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Good news from OH!  via the Zipwire

President Barack Obama’s job approval rating has hit a new rock bottom— in a state that is vital in national elections.

Quinnipiac University’s poll in bellwether Ohio gives him the lowest rating the university’s polling institute has ever found anywhere.

According to the survey released Wednesday, Obama is underwater by 27 points in the Buckeye State, which has voted for the eventual presidential winner in every election since 1964 and has been within 2 percent of the national vote since 1996.

He has a negative job performance rating of 34 percent to 61 percent among registered voters, 10 points worse than the last time Quinnipiac asked the same question in June.

Where were these people when BO was voted in for a second term?

MO just can’t help herself… from the Examiner

First lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday praised a group of immigration-reform advocates who are fasting to draw attention to the issue and pressure Congress to act.

“As families begin to gather for Thanksgiving, I’m thinking of the brave #Fast4Families immigration reform advocates. We’re with you. -mo,” tweeted the first lady. Tweets written personally by Michelle Obama are signed “-mo.”

One small question: Are the “brave” fasters employed?  Personally, I don’t care if they starve themselves, 15 less people for the tax payers to support.

Give me a break……could LHJ stop the photoshopping already….we know MO lives in a fantasy but, LHJ shouldn’t

MO 2013 holiday  h/t Annie’s Mom

The people commenting on that site do not seem to know the photos are touched up to give MO that “glow”.  They live the same fantasy as MO!

MO photoshopNo, she definitely does not look like this….not in her wildest fantasy.

Of course, MO has a special Thanksgiving greeting for all of us…..*sigh*….you can read the rest at the Zippers

Thanks so much for everything you’re doing — and from our family to yours, happy Thanksgiving.


As for me, I am so thankful for all of you, you’re the best!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Just couldn’t resist….h/t Annie’s Mom and Nellieq

obama-immigration-protesters via Weasel Zippers

Now do you see the difference?  Ladies Home Journal did a remarkable job…..photoshopped to death…even the “tiny waist”…

Could the O-girls look any happier?

Michelle Obama, Sasha Obama, Malia Obama

….and we’re shopping for books….see how happy the O-girls are to be out and about…

wee wons 2013


  1. Waiting for 2012

    Can’t see MOO going on a fast for anything…:-)

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    • LOL….exactly right
      Have a great day 🙂

  2. Wow…look at that skinny waist! I’m jealous…my whole life I never hit 150 lbs. I’m tall and have never had to diet. Went to the doctor earlier this week…ha, ha…I weigh 163 lbs., thanks to my new pricey medication. I went from a size 6 to a 12 in 6 weeks!!! I told Joe he could now call me chubby cheeks and I’ll know he’s talking to me…
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

  3. nellyq

    Such a graceful & ladylike pose– photoshopping can’t help tht. . .

    Happy and peaceful Thanksgiving to all Birdettes!! and to Birdie wherever she is!

  4. How did I miss this one? MO needs to “lean in”? Feminists are unhappy……me too!

    “Early in Obama’s campaign last year, columnist Leslie Morgan Steiner, author of Mommy Wars, grumped, “Are fashion and body-toning tips all we can expect from one of the most highly educated First Ladies in history?” Observed Steiner, “I for one have seen enough of her upper appendages and her designer clothes, and read enough bland dogma on home-grown vegetables and aerobic exercise, to last me several lifetimes.”

    Read more:

    • ….”her Ivy League degrees, career success and general aura as an ass-kicking, do-it-all superwoman”…MO…the woman who relinquished her law license after her successful career as a patient-dumping executive? All I can think of is that photo (wish I knew how to add it) of her with a raised shovel and angry face at one of the kiddie playgrounds that she built. As to her veggie gardens, we all know that it is pretty damn easy to grow food when someone else does all the work.

  5. Sophie, where are you? LOL

  6. Fox News is running a commercial for the movie “Book Thief”…recommended ….you’re not ready for this….George W. Bush!!! I know he’s an avid reader, but I was really surprised when I heard his name.

