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There you go again…..

Pivoting, pirouetting, and posturing, BO gets back to the economy today, focusing his laser like attention because….well….Benghazi, IRS and a slew of scandals. Not much has worked out well for the erstwhile most brilliant newer deal- FDR- Lincolnesque- Preezy- evah.  Construction and the housing market are huge indicators of how well the economy is working. While admittedly there are booms in certain areas of the country, mostly western states, the US economy is slowing to a trickle again. One sure sign of this is in the HAMP program designed to help homeowners who are in default on their mortgages.

Nearly 1.2 million mortgage modifications have been completed since the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) was first launched four years ago. Yet more than 306,000 borrowers have re-defaulted on their loans and more than 88,000 are at risk of following suit, the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) found in its quarterly report to Congress.

In addition, the watchdog found that the longer a homeowner stays in the HAMP modification program, the more likely they are to default. Those who have been in the program since 2009, are re-defaulting at a rate of 46%, the inspector general found.

Today Preezy will be traveling around the country to talk about “jobs” and the “economy”. His first speech will be at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill.  “It is small enough to require only 257 government employees for  everything — police, fire, libraries, and so on.  Galesburg’s major claim  to fame is that it was the birthplace of Carl Sandburg.”   This fine liberal arts college has a student body of 1300 to 1400.

After  all, if you’re going to discuss the revitalization of the entire American  economy, why would you want to speak at a place where business and industry are  taught?  So the president was able to scratch potential sites for this  speech such as MIT, RPI, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania,  Cal Tech, and even the University of Chicago (where he actually taught, and  which has a highly regarded business program) off his list and focus like a  laser on Knox College.

Of  course, this information about the venue is something that isn’t touted by the  mainstream media.

We’re all waiting with bated breath for the new slogan that will accompany BO’s latest venture into fixing the economy. He needs a slogan desperately because….. math is hard.

“I’m going to talk about where we need to go from here, how we need to put behind us the distractions and the phony debates and nonsense that somehow passes for politics these days, and get back to basics,” Obama said Monday as he addressed Organizing for Action, the non-profit group backing his agenda.

Obama said Wednesday’s speech would kick off a months-long effort to refocus on the economy and start exploring “some big and bold ideas”–some he’s offered previously, and some new ones, too. Aides said those fresh policy proposals would come in a series of follow-up speeches planned through September, most of which will be narrowly targeted on issues like housing, retirement security and expanding access to education.

IRS scandal update: “There Is ‘No Innocent Explanation’ for IRS Chief Counsel’s Meeting With Obama

So I can’t for the life of me come up with any kind of innocent explanation for why Obama would have met with the Chief Counsel of the IRS. That meeting shouldn’t ever happen, and especially not without the Commissioner of the IRS being there. Presidents just don’t go to agency chief counsels with legal questions. Presidents don’t go to anyone with legal questions. Their staff does. The idea that the President would sit down with some random agency chief counsel and discuss some pressing legal issue is just bizarre to anyone who has worked in the legal field at that level. I am not sure the reporters covering this story understand how legal advice is actually delivered to the President and just how out of the ordinary that meeting was.

Defending American Principles Is Now a Revolutionary Act.  There are no asterisks in the Bill of Rights.

The First Amendment, the cornerstone of our nation’s great experiment in freedom, is a prime target. Progressives want to limit the freedom of the press to only those designated media outlets they know will back the status quo, calling their censorship “campaign finance reform.” The government, defending the McCain-Feingold Act, once even told the Supreme Court that it was perfectly constitutional to charge an American citizen with a crime for writing a book critical of a politician.

Think about that. Our government actually argued that it was A-OK for the feds to stick you in jail for writing a book……..snip

Americans are citizens and not subjects because our forefathers refused to countenance the abuses of far-away elites who sought to control their lives. That’s our heritage, and that’s our duty.

I’m not a journalist, don’t even play one on TEEVEE, but do have the right to speak out about the horrendous policies that government has enacted for the benefit of their cronies and lobbyists, the laws being passed and the intimidation of our fellow Americans by an out of control government targeting them for wanting to exercise their rights as free people, the draconian regulations destroying our small and medium sized businesses and, the proposals made for purely political reasons that will further degrade the economic outlook for the poor and middle classes (Immigration reform as written and Obamacare). All the speeches BO has given or will give doesn’t undo the damage he and his progs have done in harming us both domestically and abroad. If we don’t speak out, who will?




  1. In the 2012 exit polls, 59 percent of voters in the presidential election listed the economy as their main concern — far ahead of health care, with 18 percent. In the 2008 exit polls, 63 percent of voters said the economy was their main concern — far, far ahead of the war in Iraq, with ten percent. Thus, it has always been clear that jobs and the economy are Americans’ main concern. As obvious as that seems, though, it’s something the president appears to understand only now and then.

  2. The Age of Obama…..

    Our current scandals are predicated on lies. No one believed the official White House version that the IRS miscreants were rogue agents from a Cincinnati field office.

    No one believes much of the official version of the Benghazi killings — least of all that the violence was prompted by a single video maker in the fashion that Susan Rice assured the nation.

    The attorney general of the United States lied about the AP/James Rosen monitoring while under oath before Congress.

    James Clapper lied about the NSA scandal. All four travesties are still being sorted out. For now the one commonality is that our officials lied about all of them.

    Harry Reid knew nothing about Mitt Romney’s tax returns. But lied about them all the same. It is hard to know whether Joe Biden lies, or simply believes his fantasies.

  3. The CIA “repeatedly blocked” the departure of a security team that was ready “within minutes” to respond to the Sept. 11, 2012, terror attacks in Benghazi, Libya that claimed the lives of four Americans, according to Rep. Frank Wolf (R., Va.)


  4. {snickergiggle} “Pivoting, pirouetting, and posturing”…sounds quite feminine, if you ask me. I know, no one asked my opinion on this matter, but I must compliment Lynn on her provocative word selection. 🙂

    • Thank yew! 🙂
      Could have added prancing but thought it might be a bit much 😀

  5. Carole

    Well Barry does prance down the Air Force One steps like a ballerina.

    • LOL 😀

  6. Speak up and the DOJ and Congress (Dems) will write a law to try and stop all of us……except the LSM

  7. Speaking of “there you go again”…..OBAMA’S LATEST STUNT: Blowing $700 Million to Promote Obamacare – In Swing States ….think 2014 elections

  8. Get Over IT!! with lyrics…… LOL 😀
    Somebody send this to BO…

  9. conner43

    Homeowners who got loan modifications from a govt program: First, they buy a house they can’t afford, then the taxpayers make it easier for them to still not afford it…Most of us of a certain age, grew up in houses with ONE bathroom, oh the horror !
    Grandma thought it was heaven when she and Grandpa moved into a house with an en suite bedroom/bathroom.. Grandpa thought it was disgusting to sleep ‘with his head near the toilet’ and toddled down to the guest room, which became his permanent bedroom..
    Sometimes I think he had a point. After 60 years and seven living children, Grandma was ok with his decision.
    One of my daughters is a committed renter, her husband can’t hang a picture much less un-clog the plumbing, he is a great husband and father, but I agree with her decision. Home ownership is not for everyone, it takes a lot of sacrifice and just plain toil..
    The problem for young families with big mortgages is that it leaves no room for all those unexpected events and emergencies which afflict us all. No one seems to warn them about that.

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