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“Uncontested Arrival”

If Putin isn’t stopped and doesn’t remove his “uncontested arrival” in the Ukraine, other Eastern European countries are also in danger. He will not stop there. Obama’s “flexibility” after the 2012 election ends. Time to be inflexible and step all over Putin and his accomplices. No negotiations, pay the price, make the oligarchs shriek with economic pain. Western nations begin cutting economic ties with Russia over Ukraine

 Russian stock markets Monday crashed almost 10 percent and the ruble plunged to historic lows in value against the dollar and euro, as alarm grew over the potentially disastrous economic consequences of military intervention in Ukraine.

Russia’s central bank hiked its main interest rate in an emergency move to stem capital flight and the losses for the ruble, amid what risks becoming at least Russia’s worst economic crisis since 2009. …

Obama emboldened Putin by backing down on the missile defense system in Poland and Czechoslovakia so Hill-babe could have that “re-set photo-op. Putin playing chess, Obama playing marbles

 I think it’s really the naive position on the National Security Council and the president’s advisors that if we just keep giving things to Russia, they’ll finally wake up and say, boy, the United States isn’t all that bad. That is completely missing the motivations of why Russia does what Russia does. And, again, they have an interest in expanding their buffer zones by influence — I don’t think by Russian occupation — but by influence in cases like the Crimea, I think Moldova next, and other places that it’s in their interest to continue to push out that buffer zone. And, by the way, the big one that started this was the absolute retreat on our missile defense system in Poland and Czechoslovakia. It caused huge problems for our allies and emboldened the Russians, and it really has been a downhill slide.

Every single thing BO touches turns out badly for someone. Every. Single. Thing.  Magical thinking on foreign policy, BO walked right into it

Michael Singh, a former national security staffer, wrote in the Washington Post that the administration chose not to see a whole series of oncoming freight trains.

In Venezuela … in Syria … in Ukraine …” the administration ignored the obvious signs of trouble. “What contingency planning would have counseled, was … taking early, proactive steps to head off crises. In each case, the chosen policy has seemed designed to minimize risk and cost in the short run — but at the expense of greater costs in the long run. We have stood by as crises have deepened and problems grown harder to solve, and our prestige has waned accordingly.

To see it coming would have invalidated the fundamental premise of Obama’s foreign policy: that the train line was unobstructed; that he could talk to people he now knows he can’t talk to. For a while the deal making seemed too almost too good to be true and Obama marketed his “opportunities” and “investments” with almost evangelical zeal.  Even now Obama plans to tell Benjamin Netanyahu that time is running out for Israel to make a deal with the Palestinians.  One of those magic deals Kerry’s negotiated, like the one with Syria. He is figuring to tell the Israeli prime minister he had better buy now while supplies last or miss the deal of the century, the deal of a lifetime!  Maybe he even plans to exhibit all the notices he’s received from his “partners for peace” about how close he is to grabbing the Big Brass Ring.

It’s almost too sad to watch.  As the Washington Post editorial board just headlined, “President Obama’s foreign policy is based on fantasy”. And that’s a verbatim quote.

“Hope and Change” is not a good political philosophy. While some may argue about Putin’s mental stability, and they are, it’s always been his mindset. He is old school KGB. That tells us all we need to know. The greatest tragedy for Putin was the break-up of the Soviet Union, and he wants it back. Putin, unlike BO, is playing the long game….BO is just playing.



  1. “If he believes it, it must be so”…..a must read….from a Goldberg interview with BO….

  2. The key Russian economic leverage is energy, particularly natural gas. Obama should ask Congress immediately to remove the ban on exporting U.S. oil and natural gas to European markets. All arms control negotiations with Russia should be suspended and the G-8 summit
    cancelled. The U.S. assets of the Russian oligarchy should be frozen. Then Obama should make clear that there will be no more apologies.

    Time to put his big girl panties on…..but, he won’t….he lives in a make believe world in his head….

  3. Colin Powell stopped being an R-word….lost all respect for him….
    Romney was right, the talking heads were and are wrong….

    “But the worst offender was one who should have, and likely did, know better, former Secretary of State Colin Powell. The former Army general greatly entertained his MSNBC hosts with some of the most snide commentary about Romney’s observation.

    “Come on, Mitt. Think,” Powell said of Romney’s remark in May to the chuckles of host Joe Scarborough. “That isn’t the case.”

    He went on to suggest that Romney’s assessment of the threat posed by Russia was so dubious that it was possible he was being disingenuous or he was coached to make that statement.”

  4. Lame response and groping for an effective one? BO has always been lame and groping….and the media just figured that out?

    • America is forgetting that Russia plays very intense chess, so much that some Russians develop “chess vertigo”- the world becomes a chess game, and nothing matters but chess. Look it up, it’s an amazing condition.
      While Obama has been golfing, Putin has maneuvered his knights around our queen.
      The Crimean invasion is a very big gambit, lives are at stake, but perhaps our administration shouldn’t have bluffed that they were expert players when their expertise lie in olaying “Hungry Hungry Hippos”
      There are rumors around that the protests in the Ukraine were orchestrated, like our OWS.
      What is your opinion on this?

      • Sort of hard to believe it was spontaneous….. on either side….Lots of Russians in the Crimea working for Russia….I think those were orchestrated. The two factions in the Ukraine have been at loggerheads for years…in and out of Parliament.

        • Sounds familiar

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