    • OMG!! LOL 😀
      Addition to the post for sure ….pic up at your request

      • …by all means! I couldn’t believe it. Those princess lessons were obviously a total waste of our money. 🙂

        • See, our MO hasn’t changed one little bit…. 😀
          Hard to believe she took ballet…or princess lessons

    • nellyq

      Yep–another very ladylike sample of seating posture. . .

  7. “Family palette: First Lady Michelle and elder daughter Malia, 15, also went for a jewel-toned palette in hues of magenta and purple that co-ordinated with Sasha’s coat”

    • I thought the kids were off-limits? Re: Sasha’s stance…with her foot stuck out at an almost 90 degree angle…my Mom nagged me constantly until I complied with her, “stand like a lady”. 🙂

      • LOL 😀
        The kids are only off limits if MO doesn’t want them around…. for the “family” photo-ops that say awwww, definitely a big necessity.

        • Well then….. I wish that just once these two little ungrateful brats would, at a minimum, put on a pleasant face for the stupid little people that make it possible for them to live the life style they enjoy.

          • I think it’s just “Generation Y Frozen Face”. I’ve noticed a lot of young girls have it, and speak with a fried out “bored’ voice, i.e., Scarlett Johansson. It’s supposed to be a ‘seen it all, did it all, been it all.” attitude but it doesn’t really work until your about seventy, and really have seen it all, did it all, been it all.

  8. nellyq

    gag!! The Daily Mail especially got off on those “silver shoes. . .”

    • oh yeah…. LOL …. 😀
      could they have gushed more /

  9. Here we go….delivering “our” Christmas tree. MO forgets where she lives…..she can have one of the other “54 trees”, but that one is “ours” for “our house”. We pay for her extravagances.

  10. Dembiciles forgot to mention this piece of news…have to read the foreign press to get the nuts and bolts of Kerry’s “agreement” with Iran.

  11. Last night, 20/20 aired Barbara Walters’ kissy-poo interview with Barack and Michelle Obama that only ended because Walters ran out of ChapStick. During the interview, Michelle Obama proved that she can be devastatingly funny.

    “He keeps his promises”….. with his fingers crossed behind his back….between the two, I don’t know who is the biggest liar…

  12. Secret Service agent book on the toxicity of government is 13 on the NYT bestseller list…..
    “Bongino’s “Life Inside the Bubble: Why a Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away From It All,” published by WND Books, is ranked No. 13 on the e-book non-fiction list….”

  13. well, that went well for some….. LOL 😀

    – “My family is drunk and screaming at each other about Obamacare.”
    – “Family fighting over Obamacare. lol here we go.”
    – “Yay! Inevitable Obamacare extended family argument time!”
    – “Arguing about Obamacare and social media at the dinner table…. I’m so done wow can I sleep now?”
    – “Oh no. Someone brought up health insurance and obamacare and now theres lots of yelling.”
    – “Everybody’s drunk and yelling at eachother about obamacare and its not even 5 yet.”

    But Obamacare chatter at the dinner table didn’t just lead to misery. For some, there was family unity … but not in the way Dems intended:

    – “We held a family vote on Obama Care and we were unanimous in being “agin” it. First time we’ve all agreed on anything.”
    – “Followed obama’s advice to discuss #obamacare during turkey dinner. Family consensus was obama is worst Pres in US history.”
    – “Well we sat down as a family and all talked about the failure of #obamacare today at dinner. Thats what we were supposed to do, right?”
    – “We discussed #Obamacare at Thanksgiving dinner. We all still agree that it sucks.”
    – “The only remotely liberal family member at Thanksgiving dinner today didn’t say a word in defense of Obamacare. Sorry, @OFA.”
    – “Here was our conversation about O’care at dinner; Obamacare sucks, now please pass the mashed potatoes” – “#Obamacare talk w family went better then expected. They all agreed ACA should be repealed!!”
    – “We discussed obamacare over dinner as we were instructed. First time this family has been in total agreement about anything. Obamacare SUCKS”

    Read more:

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