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SodaStream and other ignorance

The left is so far out in left field they would rather see 500 Palestinians and Israelis unemployed than to support the job makers that provide living wage jobs to both. Yep, it’s come to that. So, in support of those who choose to work instead of being on the dole, we will be purchasing a SodaStream.

DeBlasio is boycotting the St. Pat’s Day parade. The organizers have refused to allow “Gay Pride” signs to be carried in the parade. What does “Gay Pride” have to do with St. Patricks’ day?

BO whines so much about so much….everyone who disagrees with his ignorance is being “unfair”. Did history begin and end with the Whiner-in-Chief?, the thin skinned Whiner-in-Chief and his sycophantic dullards in the LSM think so.

O’REILLY – But if I’m unfair, I want —

PRESIDENT OBAMA [OVERLAP] – Here’s what — here’s the thing you guys — here’s what you guys are gonna have to figure out is what are — what are you gonna do when I’m gone?

What are they going to do when he’s gone?

We’ll celebrate his leaving by going to Disney World…gonna get very crowded there.

Talk about ignorance, again the left outdoes itself, this time by the NAACP and the African-American Forum. They are very good at destroying the livelihood of those they claim to be helping. Ignorance on full display, offering nothing.

Community Organizers Chase Trader Joe’s Out of Portlandia

Hours after Trader Joe’s pulled out, PAALF leaders arrived at a previously scheduled press conference trying to process what just happened. The group re-issued demands that the now-cancelled development include affordable housing, mandated jobs based on race, and a small-business slush fund. Instead, the only demand being met is two fallow acres and a lot of anger from the people who actually live nearby.

“All of my neighbors were excited to have Trader Joe’s come here and replace a lot that has always been empty,” said Nghi Tran. “It’s good quality for poor men.” Like many residents, Tran pins the blame on PAALF. “They don’t come to the neighborhood cleanups,” he said. “They don’t live here anymore.”

“There are no winners today,” said Adam Milne, owner of an area restaurant. “Only missed tax revenue, lost jobs, less foot traffic, an empty lot and a boulevard still struggling to support its local small businesses.” The store was to be built by a local African American-owned construction company.

obama-incompetence well, can he?

Definition of stupid; giving six more government contracts to the company that screwed up Obamacare…..but, that is exactly what was done.  The definition of crazy: CGI gets more government work after Obamacare flop

Considering the fact that CGI has cost the American taxpayer at least a half a billiion dollars in worthless product, perhaps – just a suggestion – they should have been banned for life from working on any federal contracts every again.
The really offensive part of this ignorance;
 But the idea that CMS, a division of Kathleen Sebelius’ Department of Health and Human Services, would cancel its other pending contracts with CGI “does not reflect the relationship that CGI has with CMS,” a CGI spokesman told TheDC.
Email proves conservative’s worse suspicions….. yep, they went there collusion of the worst kind to stifle free speech.
 IRS’s Lerner, Treasury Department secretly drafted new rules to restrict nonprofits
May as well have a major cartel in charge……they also try to destroy anyone who gets in their way.
open thread….


  1. The document, an email from Treasury Department tax policy attorney Ruth Madrigal to a group of IRS officials including the disgraced Lois Lerner.

    ‘Don’t know who in your organizations is keeping tabs on c4s,’ Madrigal wrote, quoting an election law blog and referring to the 501(c)(4) tax-exempt groups that were the subject of the tea party targeting scandal, ‘but since we mentioned potentially addressing them (off plan) in 2013, I’ve got my radar up and this seemed interesting.’

    House Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Dave Camp insisted Wednesday that Madrigal’s note indicated that new regulations were planned as a ‘remedy to the target[ing]’ back in 2011 and 2012. ‘I’m pretty sure [off-plan] means “hidden from the public”,’ he said.

    Read more:

  2. More fraud and deception….brought to you by BO and his “orders”

    At least 70 percent of asylum applications showed signs of fraud, according to a secret 2009 internal government audit that found many of those cases had been approved anyway.

    Read more:

  3. From the Telegraph…not exactly a right wing publication
    “Obama’s dangerous game on Iran is now becoming clear”

  4. No doubt, a traitor….

    Thornberry did say that lawmakers “left the briefing disturbed and angered” after hearing that the leaks by the former Booz Allen Hamilton employee “went well beyond programs associated with the NSA and data collection.”

