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“You got to have it, to lose it”

Credibility, that is. Congressional approval is at 9%, deservedly so. But, it’s looking worse for the D-words than the R-words. Never fear, the D-words are going to “fix” all their problems, and yours too, by Friday. Excuse me for chortling at their predicament over the pernicious Obamacare junk insurance bill, Maybe if they had actually read it, to “find out what’s in it”, before they passed it, they would have seen this coming. Most people now whining about Obamacare voted for it by once again installing the Great-Illuminated-Brain in the Oval Office. “I didn’t know it was going to affect me” is the new mantra of the left. Mostly I feel sorry for the young and gullible.  Bo’s utopian pipe dream of distribution of wealth just didn’t come to fruition in the way they thought it would. Punished for being young and healthy, strapped with debt and burden, this is what BO gave them. Well, that and really high unemployment numbers. Kristen Powers: I’m Fuming That the Administration Keeps Claiming My Policy Was Canceled Becasue It Was “Substandard;” It Wasn’t. It Was Canceled to Force Me to Subsidize Other People.

My blood pressure goes up every time they say that they’re protecting us from substandard health insurance plans,” Powers told Bret Baier. “There is nothing to support what they’re saying.”

“I have talked to about how I’m losing my health insurance,” she continued. “If I want to keep the same health insurance, it’s going to cost twice as much. There’s nothing substandard about my plan.”

“All of the things they say that are not in my plan are in my plan,” Powers lamented. “All of the things they have listed — there’s no explanation for doubling my premiums other than the fact that it’s subsidizing other people. They need to be honest about that.”

106,187 people have signed up for Obamacare, reported by Reuters, and of that number, only 27,000 signed up via the website What a huge success story! It’s not just the website has “glitches”, there’s a question of how secure it really is for those who do sign up (in spite of the glitches).   Romney was right about Obamacare, along with a lot of other issues BO has been woefully short sighted on. Romney Was Right, GOP Nominee’s Predictions Coming True.

The “green movement”, and BO, do not believe there are negative consequences to rulings. All those hurrahs resounding from their ranks over windmills and ethanol to reduce “globull warming” are having dire consequences on ecosystems.  In 2012 thousands of migratory birds were killed by those precious windmills, including those on the endangered species list, and between 600,000 to 800,000 bats.  President Obama’s Climate Plan Would Kill Hundreds Of Millions Of Birds And Bats

A newly published peer-reviewed study reports U.S. wind turbines kill 1.4 million birds and bats every year, even while producing just 3 percent of U.S. electricity. The numbers reveal that President Obama’s global warming plan will kill hundreds of millions of birds and bats while doing little if anything to reduce global temperatures. [snip]

United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) lead author Hans von Storch conceded earlier this month that computer models predicting significant future global warming cannot replicate recent temperatures and likely need to be adjusted downward to predict less warming. A panel of experts convened last week by Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer agreed President Obama’s recent assertion that global warming is accelerating is not supportable by real-world facts and data. Hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, wildfires, etc., are all in long-term downward trends as our planet modestly warms in its recovery from the recent Little Ice Age.

As if that is not enough, 5 million acres of conserved land has disappeared thanks to Obama and the greenies. Prairies are vanishing and virgin land is being plowed under by farmers in the corn-for-ethanol policy set by BO. Prairies vanish in the US push for green energy

What the green-energy program has made profitable, however, is far from green. A policy intended to reduce global warming is encouraging a farming practice that actually could worsen it.

That’s because plowing into untouched grassland releases carbon dioxide that has been naturally locked in the soil. It also increases erosion and requires farmers to use fertilizers and other industrial chemicals. In turn, that destroys native plants and wipes out wildlife habitats.

It appeared so damaging that scientists warned that America’s corn-for-ethanol policy would fail as an anti-global warming strategy if too many farmers plowed over virgin land.

The Obama administration argued that would not happen. But the administration didn’t set up a way to monitor whether it actually happened. It did…..[snip]

“If we’re going to push the land this hard, we really need to intensify conservation in lockstep with production, and that’s just not happening,”

Obamacare isn’t the only horrific policy the Asshat-in-Chief and his thugs have implemented through the various alphabet bureaucracies at his disposal. By appeasing certain groups of people, he is making a mess of every single aspect of our economy. His agenda is not to govern as the Preezy of all the people, just some of the people.




  1. LOL :D…yes, to be perfectly honest I am enjoying the comeuppance of all those who know better than the common “folks” how to live their lives.

    The hubris of our ocean-commanding commander-in-chief surely isn’t news to readers of this website. He’s said that he’s smarter and better than everyone who works for him. His wife informed us that he has “brought us out of the dark and into the light” and that he would fix our broken souls. The man defined sin itself as “being out of alignment with my values.” We may be the ones we’ve been waiting for, but at the same time, everyone has been waiting for him. Or as he put it in 2007, “Every place is Barack Obama country once Barack Obama’s been there.”

