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Our Lady of Perpetual Travel

MO is off to China on a “cultural” adventure. No press are traveling with her (total blackout?)

First Lady Michelle Obama will be accompanied by her children and her mother on her trip to China, which begins today. But she won’t be accompanied by the press.

Of course she is being defended mightily by White House sycophants

The White House is defending the first lady bringing her family along for the ride by saying ‘it’s what the Chinese would want’

How do they know what the Chinese want? None of those idiots have gotten anything right since they’ve been there.

Isn’t it convenient this “cultural” trip to China coincides with her kids spring break? What a coincidence!

News you won’t be hearing about Michelle Obama’s China junket

MOOCH won’t be meeting with any human rights activists while in China. Instead she will use that incredibly awesome “charm offensive” she is so well known for, hanging out with the ultra fabulous Chinese first lady

First Lady Michelle Obama will not meet with human rights activists during her upcoming trip to China, according to White House officials, focusing instead on gauzy, feel-good kids issues that should be PR gold for the oppressive Chinese leadership.

Does anyone actually believe this is anything but a taxpayer funded vacation? An excursion that would never be made if they were private citizens and had to pay for it themselves.

And although she will make a few speeches with reporters in the room, the picture is largely one of an expensive, taxpayer-funded tourism exercise for Mrs. Obama, her two daughters, and her mother – not the official trip the White House has projected.

Reporters are so upset…if their lips weren’t so firmly glued the media would have seen this coming. Maybe they should stop falling all over themselves and, stop treating BO and Co like they are royalty and just do their job.

“The nature of her visit is really quite different,” deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters ahead of the trip. “What the first lady really brings is the power of her own story, the power of American values.”

The White House also announced that Mrs. Obama wouldn’t field any questions from journalists she encountered in Beijing, which rankled some members of the press and the private sector, given her trip — complete with an entourage of about 70 — was still being paid for with tax dollars.

I hope the Chinese don’t believe the “power of her story”. That whole “I was born as a poor black child” narrative is mostly false. Her main problem is the chip on her shoulder in spite of all the entitlement she received. Telling the Chinese children they too can be just like her is laughable. All this is a Look-At-Me vacation paid for by taxpayers. As for her “soft diplomacy”,  As one commenter said, “Makes as much sense as Dennis Rodman  as (a)embassador to North Korea”

MO china

From WaPO….here we have MO disembarking as she “travels in style”, they’re now calling this excellent adventure a “visit”. Note the happy faces and the signature smirk on MO’s face.

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  1. I’m beginning to believe that rationalization is the Original Sin- someone doing what they know is wrong, then intellectualizing their own reasons for why what they are doing isn’t “wrong”.

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