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Hustlers, Whores and Inequality

It’s now official, Dingy Harry is BO’s whore in the Senate. He’s been called a “tyrant” but, ‘whore’ is a much better word to describe the Senate majority leader. He’s so afraid of any success by R-words, he would rather keep Americans out of work and on the government dole to let anything they propose come to the floor for a vote. He has sabotaged the Senate at every single opportunity. Remember Reid saying how much he despised the “unwashed masses” (us) as they tour DC in the summer months. He would prefer we all sink under the massive overreach of BO and his archaic ideology than to see any in the opposition get credit. It is pathetic that “Party” and “Progressive Ideology” trump a jobs bill and employment. As for BO, he is nothing more than a street hustler and con using the word “inequality” to rob the middle classes blind.  The Primal Bitch of Income Inequality

Like a Tropical Vortex spinning America into a veritable Golgotha of debt and malaise, “The One” has at last come down to us from Mauna Kea with fiery putter in hand. But despite all the manic fanfare heralded by the auspices of swooning damsels and tingling legs, it turns out that Prophet Obama’s 2014 economic prescription calls for more of the same baleful “hair of the dog” from now till 2016, or Doomsday — whichever cometh first.

Ever since he descended from the third heaven on a rainbow in 2008, Obama’s procrustean answer for all that ails America has been an unflinching dose of Keynesian strychnine poisoning……[snip]

Barack Obama, a political character so naturally predisposed to the art of wielding the hammer of equality, perhaps wonders why it is so monumentally difficult to govern that intransigent half of America who burns white hot for his dissolution. The sage Victor Davis Hanson has put the answer bluntly: “History has shown that a government’s redistribution of shrinking wealth, in preference to a private sector’s creation of new sources of it, can prove more destructive than even the most deadly enemy.” Mr. Obama, we think that enemy happens to be you.

Proof positive of the absolute failure of BO’s pie-in-the-sky economic policies are found in the Census Bureau’s annual population estimates. Population Declining in States With Relatively High Dependence on Government.

We are officially a police state. That’s what  NSA official Bill Binney said about NSA collection of data. Of course BO said he didn’t know a thing about the spying and data collection. Really? OMG, for being the most brilliant all knowing Prezzy to have ever graced the White House, he is so uninformed and ignorant,  that’s  according to his aides.

President Obama doesn’t merely claim ignorance of the IRS’ targeting of politically conservative groups or the Department of Justice’s targeting of journalists: according to The New York Times, Obama was also ignorant of the extent of NSA surveillance. According to the Times, “aides said Mr. Obama was surprised to learn after leaks by Edward J. Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor, just how far the surveillance had gone.” David Plouffe, Obama’s advisor, said, “Things seem to have grown at the NSA. I think it was disturbing to most people, and I think he found it disturbing.”

President Obama has repeatedly claimed ignorance on scandals plaguing his administration.

Want to understand what the dumbing down of America has produced? Look no further than the White House. Sitting in the Oval Office is possibly the most ignorant uninformed man that has ever been voted into that office….by his own admission and, those who work for him. I totally agree with them! Turns out BO, who railed against Bush for NSA spying and ‘drone wars’, has turned out to be Bush on steroids. The next time the media talks about ‘dumb’ Preezies, they really need to stop making excuses and add Obama’s name to that list…and put it at the very top. As for inequality, Cruz puts it very simply;

The essence of irresponsibility is seeing a harm, seeing the facts and refusing to act. What else do we know? We know that Obamacare is killing jobs all across the country. Indeed, Obamacare is the biggest job killer in this nation.

The U.S. Chamber of commerce has said of small businesses impacted by the employer mandate, one half of small businesses say they will either cut hours to reduce full-time employees or replace full-time employees with part-time workers to avoid the mandate.

24% say they reduced hiring to under 50 workers. The President has been talking about income inequality. This exacerbates income inequality, this is why the rich have gotten richer under president Obama but the people who are struggling, young people, Hispanics, single moms, people like my dad who 56 years ago washed dishes for 50 cents an hour as a teenaged immigrant. Those are the people laid off because of Obamacare. 

Income inequality is increasing and, Mr. President, what have the Senate Majority Leader and Senate Democrats done to protect Americans from Obamacare? The answer is simple. Nothing

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    • This whole MO’s 50th is great–judging by the whoopla, she’s the first FLOTUS ever to turn 50 while living in the Big White…….here’s the first pic we’ve seen since she returned from her vacation earlier this week…yup, her Christmas vacay lasted until the middle of January. Anyway…something looks different, but…she looks different, doesn’t she?

      • Things like that never occur to me until after the fact. My bald uncle always joked that someday he was going to leave town for a month, and come back with a new head of hair, when we’ve all forgotten he was bald, but the plastic surgery ‘vacation’ always flies right over my head.

        I’m glad she’s okay with ‘someday in the future doing botox and plastic surgery”. I’m sure she’ll let us know when that day comes, yes?

      • I’m with Tanna…..needed some work….

  1. “One thing Mrs. Obama tends not to do as much as previous first ladies is travel. There is still time.”

    Speaking of hustlers…..

  2. President KnowNothing…..more ignorance, different day

    Critics say the shift in Obama’s language reflects an incoherent foreign policy in the region that has veered from promoting democracy to prioritizing security.

