make international trips requiring a huge entourage of security and staff? Certainly. Does the United States need to pay more attention to political problems in Africa? Absolutely.

    But then why has the adoring American mainstream media pretty much ignored the multi-week junket by the Obama’s to Europe and Africa? Could it be because the president is doing little in the way of actual diplomacy and mostly schmoozing for the cameras and participating in photo ops?


  5. Egypt’s army has just issued a statement…resolve the current turmoil or they will step in and do it themselves

  6. Looks as if the rain won’t stop until Saturday…..1″ in half an hour….Over two weeks of rain days.

    • Annie's Mom

      Well come on, you fixer of all things…please redirect it our way!

      • Don’t think I’m not trying… 😀

  7. Carole

    Lynn II I am concerned that Barry the Snoop Dog has chased most of your bloggers away.

    • I think it’s just summer and people are busy…or….so disgusted they are tired of hearing about BO…..

  8. OH quietly moving into the 21st century….without Federal Gov help….

  9. Dear Michelle Obama. The WH is NOT like a prison. American citizens can visit prisons.

    10:53 AM – 2 Jul 2013

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  10. Followed by this…… what an ass!! 😀
    Considering she’s on vacation with the whole family on the African continent, traveling waaaay above first class. She hasn’t spent enough time in the White House to know what it’s like.

    ‘There are prison elements to it. But it’s a really nice prison,’ Mrs Obama said at the Tuesday panel in Tanzania.–chef.html#ixzz2XwxV64EO

  11. Well, not too self centered…..much…..yeah, she has so much in common with everyone’s kids

    “Education is probably the most powerful weapon for change. So there’s a large part of my initiative that’s really trying to get into the heads of these young people, and use my story as an example of the power of education. And I tell kids all across the country I want them to look at me not as the First Lady, but as one of them.”

  12. *gigglesnort*…..OFA held a pro-amnesty rally…. 😀 feel good of the day

  13. Hi Lynn,
    I read your blog every day, but I have been working so much lately I have been exhausted and am too tired to do much of anything when I get home. I am so disgusted with so much going on. the $100M vacay, mooch’s diss of the WH being a “prison”. What an ungrateful bitch. I have been looking at the clothes she has been wearing on this little paycation and have been completely horrified by what she is wearing. A white blouse and an orange beach blanket wrapped around her waist for a state dinner? That outfit probably cost well over $5k. I did think her one-shoulder “African sunset dress” actually was pretty. the fit was nice and the colors were very pretty. But overall, not only am I disgusted by her hideous clothing choices (both in Africa and Ireland), but her attitude and her kid’s attitudes and poor dress. Could they all look any more bored and disgusted??? These kids have been given such a wonderful life of incredible opportunities that most of us will never enjoy, yet they walk around with sour faces acting bored, ungrateful, and spoiled. And they sure have inherited their mother’s taste and style in dressing. With all the scandals going on, this slap-in-the-face to America with the huge trip to Africa, I am just so disgusted. But don’t feel that b/c I (or probably many other people) haven’t written in a while is any reflection on your blog. Being summer, I am sure a lot of the “regulars” are away on little trips or spending more time w/ their families outdoors. My work life is like feast or famine – I have gone for months, years w/o work, and now I am “feasting”. I am grateful for the work but exhausted. Need to find balance……I always look forward to reading your comments, as well as all the other comments by the Birdettes, and I so VERY MUCH APPRECIATE the hard work you do on your blog. I hope everything is ok with your basement and you don’t have too much damage and can clean it up quickly. Keep up the great work and keep on snarking! Kathy

    • Love you too!! 😉

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