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It ALL Starts With Obama

Listening to Preezy speak is a burdensome task. He sounds like a tweeney who wants everyone to be angry at someone just, well, because…. and all the name calling he does from his Preezy Podium, so juvenile and whiny, makes me gag. Dems and the media fall in line and also do the name calling shtick. BO really is so childish, he must think we all have the inability to understand language above a fourth grade level. He handles challenges on the domestic front by name calling and denial.

 For as small as the president looked abroad, he looked downright childish at home.He is following his failure to negotiate successfully on the world stage with a refusal to negotiate at all at home. His message to Republicans on both the debt ceiling and ObamaCare is the same: nyet, nyet.Call him confused about who the enemy is.The dynamic is startling. The more the world pushes Barack Obama around, the more he pushes back at home. It reminds me of a Mort Sahl joke from the Cold War: Every time the Soviets lock up an American, we retaliate by locking up an American.
SHUTDOWN #18 ….. since the seventies… will be illegal to walk on the National Mall. government-shutdown

It will be illegal to walk on the National Mall if the federal government shuts down, a spokesperson for the National Parks Service (NPS) said Monday.

NPS Spokeswoman Carol Johnson told TheBlaze Monday the entire National Mall would legally close to the public during a shutdown, but admitted it would be difficult, if not impossible, to enforce.

“The mall theoretically is legally closed,” Johnson said. “Now, obviously people walking across it … there is nothing much we can do, but it is legally closed.”

So, they will still “guard” the mall, but you can’t walk there?  See how really stupid these people are in their fervor to keep BO happy……he wants the shutdown and so does Reid and Pelosi. The last offer R-words made was to fund Obamacare but, only the original without all the exemptions and waivers. Reid refused, Preezy refused.

The latest GOP plan would fund the government through mid-December, delay the  individual mandate under ObamaCare, and force top government officials to use  ObamaCare. The government is set to shutdown after midnight. [snip]

“This is an issue of fairness,” said Boehner, who spoke twice on the floor. “How  can we give waivers and breaks to all the big union guys out there, how do we  give a break to all the big businesses out there, and yet stick our constituents  with a bill that they don’t want and a bill they can’t afford?”

Boehner  said he and President Obama spoke by phone tonight, and that Obama told him,  “I’m not going to negotiate. I’m not going to negotiate, I’m not going to do  this.”

“Well, I would say to the president, this is not about me, and  it’s not about Republicans here in Congress,” Boehner said. “It’s about fairness  to the American people.”

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Boehner is right….Reid and BO are wrong. BO always talks about “fairness”, one of his favorite words while he’s campaigned for the last five years but, never practices what he preaches at us. 90% of the jobs created under BO are part time. He is destroying the middle class, the numbers there are bigger so, he rips them off even when they can’t afford his “dream” of redistribution. Funny how the Union leaders got all quiet after their meeting with BO. What were they offered to shut up and sit down?  As for the federal employees, hiring more than necessary is a great way to lower the unemployment rate, which is exactly what BO has done. From Investors Business Daily

The White House is just a microcosm of the out-of-control growth in federal  government personnel. Shameless federal worker unions already plan to sue to get  paid for days they stay home during the shutdown.

One thing a government shutdown does is prove that millions of them can, and  should, stay home every day.

and from White House Dossier via Weasel Zippers.

The government shutdown that starts today results in temporary pink slips to “nonessential” government workers, begging the obvious question: Are the White House chefs essential?

The Obamas are known to eat quite well, at least in public, where they can be seen frequenting trendy spots around Washington and landing in over-priced restaurants aimed at vacationers when they’re in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard. At home in the White House, a team of chefs plans menus for the Obamas and prepares an endless series of tasty meals.

But the government shutdown presents the terrifying prospect that the Obamas may have to defrost a package of Lean Cuisine or open a can of meat ravioli.

I couldn’t agree more. Let it stay that way for a decade or two. Obama says he “won’t give the R-words anything”, back at you BO, back at you.

Good News……CNN and NBC have both cancelled their Hillary worshipping projects. Seems there was a “lack of cooperation”…… why would anyone be surprised at that?  “

In a telephone interview with the Guardian, Ferguson said that he believed that much of early noise about the film, from both sides, was motivated by an attempt to stop people from contributing to the documentary. “I wasn’t delighted, but it wasn’t an issue of worry, because I’ve faced such things before, but I wasn’t prepared for how effective it would be, that’s what really surprised me,” Ferguson said.

