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Congressional Black Caucus is recommending Sheila Jackson Lee for Secretary of Homeland Security.

A letter dated July 25 and signed by Rep.  Marcia Fudge, Ohio Democrat and caucus chairwoman, urges President  Obama to consider  Miss Jackson Lee for the position, calling the Democrat a “voice of reason” that  the agency could stand to gain, the Houston  Chronicle reported.

Representative Jackson Lee would  serve as an effective DHS Secretary because she understands the importance of  increasing border security and maintaining homeland security,” the letter  reads.

Memory Lane is now open…..

Back in May of this year, it came to light that Jackson Lee had requested for Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department investigate True the Vote. As Breitbart News notes, this request came right before both the DOJ and the IRS began investigating said group.

Clintons are just harrumphing over “Carlos Danger” and his long suffering wife Huma… How dare Weiner and Huma attempt to elevate themselves to the lofty position of the Clintons.Carlos Danger Clintons’ Patience Growing Thin with Anthony Weiner

Bill and Hillary Clinton increasingly see Anthony Weiner’s mayoral campaign as an embarrassment and potential liability, and are signaling through associates that they are eager to see him exit the race, several former Clinton aides and advisers told ABC News. One Clinton associate said the Clintons are “bristling at the comparisons” between Weiner and Bill Clinton, and between Hillary Clinton and Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin.

and this…..

There is some irony for Clinton watchers here. The couple that set the standard for tolerating infidelity in the service of political power is said to be miffed that Weiner won’t go away.

It’s not that the Clintons fear for the good people of New York; as usual their concern is purely selfish. It’s not Anthony, I suspect, that is gnawing at Hillary and Bill but Huma. Huma’s made herself into the object, first, of pity and then of disgust; her relationship with Hillary is just a little too close. Too power-hungry, too transparently self-delusional, Huma suggests that she learned all the wrong lessons from Hillary.

Not to be outdone in reaching for the Misogynistic Award of the Year trophy San Diego Mayor Filner is making an outrageous request

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has asked the city to cover his  legal fees for a sexual harassment lawsuit, according to an agenda released by the city council.

Spitzer is just as creepy as the other two but it looks as if New Yorkers are a forgiving lot…talk about a “War on Women“…

Then there’s former New York governor and attorney general  Eliot Spitzer, better known as “client #9” for his extensive patronization of call girls.  As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing wrong with that: These were consenting adults, and if it were up to me, I’d make prostitution legal everywhere the way it is in Nevada.  But even while patronizing call girls, Spitzer was also going out of his way, as attorney general, to see that they were prosecuted.  It’s usually Republicans who are charged with sexual hypocrisy, but this is first-rate phoniness.

Democrat women just don’t “get it”…


  1. I just don’t understand what possesses someone who wants to be in public office from doing stupid things, knowing full well, that in this day and age, THEY WILL BE FOUND OUT. W/ everyone including the NSA watching apparently everything we do, wouldn’t you think that the threat of “being found out” would keep most people on the straight and narrow? And, why, for the love of God, does that beastly woman Huma stay with that creepy looking weasel of a cheater husband???? Any seriously, why WHY air their dirty laundry in a press conference??? I would be mortified, so humiliated and embarrassed. I don’t believe a word either of them says, and I believe that she has ulterior motives for power and greed and whatever nefarious/selfish gains. I think they both need to disappear and never be heard from again in the public political scene. They disgust me both, and I have no sympathy for her. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, well….everyone knows that answer. They both are setting a poor example for the rest of society, and essentially her “standing by her man” just excuses his disgusting behavior. You know the expression “you get what you pay for”? Well, IMHO she deserves what she gets for staying with some loser who obviously has no remorse for his actions b/c he keeps on perpetuating his acts. Filthy! Sorry for the rant……

  2. And while I’m on a roll, I have never had any respect for either of the Clintons, especially after all the sexual scandals. I CANNOT. STAND. HILLARY. Her screetching voice grates on my ears, and I was disgusted by her NOT leaving Bill when he cheated on her. But what I really hate is (well, everything) her “what difference does it make”? The overtly IN YOUR FACE hypocrisy of “consoling” the loved ones of the Bengazi massacre and then not caring about what happened. She is toxic, old, fat and ugly and needs to go away. She would be a HORRIBLE president, how much worse than what we have now? I dunno, but this country cannot stand another liberal left wing communist in the White House. Her tenure as SOS was pathetic. That being said, I doubt Kerry will do much better, but still. She is a political power-hungry whore who will do and say anything to get elected. (sounds like a lot of politicians) I wish we could have a clean slate and get rid of these career politicians – on both sides – and get in some fresh blood. No more political dynasties. Again, sorry for another rant……

    • No need for sorry…..this is a ranter’s blog!!

      • 🙂

  3. OK, now I can’t seem to shut up, but……the SD mayer Filner has got some balls the size of grapefruits for asking the people of SD to pay for his legal fees while he fights these sexual harrassment charges. WTF??? Who does that?? REally??? I live in SD, and I am not only appalled but disgusted by this whole situation. He needs to be fired or quit. Seriously. If ANYONE who isn’t a politician were to have done anything remotely the same in any other setting, that person would have been fired. Hell, you get fired these days for saying Merry Christmas, or making jokes (ok, maybe not quite so extreme, but you know what I mean), and every business/corporation/etc makes their employees suffer through all those stupid government-mandated ‘diversity and sexual harrassment training” programs, that Filner’s behavior in any other setting would have gotten him fired a long time ago. Seriously! Why an independent prosecutor can’t just come in and have some judge fire his ass is beyond me. And while I am glad that the women whom he has “attacked’ are suing him, what really bugs me is out comes Gloria Allred. I can’t stand her either. She has to insert her face into almost everything (kinda like Mooch) and she creeps me out as well. Her voice also grates on my ears, like Hillary’s. Sorry for all the typos/grammatical errors/run on sentences…It is 5:30 here and I haven’t had all my coffee yet. Ok, I think rant is over….. for now…

    • Rant on….it’s good to get it out….we could definitely use a “clean slate” in more ways than one… 😀

      • Really. It’s best to air your thoughts than to keep them inside. Remember in the story, it was one small child pointing out that the Emperor was wearing no clothes before other people could see that the King was, in fact, naked.

