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UPDATE: The Circus comes to town

MOM (mother of Mo) must have been tired from that long flight but, did she have to run around in a duster?

MO and Co

Don’t they look happy to be in China for this remarkable taxpayer funded not-really-a-vacation photo? But, there is trouble in paradise…..

Beijing hotel workers already ‘fed up’ with Obama entourage in 3400-square-foot, $8,350-per-night suite inconveniencing ‘pretty much everyone’ – and the first lady’s mother is ‘barking at the staff’

  • Michelle Obama, her daughters and her mother Marian Robinson are staying in a sumptuous presidential suite at a Beijing Westin hotel
  • Mrs. Robinson has been ‘barking  at the staff since she arrived,’ a hotel staffer said, adding that ‘we  can’t wait for this to be over’
  • Secret Service agents are monopolizing elevators and booting high-paying guests from their rooms to occupy a block of space near the first lady
  • Both front and back doors of the hotel are blocked off, with Chinese and U.S. security agents screening everyone who enters
  • Ordinary Chinese describe Mrs. Obama and her family as kind and gracious, but hotel staff are ‘fed up’

China is already “claiming victory” in the ultimate fashion face off.

As photographs and television footage began to emerge of Mrs Peng and Mrs   Obama touring the Chinese capital, the country’s online forums were quick to   claim victory in the “battle of the First Ladies”.

“Our First Lady is so graceful and elegant, leaving Michelle far behind,” said   one critic. “We have won this time,” remarked another. “Ours is more refined   and eye-catching,” said a third.

There was praise for Mrs Peng’s belted trouser suit, with flashes of crimson   at her neckline to match her red earrings and clutch, but some questioned   whether her high heels were sensible enough for the cobbles of the Forbidden   City. But without them, Mrs Obama would have towered over her.

Stay tuned for more on Our Lady of Perpetual Travel adventures in China. Updating as she MOOves along on her “apology tour”. This trip is supposed to make up for MO snubbing the Chinese First Lady (who actually is a lady) when Xi Jinping and his wife visited the US.

LOL funny from the People’s Cube


FLATUS is taking Satchmo and Malaria (the royal offspring) and Grandma out for
Chinese. Unlike the unwashed commoners, she will travel with the usual entourage
of dog washers, strap hangers, three jets, and the usual “U.S. Taxpayer’s
Platinum Card”, so that the cost of her enjoyment may be
distributed across the paychecks of all over whom she

Malaysian pilots familiar with the airspace have been

open thread


  1. this is like a “reality show” on TEE VEE….Keeping up with the Obamas…..only they don’t spend their own money, they spend ours….$8300 a night and 70 people in her entourage?

  2. MO lies as much as BO…even when she doesn’t have to…

    Remember last year when Michelle couldn’t find the time to fly from Washington DC to California to meet China’s first lady? Well this year, Shelley chose to fly 15 hours one way to China where Peng Liyuan cordially welcomed the woman who had shown her blatant disrespect. At any rate, Mrs. Obama did tell Peng that it was “truly an honor and a privilege” to visit China with the clan in tow.

    Then, the woman who in the last six years, usually accompanied by Mom and one or both of the kids, has been to Africa three times, Norway, Great Britain, Ireland a few times, Paris for a shopping spree, Spain, Mumbai, Jakarta, and Rio de Janeiro, actually said:

    “It’s very rare that I have the opportunity to travel outside of the United States, and it’s even more rare to have the opportunity to travel with three generations — with my daughters, and with my mother.”

  3. The Chinese staff make it sound like my mothers’ family is vacationing there.
    As a child, I remember the chaos of my aunts and their children piling into hotels and quickly making it ‘home’.
    There are just some people in the world that lack finesse and empathy for others. Loading that many people into a hotel is. Just unfair to the staff, especially if the entire group is like-minded and demanding top drawer treatment all at once.
    I suspect those young daughters are going to take a quiet vacation by themselves when they are adults, and like me, sit for a good fifteen minutes in an orderly room, without other people rushing around, and just gaze out the window at how pretty the beach really is, without someone shouting an travel agenda in their ears.

    • Ready for this one? They have a “24 hour” butler to do their bidding….M-O-M is shrew and thinks workers are beneath her. Can you imagine living next door to her after the WONS leave the WH….

      • I can see it now…a TV reality show, right up MO’s ability level. The former FLOTUS featured each week in another silly/ridiculous neighborhood dilemma. Butt in all seriousness, a suite at $8300 a night is outrageous….

        • There can’t possibly be 70 SS around….has to be others.

          • I took the 70 to mean “her” people…family, friends, handmaidens, hairdresser, costume manager, etc…I am pretty sure I saw her niece (or was it her nephew, can’t remember now) in one photo. I am sure the number of SS is top secret.

            • YEP, but, they all have “titles” or they would have to pay a stipend.

  4. Spielberg will present Obama with the Ambassador for Humanity Award…..riiiiight!
    The man god that drones innocent people, hacks our phones and computers, lets illegals walk free to kill US citizens, uses government bureaucracies against his “political enemies, divides the country using race as a weapon, signs a health care bill with death panels, turned Libya and Syria into civil war, glorifies jihadists (Muslim Brotherhood and Palestinians) gets a “humanity award” at a Gala from Spielberg….wth?

  5. I knew it! MO went there….

    And we’re living in a world where we can no longer afford to let fear keep us apart, because the truth — what I have learned, coming from the background I come from — I grew up in a little apartment on the South Side of Chicago. My parents didn’t get a chance to go to college, but they poured everything they had into me. And no one could have envisioned that a kid like me would be sitting here, having given a speech at Peking University as the First Lady of the United States.

    What. A. Liar.

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