He blamed rejections on the desire of many potential contributors to work for, or gain access to, a potential Clinton administration.  “Part of what’s going on right now is that many, many, many people want to be in her campaign, they want a job in her administration, they want access to the White House, they want some specific thing that they care about and most of the people, probably over 90%, are going to be disappointed.”

UPDATE:  The tragedies are never ending. MO’s Twitter account limited. How will we live without her constant interference in our lives?MO scolding


  1. AH-HA, Fast and Furious is not going away…. executive privilege does not stand the smell test

    A federal judge ruled Monday evening that the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee could indeed proceed with a lawsuit against the Justice Department to access certain Fast and Furious documents.

    Attorney General Eric Holder had attempted to dismiss the suit. But U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson turned aside that request, asserting the House claim: President Obama could not claim executive privilege and halt certain “Operation Fast and Furious” records from being turned over to Congress for review, Politico reported.

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  2. “However as we wake up, we see that the sun has still risen, traffic lights are still running, and that the air we breathe has not spontaneously burst into fire, and the four horseman are not upon us.” [snip]

    During his September 30 speech, President Obama laid it all out.

    “With regard to operations that will continue, if you’re on Social Security, you will keep receiving your checks. If you’re on Medicare, your doctor will still see you. Everyone’s mail will still be delivered, and government operations related to national security or public safety will go on.”

    What else do we need other than that? Could it be that the government shut down has stripped the United States government down to its “essential” functions?

    If the government has to divide their employees up between “essential” and “non-essential” then does that mean that we can do without the “non-essential” employees?” ….. HEH 😀

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    • rotolab

      Butt, wait…the term “essential” is no longer used (too hurtful)…it’s “excepted” and “non-excepted”.

      • Um, it’s me…Annie’s Mom…I have no idea how that switch was made. Geez, listening Preezy whine on, and on…good grief he’s acting like a pissy little teenager.

        • blah, blah, blahing about how shut down will hurt the economy…..DOW is up 70 points today and foreign markets are also up. Spoiled brat stomping his foot while telling a bold faced lie.

  3. Great advice …. LOL 😀

    “In the event of a government shutdown, thousands of federal workers deemed “nonessential” would be furloughed, affording them the ideal opportunity to catch up on movies. Herewith, some shutdown viewing suggestions tailored to those most likely to be affected:”

    read it all…… 😀

  4. BO will never ‘get it’…..not ever

    The gullibility of the West is the secret weapon of the mullahs — not only in Iran, but throughout the Muslim world. The mullahs, who are not above a little mild flirtation, string along presidents and prime ministers to make the inevitable snub all the more satisfying. Mr. Rouhani’s agents were pleased to go along with the minuet at the United Nations. They gave the White House a nudge and a wink, which the White House passed on to the gullible reporters, suggesting the time and place when and where Mr. Rouhani would acknowledge the deep bow that Mr. Obama always takes when he runs into a Muslim and reach for the American president’s proffered hand.

    But it never happened. Anyone else could recognize a snub, but the ayatollahs knew their mark. They could count on Mr. Obama to make their excuses. “The Iranians have an internal dynamic that they have to manage,” an Obama aide told reporters.

    That’s like saying “he had to wash his hair”

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  5. YEP, that Ted Cruz is one powerhouse….no doubt in my mind he will continue to ‘shake it up’ in the Senate….

    In our system of government, Ted Cruz owes deference to two things alone – his oath and his office. Yes, many of us would prefer a more consensus oriented politician. Nevertheless, he’s an elected representative of America’s second most populous state. We don’t have to like him, we don’t have to vote for him, but paying heed to his pivotal role in our national political life, Ted Cruz deserves our respect.

  6. Carole

    I had to laugh as the Obutt people filed out to hear the Prez’s speech, most of them were obese. I guess MO’s drive for healthy eating and exercise hasn’t hit home with old Barry’s support team. I finally turned off the prez’s speech because I got tired of yelling,”You liar, your Obamacare is a disaster!” Hopefully Obamacare will fail and die a horrible death on it’s own unattainable, unrealistic goals and faulty government handling of it.

    • Yes indeed…… 🙂

  7. Well…now we know the job description for one of MO’s assistants…say it ain’t so! MO’s twitter account is down!!

  8. As callous and coldblooded as they come….dying children are just not that important

    BASH: But if you can help one child with cancer, why wouldn’t you do it?

    REID: Why would we want to do that? I have 1100 people at Nellis Air Force Base sitting home. They have problems of their own.

    Reid then attacked Bash’s intelligence, “For someone of your intelligence to suggest such a thing is irresponsible.”

    Apparently, Reid sees healthy furloughed workers sitting comfortably at home as equal to children dying of cancer.

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