  4. conner43

    Seems like Huma hitched her wagon to the wrong jackass..A marriage between a Muslim and a Jew, especially public figures, always struck me as unlikely to be a love fest.
    As for SJ Lee, that woman is a joke, but her slavish devotion to the ’cause’ just might be rewarded, she will never be confirmed anyway, so what has she got to smile about ?

    • Everything about this is a farce….every. single. thing.
      Huma is now “taking a vacation” from her transition post for Shrillary.

    • I don’t understand his need to flaunt his affections over a tech device. I really don’t. Especially when the NSA records every little thing (Hello, Agent Whoever You Are.).

      • Maybe he thinks it’s better than flashing young women on a corner? 😀

  5. But what has Obama himself been doing throughout 2013? Pushing gun control, and then pushing an immigration bill, and failing at both, in between vacations and rounds of golf. Whose eye is off the ball here?

    As the failures have piled up and the economic data isn’t getting any better, a frustrated Obama now critiques the system he leads as if he’s just a bystander and threatens to just bypass Congress to exert his will. Neither of those amounts to anything close to leadership, making deals, and compromising. His rhetoric in fact makes compromises all but impossible, because he resorts to accusing Republicans of various evils rather than acknowledging that they have real, legitimate points.

    He mounts campaigns. They fail. He gives empty speeches that no one outside his hand-picked puppet shows believes. He beats up on the system that he’s been elected to and is supposed to lead, but can’t. When the system goes awry, which is the most charitable view of the IRS scandal available, he fake-fires people and calls it a day. Or, in the case of Benghazi, he just pretends that he doesn’t have to explain his actions that night, and acts like he isn’t the commander-in-chief.

    Barack Obama is admitting in all this that he just can’t do the job of president and he doesn’t really want to anymore. Not in the system we have, anyway. So he’ll be a mouthy dictator and endlessly unhappy critic for three more years, and the Democrats and the media will go on pretending that he’s a god-king.

  6. Carole

    Have you ever noticed that the women connected to the Democratic Party and the ones in old Barry’s administration are either masculine looking, or frumby and ditwits? Old nutty Nanny Peeeeeeeeelosi just got a new lift. Her eyes are now sown up to her eyebrows. Dumb Debbie Wasserman is dumber than than a rock. Well I won’t even bother to describe MO because what more can we say other than an angry, contorted faced, bizzarrely dressed clown of a woman? When the Obutts kiss it is like a femine man kissing a Chicago Bear’s linebacker. Barry just loves to prance and dance down the steps of Air Force One while leaving bedraggled MO to slop down the steps in whatever she threw on in the dark. Hair slicked back into a nappy knot and dress blowing up to show greased up veiny legs and size 13 feet shoved into a pair of size 8 shoes. The two wons usually look like street urchins dressed in old tops, shoes that are bright green that clash with their purple or orange shorts/pants. Their hair also slicked back into a nappy knot. The Obutt females never seem to have time to have their hair styled or their clothes coordinated to match their shoes. Maybe everyone in that family is color blind? Ever notice how attractive the woman are on Fox News? Gee I feel better now!!

    • Yes, and to be honest, many men have seen this, too, even if it’s a simple matter like clean skin. One can almost tell a liberal woman by her unkempt appearance. It’s not a matter of physical attractiveness, it’s more a matter of esteem.
      Liberal women, (and men) see themselves as victims, and usually play the part to the hilt, that can’t be too good for one’s self image.
      Watch “Portlandia” sometimes, you’ll see a lot of the women I know around town.

  7. If Obamacare is so damned great for everyone else…..why are Federal employees whining about joining us?

    • I just read on that Congress members and their staffs get a reprieve from obamacare. WTF??? That sick bastard wrote an executive order letting congress and their staffs be exempt from obamacare so they can keep their luxury health care plans. That is so wrong, so unfair. I can’t begin to express how disgusted I am.

  8. Carole

    They now realize they were lied to by old Barry. It is like the foolish teachers who will end up paying a lot more for their health benefits or even be thrown into state obamacare health insurance that not only will limit their medical services, butt cost them an arm and a leg in the end. Now it is being revealed that there will be “death panels.” Libs are now waking up to the truths about Obamacare and are realizing how scary it will be for them.

    • Yep, so much for that European social model utopia….. and they pay taxes on their Cadillac plans.

  9. conner43

    Anchored by Jake Tapper, The Lead airs at 4 p.m. ET on CNN.

    On the Next Episode of The Lead

    Anchored by Jake Tapper, The Lead airs at 4 p.m. ET on CNN.

    On the Next Episode of The Lead

    An investigation into what CIA agents were doing the night of Benghazi attack.

    Anchored by Jake Tapper, The Lead airs at 4 p.m. ET on CNN.

    On the Next Episode of The Lead

    An investigation into what CIA agents were doing the night of Benghazi attack.

    Anchored by Jake Tapper, The Lead airs at 4 p.m. ET on CNN.

    On the Next Episode of The Lead

    An investigation into what CIA agents were doing the night of Benghazi attack.
    I can’t get this to paste, but it is on the CNN website, and well worth a read. It is interesting how pieces like this used to be shocking, now they are just s.o.s.

    • With BO in office criminal acts are sos….. 😦

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