    He characterized the leaks as so severe that they “compromise military capability and defense of the country” and “could cost lives” — while they “will certainly cost billions to repair.”

    “His actions were espionage, plain and simple,” Thornberry said.

    Armed Services Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) read his statement rather than making comments on the fly “because of the seriousness of this issue and the sensitivity” of the information they’d just heard.

    “Ed Snowden isn’t a whistleblower; he’s a traitor,” McKeon said.

  5. The UN needs to clean up its own backyard……..their freaking “peacekeepers” are notorious for raping women and children, especially in African Nations.

    “The UN has gone full prog in its brazen assault on Catholic doctrine, an assault that also hits millions of Protestants as collateral damage. If you’re pro-life and/or don’t want the definition of marriage messed with, the United Nations targets you and demands that you change your ways.”

  6. Try watching a spate of 80’s movies with young adults today, and you’ll see what we’ll do without you, Obama.

    We’re not talking only John Hughes films, my sister’s kids and I watched a myriad of coming to age films from the 80’s. They remarked during the movies, “Omigod, look at the clothes! These people take vacations. How can they spend like that? How can they afford cars?”
    Those youngsters made it seem like I lived like Bertie Wooster in my youth, then I realized that I did compared to how young adults live today.

    There’s nothing for them out there today. Kids today might someday learn about Ronald Reagan and Morning in America.

    • The left doesn’t believe in fun….or scrapped knees either.

  7. Carole

    Does anyone else think that Obama was stoned while being interviewed over his reasons for not attending the Winter Olympics in Russia?

    • I didn’t watch him. I simply cannot do it anymore. I used to turn the sound down and read the closed caption, but lately he’s been making such odd faces…

  8. Ahh…the good ol’ days…MO’s gown… “The top went over a blue silk faille corset and long skirt with a train that billowed behind the first lady as she walked with President Barack Obama. Hee, hee…”billowed behind her?”
    I’m sure there’s a better picture out there…this is the best I could do:

    • Why do her clothes always look unfinished and rushed? The seams of the skirt are unpressed. How does a designer sew an entire skirt without pressing one seam? It would have certainly made the gown lay better and be more flattering.
      This is up there with the jacket that had a reversed dart. Simple high school mistakes being made in couture clothing.

    • I think the top part of the dress was lovely. The black lace over the fitted cornflower blue was really pretty and the neckline, fit of the bodice and the lace sleeves were very flattering on mooch. I think the color of the skirt was very pretty but all that excess fabric was too much and didn’t look right at all. Maybe the huge skirt and excess material would have looked better on a slimmer woman but I thought that part of the dress was hideous with mooch’s physique. And IMO she looked irritated to be there. She looked like she was scowling and totally disinterested and couldn’t care less about the dinner. And I thought she could have worn a brighter lipstick to give some color and life to her face.
      OT but did you hear that San Diego just elected a republican mayor? He won by about 10% I think. That despite the federal union goons spending over $4 million on his opponent. Just putting this out there…….could it be that people are finally waking up in this country and seeing how bad things have gotten under dem leadership and are now seeing how important fiscal responsibility and outrageous and unsustainable public worker pension reform is? Could this election be a forecast/good omen for what’s to come this country and could we be starting to turn things around? Apparently SD is the only city in CA that has repub mayor. A lot of other CA cities have been run into the ground under the dems, with San Bernardino and Stockton coming to mind. I sure hope that this is the beginning of a new trend of people waking up and seeing the horrible destruction under the dems are now realizing that is the wrong way to run government, both local and national.

      • hahah! A Republican in CA! Bet he stands out.

    • and it apparently cost we the people who pay taxes $12,000. since I am willing to bet that that expense got shuffled into miscellanious on the debit side of the ledger.

      • Also–what’s with that wig? It looks like SWMBO just popped it on Her head without looking in the mirror!

        • Since it’s our dress, can we ask them not to ship them to the White House all rolled up in a duffel bag?

    • There is a very unfortunate video out there with a rear view shot that words fail me to describe. . .

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