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‘Perception’ is everything

MO and BO don’t seem to understand that one. Some in the media are finding it most difficult to “defend” BO’s lawlessness when it comes to changing “settled law”. Over 60% of the population absolutely perceive BO as a “liar” and a “crony capitalist” sucking the life out of the middle classes. His socialist policies have done nothing to spur the economy. He stubbornly sticks to policies that are outdated and do absolutely nothing to move the economy forward. Heavy handed regulations that favor his cronies to the detriment of all of society (think Keystone and Warren Buffet). Is it any wonder the LSM is having a hard time defending him? His pompous attitude came shining through when he told Hollande “I’m the President, I can do anything I want to do”. That would include changing Obamacare 28 times to fit a political agenda. He knows as the “first black President” he can pretty much get away with anything because……racism. He uses the color of his skin as political clout with the help of the Progs in Congress and the LSM. He’s a horrible President, thin skinned and ugly.

MO doesn’t get ‘perception’ either, wearing a $12,000 dress to wine and dine Hollande of France.
MO - Hollande

A picture is worth a thousand words. With millions of Americans unemployed/underemployed, ostentation is not a very good idea. Every single event seems to call for a new gown, a very expensive one to be sure. Of course, none of her other gowns would have fit with the Monet themed  dinner.

Michelle Obama’s lust for luxury has always been a bit of a problem for her husband and Democrats in general. Jetting off to five star resorts with a large entourage has too much dissonance with the rhetoric denouncing inequality currently in favor with the left.

Speaking of Stunning Insensitivity, ” millions of Americans are mired in unemployment, underemployment, and hopelessness. So in the face of all this, Michelle Obama has chosen to tweet on the FLOTUS twitter account a picture of her dogs dining on china and crystal:”MO tweet
MO is as tone deaf as BO.

It’s good to be Queen;

UPDATE:  Feeling somewhat cheered today…Ray *rat b*****d* Nagin is guilty of 20 out of 21 corruption counts. San Diego, yes that one in CA, has elected a R-word as their new mayor. Now that is some “hope and change”.

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  1. Yep, the ‘needy’ MO dressed to fit the theme …gown noted as “French Blue”……

    After the leaders meet on Tuesday, the White House has invited about 350 guests to a state dinner honoring Hollande. It is only the seventh such gala hosted by Obama and his wife Michelle since they moved into the White House in 2009.

    Guests will meet the Obamas and Hollande in the Blue Room, decorated with Parisian-made gilded sofas and chairs ordered for the room in 1817 by then-President James Monroe.

    “Paris was the center of high-style culture,” White House curator Bill Allman told reporters.

    Guests will take small trolleys across the South Lawn to the tent, which will be transformed into a spring-like scene inspired by Claude Monet’s Water Lilies paintings, with quince branches in full bloom, irises, blue agapanthus and lilies

    • Added thought…. bet she had no idea who Monet was until this State Dinner.

  2. Oh nooooooes…..Mrs. O blog is ending….

    “Over the past year, my personal and professional circumstances have changed such that I cannot devote the same time and attention to the blog that I once could.”

    Must be out looking for a real job, especially since BO has given so many people the “opportunity” to be lazy and indolent.

  3. Carole

    I thought MO’s dress was more fitting for a huge southern gala. Her winter garden? When has old MO been around to attend to a garden? Bet it was garden greens grown in the kitchen by White House staff members. I still say old BO was stoned on the interview as to why he was attending the Olympic opening ceremony or games.

    • What’s with SWMBO’s wig? The hair around Her forhead, which I think is Her own looks like it has been shaved and the wig is plopped on, not covering the frizz in front. Doesn’t She EVER look in a mirror?

      • It doesn’t look like a full wig, more like what was called a ‘fall’. The video at the link shows it a little closer. It does look strange…maybe her hairdresser told her it was sophisticated. lol 😀

    • An attempt to embarrass Putin….which did not work.
      MO only shows up in “The Garden of Good and Evil” when it’s time for a photo-op. Love that designation from MOTUS. LOL 😀

    • I’m with you on BO’s TV appearance…droopy eyelids and a little slurred speech kinda gave it away. Here’s a little clip on the preparation for the dinner. I saw a pic somewhere…a few itsy bitsy veggies in a terrarium…I couldn’t believe it. Yup it was the salad…it appears about half way through the clip. (How the hell do you eat that?) I can’t imagine the amount of work these folks go thru for dinner for 350!
      (Sorry it’s NBC, it was the only place I could find…)

      • The caramelized sugar bowl to look like marble and the flowers made of sugar, cotton candy, etc;, who eats all that sugar?

    • LOL 😀 ….comments are brutal…

  4. Carole

    I think te gown is way “too much fabric.” I read a blog that stated it was an Oprah kind of dress to cover up body lumps.

    • Oprah kind of dress to cover up body lumps.
      OMG! O does wear those kind of gowns. LOL 😀
      The upper portion of the dress is pretty….the back looks positively elephantine.

  5. I don’t know how many of you enjoy Blackadder, but that dress is reminding me of the Prince’s (Hugh Laurie) enormous pants that he wore as a fashion statement.

  6. This says it all…MO’s dress $12,000….US poverty level $11,490…..any wonder these two are becoming so despised and being ridiculed for whining about “inequality”? The First Diva and her ostentation makes a mockery of everything this country stands for.

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