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Merry Christmas Birdies

I will be busy for a few days, as many of you will also be. So, from my Jewish/Catholic/Protestant/Buddhist family have a very Merry Christmas. No matter how or with whom you celebrate;
Christmas_Nativity_37The reason for the season is perfectly clear and has an effect on believers and non-believers alike.

The powerful and enduring story that God gave his only Son so that men and women can have the gift of eternal life cannot be refuted by billboards, mocking displays or even lawsuits, because there’s something deep in the human heart that says it’s all true. Our holiday wish is that everyone — believers and unbelievers alike — feel the warmth and comfort of the Christmas effect. And to our atheist friends, God bless you.


  1. Well dadmmit! I just spent fifteen minutes writing a nice post about feeling bad that I didn’t get over here yesterday and wish Lynn and all the Birdies, past and present, a Very Merry Christmas! Whooosh…I must have done something wrong, because it just went poof. So, I will return to Cape Code genealogy…I’m almost ready to submit my application to the Mayflower Society. What fun!! Wishing all the Happiest of a New Year!!!

  2. i just got my ability to post back after a month. For some reason, none of my passwords were working.
    Happy Holidays, Birdies!

    • We missed you! A Happy New Year right back atcha!!

    • Wondered about that…for some reason Yahoo refuses my password and account….no great loss but it is strange.

  3. Waiting for 2012

    I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas and a good New Year’s!

  4. Happy new year Lynn and all the Birdettes. I look forward to reading your blog (and the awesome comments from the Birdettes) every day. I wish nothing but the best to all of you this year!

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