    In every tale of hubris, the transgressor is eventually slapped across the face with the semi-frozen flounder of reality….[snip]

    Every day, the supposedly conspiratorial right-wing smear that Obama cared more about economic redistribution than he did about the middle class or economic growth looks more reasonable. Surely we’re allowed to say, “We told you so”? [snip]

    Feel free to cross your fingers that reality will bend to the gravitational pull of Obama’s stellar ego, his invincible hubris. As for me, I’ll be sitting on the sidelines cheering on Nemesis, with joy in my heart.

    read it all…. 😀

  2. Green energy killing more migratory birds on the endangered species list….solar panels

    ” The ultra polished solar mirrors bounce sunrays strong enough to burn the feathers off birds that quickly crash to the ground, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Many of the fowl dying as a result of their unfortunate flight paths over solar facilities are birds protected by the federal government under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act….[snip]

    There are also thousands of birds killed by wind turbine farms throughout the country. This means that untold numbers of birds, some of them protected species, are being killed by green energy.”

  3. The Big Fix is coming….another fubar on its way ….we’re going to bail out insurance companies. Obamacare has given them a blank check to raid the treasury….the “secret safety net”

  4. Oh yes, I am gloating…. can’t wait to hear from Preezy…has he finally discovered that “words matter”?…..
    so, if he “allows” people to keep their health care plans, whether they comply or not, what about the people who have to apply for new health care plans? Will they be “allowed” to shop for only what they need or be punished by inflated prices to cover other people’s health care? Millenials are you paying attention?
    Or will BO announce he’s giving up and going to Disneyworld? ROFLMAO

  5. what an amazingingly rude man….

    • I watched last night….WOOHOOO….go Megyn!! No wonder Fox shuffled the shows and gave her prime time. Good decision. A conservative, good looking, intelligent….did I mention good looking…and she’s happily married and she’s the mom of 3…and did I mention she’s hot? Anyway, I like Megyn. 🙂

    • That man is disgusting. I cannot believe he has a MD. What a F%^&*ing piece of S$^T! I got so angry watching him I shut the tv off. I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying seeing zero and all the idiots in the admin/gov squirm and try to “fix” things. I hope it gets far worse for them. I hope in the end this whole monstrosity gets repealed and we get back to what we had before. I am anxious though to hear Ted Cruz’s plan for new healthcare.

      • He’s even more obnoxious than brother Rahm…..

  6. Can BO change the subject in Cleveland today? Not a chance!

    And so on Thursday, Obama is visiting a Cleveland steel mill to discuss the economy.

    “I think the president and the White House right now are in change-the-topic mode,” said David Cohen, a University of Akron political scientist. “But I’m not sure how successful they’re going to be.”

  7. BO vs. the Generals

    In my interviews, however, many senior military leaders complained of feeling baffled and shut out by a White House National Security Staff that, in their view, combines an insistence on micromanaging minor issues with a near-total inability to articulate coherent strategic goals. “The NSS wants to run the show, day to day and minute to minute,” laments a former military official, “so they have no time—they’re almost incapable of strategic thinking.”

    Read more:

  8. BO says he “didn’t know” about the clusterfubar that he kept touting….what a liar…he was informed …it’s part of the Federal Registry!

  9. Wahlburg answers Tom Cruise on his “acting is the same as belonging to the military meme”…
    Cruise thinks his job is just as difficult.

    • video….watch out for language….Wahlburg is definitely ticked

      • Waiting for 2012

        …and you don’t get paid sub-standard wages, nor put your life and health at great risk every single day, for many months on end…nor do you have to leave your spouse and kids back home, waiting for that dreaded phone call in the middle of the night…Tom Cruise is a major butthole.

  10. Well, well, well, you get to keep your health plan….until the 2014 elections are over….most transparent comments evah!
    More chaos to follow…making it up as he goes along…BO has no idea what he’s doing….

  11. I’m bothered about the birds. It’s not like they magically appeared one day to spite the green machine. It’s like the scientists of The Collective didn’t bother to think about small, helpless things whose natural freedoms got in the way of their Great Schemes.

    • If it weren’t on the “prohibited” list of liberal causes, the left would be screaming from the treetops about the number and species of birds killed by turbines. Lots of large birds that play on the wind currents…eagles, hawks.

    • I’m bothered about it all…1.4 million killed by an insane ideology…..the “greenies” do not understand conservation……

  12. Oprah…still at it…….Sorry girl, that card is played out…BO is just a horrible Preezy…

    “Oprah Winfrey has been a prominent supporter of Barack Obama. She thinks that both he and the Office of President have been treated with contempt because of the colour of his skin.

    “There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African American. There’s no question about that and it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it.”

    • Oprah needs to STFU Not everything is about race. How about the fact that the prez just sucks at his job as well as sucking at being a decent human? How about that Oprah herself sucks. She used to have a great talk show back in the day. Now her ego is as bloated as her waistline. Once she started promoting zero, I lost any remaining respect I had for her. What comes around, goes around, and I hope she gets ‘hers” and her emipire destructs. Sorry for my rant, I am in a mood today.

      • 😀 ….rant away!!
        Gloat a little too…. 😀
        Oprah is one sad case of how not to go to extremes. The last time I saw Oprah she was all excited about a liquid diet. She modeled her size 10 jeans and proceeded to gain back every single pound she lost and then some. She gets obsessive about her “discoveries”.

  13. oops I meant to say what goes around comes around…..not quite awake yet

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