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Shell Shock

Colorado Dems are having a hissy fit. Recall hits the President of the Senate and his colleague.

By the end of the process, so anxious were the opponents of the recall that they felt compelled to rely heavily on Michael Bloomberg, who sent $350,000 to Colorado to fight the threat; members of Obama’s ground team were brought in to boost turnout, and even former president Bill Clinton was wheeled in at the last minute to try to tip the scales.  None of it worked. This was the recall that never supposed to happen — let alone be successful.

Not listening to their constituents, arrogance and elitism, They are calling their political demise a case of voter suppression and those horrible Koch brothers. In fact it was 9 men in a chat room,, that started the recall ball rolling.

 The nine men who set the ball rolling weren’t supposed to be capable of organizing a town hall, let alone taking down the state-senate president. And yet they did it. Victor Head, a plumber who had never been politically active, took down a senator in a district that went Democratic in 2012 by ten points; a group of six concerned men from the chat room removed the state’s top-ranking legislator. “We are a quiet people,” recall founder Tim Knight told his victorious friends when the results became known at the Stargazers Theater. “You may be tempted to ignore us. Clearly, that would be a mistake.”

Score one for the plumber!

Katherine Herridge has just explained why Nothing has been done to capture or interrogate the attackers of Benghazi. Obama wants to treat Benghazi as a “criminal action” and not a war crime. He doesn’t want to stick them in Gitmo for interrogation. Since those particular jihadists are on the “battlefield”, we have to wait to arrest them. Makes perfect sense in the Obama-era of foreign policy. We hear Kerry talk about BO’s “deep commitment” to foreign policy, actually BO should just be committed. Any institution will suffice as long as he just shuts the hell up.

What I cannot stomach is the humiliation of my country on the world stage. Even the liberal Joe Klein admits that the presidential response to the Aug. 21 chemical attack in Damascus “has been one of the more stunning and inexplicable displays of presidential incompetence that I’ve ever witnessed.” If Obama believed he already possessed constitutional power to strike Syria, he should have struck immediately, and have been ready to justify his actions. If he believed that the authority of Congress was required, he should have been willing to accept the verdict of Congress, which is clearly no. But to adopt with such alacrity an improvised and cynical proposal by the Russians and Assad, and to spin that proposal as a victory, and as somehow his own, and to look paralyzed as the Russian autocrat uses the New York Times as a platform to spread conspiracy theories and lecture us on America, democracy, and international responsibility, is an embarrassment and an affront.
In the space of 24 hours President Obama went from being the enforcer of international norms to the enabler of Putin and the Assad regime. He has once again ducked responsibility for his words and actions, and in so doing has made the brutish leader of a defeated and broken empire the dominant player in Mideast affairs. And he has sent a signal: not to our enemies, who will continue to pursue their strategic objectives until they are met with force or deterred by overwhelming power, but to our allies, who must now realize that American foreign policy under Barack Obama is simply not serious.
  I don’t expect BO or any of his delusional Progs to defend the US against Putin’s crap, because he bailed out BO.  Putin must be so happy finally, flinging all that crap in BO’s face……and ours. I have never seen so much shameful conduct by a President and his minions in all depts. of the Federal Government. I don’t think many understood what BO’s “transformation of America” actually meant.

Actual Putin article before it was edited for US consumption….

 At this point, I don’t know who I despise more……


    • I’m most surprised by the fact that these guys are still walking around. I would think anyone who participated in the raid would have been droned months ago…

      • Well, it’s all about letting the “Libyan government” (what a joke) handle the situation. Showing them the “respect” they deserve as an equal on the world stage (whatever the hell that is)

        • As this all unfolded, I sympathized with the “new” government…they publically claimed the raid was a terrorist action. Our government officials called them liars, and I think they just picked up their ball and went home. In other words, screw you, US. I think the handling of this whole mess is an entire chapter in Hillary’s resume, don’t you?

          • At least a chapter…. like BO she has no shame, even when caught up in lies.

  1. YES!!

    Barack Obama’s fire-breathing conservative cousin set to run for the U.S. Senate to stop his family turning America ‘into a second rate welfare state’

    Read more:

  2. Unions are in ‘shock’….no goodie bag for them….

    Tonight, the effort failed. A senior administration official tells me that the administration “does not see a legal way for individuals in multiemployer group health plans to receive individual market tax credits as well as the favorable tax treatment associated with employer-provided health insurance at the same time.”

  3. Any shield law should concern itself with process and not identification. The founders did not include the First Amendment in order to allow the government to decide who gets its protections. If the shield is an extension of the First Amendment, then it applies to everyone involved in journalistic efforts, or no one at all.

    What part of the Constitution gives lawmakers the right to decide?

  4. Not just water….MO strongarms private enterprise……and says dumb things.. LOL 😀

    “We’re going to keep reaching out to new people and to new organizations and making the case for healthy choices like water, but also fruits and vegetables, which is — you know me — best for my fruits and vegetables, but you’re going to know me for water as well,” the first lady said

    • Yes. Because she invented fruits and vegetables. And water.

  5. More social engineering….more bureaucrats and government entities…more committees and more tax dollars going down the hole of Obamacare…

  6. New book out …claims Axeman was pushed out….

    “Axelrod wanted campaign manager Jim Messina fired, but he wound up the odd man out himself
    Palace intrigue led ‘Axe’ to refer to Messina and White House messaging chief David Plouffe as ‘two strongmen running the Kremlin’
    The two men resented Axelrod for getting rich by taking a percentage of the hundreds of millions spent on campaign ads
    An aloof Obama stayed out of the way as his inner circle fought a political gladiator game that pushed out Axelrod and Press Secretary”

    Read more:

  7. Government becomes more intrusive…….. you will be questioned……about every single aspect of your life…

  8. Lynn, did you hear the other day that zero said that raising the debt limit doesn’t increase the debt? And when asked if the majority of Americans who opposed obamacare were wrong, he said YES! What an arrogant, stupid ass. I can’t believe what comes out of this guy’s/admin’s mouth.

  9. Hi Lynn,
    I hope you are well. You haven’t posted in a while. Just checking in to make sure all is well. I miss reading your posts, as well as those of the Birdettes. Take care, Kathy

    • Dittos here. Hey Lynn, we miss you…

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