    “The president has clearly shown that political convenience governs his approach to democracy and human rights in the Middle East,” said David Adesnik, a visiting national security fellow at the American Enterprise Institute who has studied democracy promotion, in an email. “He ignored the subject as a candidate, then, at the high point of the Arab Spring, he declared that freedom was a ‘top priority’ of U.S. foreign policy.”

    “Yet just two years later, he pointedly told the United Nations that democracy and human rights are not one of our ‘core interests’ in the region,” he added. “The bottom line is that Obama has no strategic vision that integrates our principles with our security.”

    He has been “incoherent” since his first run as Preezy, stayed “incoherent” during his first term, continues to be “incoherent” to this day. When has he ever made anything close to a coherent remark…..

  3. LOL 😀 ….sounds like a plan

    “But this marriage is more than a private affair. Mrs. Obama has taken on a prominent political role, and is a public player in the political strategies of the Obama presidency. Should the Obamas part ways, I encourage Mrs. O to write a series of tell-alls, earning a substantial fortune of her own in the process.”

    Read more:

    • She’s going to have to write a sting of bestsellers if she wants to eat shark fin soup and shop on top of the Hoover Dam. There’s some deep austerity coming, and she’s not going to be FLOTUS forever.
      I actually read Bill Clinton’s and George Bush’s White House books, but let’s face it, those are two men that ultimately had a sense of humor about themselves, and knew they were only human. I’m sorry, but I have a feeling that reading FLOTUS Obama’s auto would be like listening to my sister over coffee. Everything is everyone else’s fault- I got the blame for raising her kids wrong.

  4. Yeah, we can absolutely trust all Islamists…absolutely

    This was a person that purposely climbed a six-foot fence with three or four layers of barbed wire on top,” Henning said.

    United Water officials said they have no idea why Mohamed did it, but are now looking at ways to tighten up security, Putney reported.

    Manalapan police announced Friday afternoon that Mohamed is being charged with fourth-degree criminal trespassing and may face additional charges as the investigation continues, CBS 2′s Steve Langford reported.

  5. Uh-oh, not looking good for Obamacare or incompetent Preezy….all his hustling and lying for naught…and the hundreds of millions to pay incompetent people (fired by the Canadian gov) to build a non-working website for an incompetent indolent Preezy.

    The document said officials realized in December that the need to bring on Accenture was so urgent that there was no time to go through the “full and open competition process” before awarding them with a $91 million contract.

    “There is limited time to build this functionality and failure to deliver…by mid-March 2014 will result in financial harm to the government,” the document says.

  6. Chicago is looking hopeful….*snicker*……
    “One of the attendees, Kyle Turner, 36, of North Center, found he qualified for Medicaid, which the law expanded to low-income people without children. He said he went to the event because after quitting his job, he thought an expensive COBRA plan was his only option.

    “If I wasn’t getting it for free, I probably would have tried some other alternative route or just gone to the clinic,” Turner said. “I don’t have a job, so it’s not a matter of wanting or not wanting to pay; I can’t get blood from a stone.”

    Rolando Berrios, 28, of Lake View, who was at Truman on Wednesday, made similar comments about Medicaid: “It’s free. That’s the first thing.””

    I recognize Caravagio….and the Flemish style…Tanna will like this one.

    • That is wild, thank you.

      In Obamaland, Obama again brings up his imaginary son, saying he would not want him to play football. I wish men with all daughters wouldn’t do this. I’ve seen fathers with all girls be glad that he has all daughters, and the girls grew up so confidently. On the other hand, I’ve met with daughters very aware that their father thought them sub-par, it always seems to hurt them deeply.

      • Thanks for the h/t 🙂

      • My father forgot to tell me I was a second class citizen….spent my youth going everywhere with him… a sidekick…LOL….he was my BFF

  8. Waiting for 2012

    Not to change the subject, but I’m sooo sick and tired of having to see the sidebar thing about Moo’s “style guide” on my local news station website. Every time I go there to see how much of that global warming-induced white junk we’re supposed to get, I have to see that face looking at me…:-):!/weather/video/Forecast–Snow-Totals-Increase/241261381 (lower right)

    I think we all could write a “style guide” for her! 😉

  9. There are so many photos of Obama lately where, I wouln’t call it pouting, but he’s turning the corners of his mouth way down, like Barney Fife on a serious mission.
    Why is he doing this? It’s a terrible face to make in public. It’s worse when he’s doing it while looking down his nose. He knows the public can see this, because many times the face is made in a public forum.
    He mustn’t pout, it looks churlish.
    Will the agent that’s watching this site please pass this info on?

  10. Watching the documentary “Mitt” on Netflix. There isn’t a rousing soundtrack, nor slick camera tricks, it’s just following a campaign.
    Mitt is gosh darned plain and MidWestern, no flash and has no celebrity entourage, but he seems solid and honest.
    During the debate sequence, I recalled how small the problems were at that time, and how much worse things have gotten.
    I found myself thinking of the people in Hamilton! Ohio, that were caught voting multiple times. I want to ask them, “Now that many of your friends and family have no supper on their table, was it worth it for you to ‘win’?”
    Those cheaters cost us a lot.

    • Yep, those people in Hamilton County showed us…. asshats that they are.

  11. You forgot the ! In Hamilton! And in Asshats! Haha.
    What city would do that to themselves? It guarantees mockery for life.

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