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Friday Bits and Pieces

is the ‘lovefest’ finally ending?  MO being criticized by Politico according to National Review;

Mrs. Obama’s nonprofit reportedly has assets of $4.5 million. It doesn’t have to disclose its donors. So much for the “most transparent administration ever.” Even left-wing watchdogs are irked. “This is a classic case of the game of influence peddling by lobbying associations,” Craig Holman, who works for the liberal watchdog group Public Citizen, told Politico. “Lobbyists and corporations with business pending before the federal government invest in such charitable causes as a means to buy access [to] and favor from the White House.”

In 2008, candidate Barack Obama preached, “We need a president who will look out for the interests of hardworking families, not just their big campaign donors and corporate allies.” In 2013, first lady Michelle Obama is busy signing up as many corporate allies as she can. [snip]

The alliances between big business and big government, marketed as a public service “for the children,” have been a bonanza for the First Crony. They scratch her back, her clout and popularity increase, and she’ll have a cornucopia of board-of-director slots to choose from after her hubby’s term is up. Make no mistake: Michelle’s fruits and vegetables are served on a heaping platter of progressive hypocrisy.  MO garden

Remember that incredibly auspicious Cash-for-Clunkers?    Obamacar   ” The administration patted itself on the back when the program ran out of money, apparently pleasantly surprised that people took free money during an economic downturn. But Brookings confirms that this was, of course, a terrible program.”  Brookings Institution is a very left leaning think tank and has come to the same conclusions we were talking about when that debacle of a ‘stimulus’ program rolled out. While analyzing the program they came up with this, from Legal Insurrection:

  • Total emissions reduction was not substantial because only about half a percent of all vehicles in the United States were the new, more energy-efficient CARS vehicles.
  • The program resulted in a small gasoline reduction equivalent only to about 2 to 8 days’ worth of current usage.
  • In terms of distributional effects, compared to households that purchased a new or used vehicle in 2009 without a voucher, CARS program participants had a higher before-tax income, were older, more likely to be white, more likely to own a home, and more likely to have a high-school and a college degree.

And, on to the Supremes……

The  D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals — the second most powerful court in the country  behind the Supreme Court — today released a  decision that may well act as the killing blow against ObamaCare.

Two  Ohio businessmen, Francis and Phillip Gilardi, the owners of Freshway Foods and  Freshway Logistics, sued the Department of Health and Human Services after the  passage of the ACA on the grounds that its provisions requiring contraceptive  coverage for their employees forced them to act against the tenets of their  Catholic faith.

The  D.C. court found in the Gilardi’s favor, concluding that, “the contraceptive  mandate imposed by the Act trammels the right of free exercise — a right that lies at the core of our constitutional liberties — as protected  by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.”

Best pic of the day….Sebelius getting educated  SEBELIUS  Maybe the buddies of MO, building the Clunkcare web site, need a few books too!

Speaking of books, this one is sure to be popular   Glitch stole Healthcare

open thread….


  1. To all the nutters who ranted and raved…called us names….

    In March 2010, then-Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, came to the House floor as Democrats were poised to pass Obamacare and issued a warning.

    “Look at this bill,” Boehner said. “Ask yourself: Do you really believe that if you like the health plan that you have, that you can keep it? No, you can’t.”

    Funny how it’s all worked out…..71% of those polled believe BO lied to them……we KNOW he lies… LOL

  2. YEP, he went there again….more “executive orders” bypassing Congress.

    President Obama used his executive powers on Friday to create a ‘Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience.’

    Obama’s plan would be put in place through executive order, bypassing Congress, which has stalemated over climate legislation in recent years.

    Read more:

    • Aww, nothing cuter than a baby with fat little cheeks. I would guess that she is one spoiled little girl…that’s what grandparents are for, isn’t it?

      • Face full of love….no doubt a doting grandpa….love Laura Bush’ expression too.


    Wait, whoa. Does anyone remember when it was acceptable to hand out apples, until some killjoy hippy put razors in them, and now children get their candy x-rayed do to LSD tampering? We remember, evidently, she does not.

    • heh….she is officially insane.

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