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D-words in big time trouble

BO in deep waterEven WaPo is suggesting they have a big disadvantage mostly due to BO and Obamacare. If BO refuses to deal with KPL, their days will be numbered.  2014 Senate races may be a referendum on Obama; if so, Democrats should worry

Obama is deeply unpopular — with a disapproval rating higher than 55 percent — in five states: West Virginia (67.3 percent disapproval), Montana (60.9 percent), South Dakota (59.3 percent), Arkansas (57 percent) and Alaska (55.4 percent).

Beyond those five seats, there is a second tier of states where the president’s disapproval rating stands somewhere between 50 percent and 55 percent, including: Iowa (50.1 percent disapproval), New Hampshire (50.2 percent), North Carolina (50.4 percent), Colorado (51.2 percent) and Louisiana (53.9 percent

Trying to escape the WONs is nearly impossible. Puppy Bowl X

This year’s historic tenth Puppy Bowl proved its impeccable pedigree with a showcase of animal aptitude that went beyond all the trophies and ribbons. This special event brought out celebrities such as First Lady Michelle Obama, The Muppets, and perma-kitten / internet celebrity Lil Bub. The talented Keyboard Cat tickled the ivories through the Bissell Kitty Halftime Show, and members of the New York’s Police K9 Unit were on-paw to salute first-responders during the National Anthem. Meep the Bird was there once again to tweet out all the excitement on the field, while kitties sat perched on skybox seats and penguin cheerleaders led the wave. Puppy Bowl X also took time to look back at pups from the past, including Puppy Bowl IX MVP Marta.

One big event during the show seemed eerily familiar to sports fans, when the lights went out in the stadium. Dogs can see in the dark five times better than what a human can, but still, doggone it, we want to see the fur fly too! Luckily, a crew of hamsters jumped in and spun the wheels to get power going again for the fourth quarter. Loren tied a Puppy Bowl record with four touchdown runs. Also, for the first time in Puppy Bowl history, a Field Goal was scored when Shyla booted a ball past the uprights with her paw. Still, perhaps the most memorable moment of the show wasn’t about terriers running touchdowns or White House residents leading a Funky Chicken dance …

Yes, there she was in all her “toned and fit” glory….MO doing the funky chicken. Those people (BO and MO) are hard to escape. I certainly hope the WONs do not think they have a “forever home” in Big White.

It is becoming so tiresome to hear and see them droning on about “them” and their sycophants in the LSM lapping it up like a bunch of groupies.

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  1. ..and now you know the rest…

    U.S. intelligence agencies last week urged the Obama administration to check its new healthcare network for malicious software after learning that developers linked to the Belarus government helped produce the website, raising fresh concerns that private data posted by millions of Americans will be compromised.

    The intelligence agencies notified the Department of Health and Human Services, the agency in charge of the network, about their concerns last week. Specifically, officials warned that programmers in Belarus, a former Soviet republic closely allied with Russia, were suspected of inserting malicious code that could be used for cyber attacks, according to U.S. officials familiar with the concerns.

    The software links the millions of Americans who signed up for Obamacare to the federal government and more than 300 medical institutions and healthcare providers.

    “The U.S. Affordable Care Act software was written in part in Belarus by software developers under state control, and that makes the software a potential target for cyber attacks,” one official said.

  2. Well, nice to know I’m not alone in the BO/MO leave-me-the-hell-alone Fan Club 😀

    Some Twitter users were not amused with Mrs. Obama’s appearance. One user opined, “Michelle Obama your anti fat propaganda is not welcome in my puppy bowl!!!”

    “Michelle Obama uses the puppy bowl as an ad for her get healthy movement,” said another. “Now another great American tradition is ruined. #ThanksObama”

    Experts have said Mrs. Obama’s campaign to get Americans to drink one more glass of water per day is based on faulty science.

    • Yep.
      I always turn on the puppy bowl due to my dog’s reaction, he barks and runs around.
      I saw That Old Girl, and was like, “That’s enough. Let’s go outside in the snow. It’s less a pain in the butt.”
      Puppy Bowl got switvhed off mighty fast.

      • The FFA and her thunder thighs irk me to no end….and that phony “Hiiiii!

  3. Nice to know “adults” are still running things /……twitter? really?

  4. Good choice for Waxman’s seat….she’s as delusional as he is

  5. I am so pleased….aren’t you? IRS employees get bonuses for “work well done”….

    Agency officials said they will pay $43.4 million to employees represented by labor unions and $19.1 million to other employees, for a total of $62.5 million in bonuses for 2013.

    Read more:

  6. Federal prosecutors in revolt? The federal prosecutors’ revolt against Holder — the letter…

  7. HA!!!!! All I can say is that all the negative polls, comments and pure anger and hatred for zero and mooch couldn’t be directed to a more deserving couple. Maybe I’m mixing metaphors or getting anecdotes mixed up (not awake yet) but karma’s a bitch/what goes around comes around. I think the anger of the American people is going to get worse day by day. I think it was SrDem? who posted (on motus?white house dossier?) something to the effect that there is a strong undercurrent of pure anger in this country, and while the lsm keeps saying everything is ok, the undercurrent is getting stronger and stronger each day.
    OT but Lynn what to do you think about the CBO posting their report that obamacare will cause 2.5 million people to lose their jobs? I heard on the Roger Hedgecok radio show yesterday that he thinks that the CBO report will be the nail in the coffin of o’care. (Sorry if you posted something about that elsewhere,again I’m not fully awake yet….). Have a great day Lynn and the Birdies!

    • Correction…..the line about the undercurrent was stated by Bettyangelo on motus, about the 3rd comment at the beginning of yesterday’s post.

    • I think the CBO report is a stake through the heart of the bloodsucking vampire known as Obamacare… will just take time for it to die its slow deserving death.
      I was floored!

  8. Did anyone see part of the presser yesterday after the CBO report? We now have “choices” that we should be thrilled about….according to the idiot that took Carney’s place, we can all follow that “dream” and never have to work or worry….I was floored! They really are that stupid in spite of the ivy league degrees.

    The Harvard educated Furman used a hypothetical of an individual who may elect to work 35 hours a week instead of 60 hours a week to garner a greater subsidy or be eligible for Medicaid, thus purportedly making that individual better off.

  9. Waaaay off topic….”firsts” are the best freebies

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