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That First Amendment is such a nuisance. The D-words in Congress are gnashing their teeth, rending their garments and, covering themselves in ashes over the latest Supreme Court decision. They don’t like losing governmental control when it comes to even the tiniest bit of loosening the reins they hold. As with everything they do, rules and regulations, most of the benefit goes to themselves and not the people. Americans who are tired of living under the jackboot of government are consistently told to shut up.

In his decision, Roberts writes “that the First Amendment ‘is designed and intended to remove governmental restraints’ from the arena of public discussion, putting the decision as to what views should be voiced largely into the hands of each of us.” For those lamenting the decision, that is precisely the problem.

The real “War on Women”,  alive and healthy in the US, brought to you by CAIR. Shut up they said……Ayaan Hirsi Ali is in the US because a fatwa was issued, much the same as Rushdie, and she has lived in fear for her life for speaking out against Sharia laws and the genital mutilation of girls. Shame on Brandeis for caving to a misogynistic political  cult.

“When Brandeis approached me with the offer of an honorary degree, I accepted partly because of the institution’s distinguished history; it was founded in 1948, in the wake of World War II and the Holocaust, as a co-educational, nonsectarian university at a time when many American universities still imposed rigid admission quotas on Jewish students. I assumed that Brandeis intended to honor me for my work as a defender of the rights of women against abuses that are often religious in origin. For over a decade, I have spoken out against such practices as female genital mutilation, so-called ‘honor killings,’ and applications of Sharia Law that justify such forms of domestic abuse as wife beating or child beating. Part of my work has been to question the role of Islam in legitimizing such abhorrent practices. So I was not surprised when my usual critics, notably the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), protested against my being honored in this way.

CAIR has done much the same with the ‘Honor Diaries’

Isn’t it sad that Obama uses women as props for political purposes? It’s even sadder so many women fall for the useless rhetoric. The feminist movement has turned into a dour old needy hag begging sugar daddy government to make them relevant again. Democrats are losing ground in the ‘war on women’

 Democratic senators suffered a defeat Wednesday when the Paycheck Fairness Act failed for a third time. The bill would have made it illegal for companies to retaliate against employees who discuss their pay and make it easier for women to sue employers for supposed wage discrimination.

Of course, just because it’s easier to sue, doesn’t mean it’s easier to win. Proving gender-based pay discrimination is next to impossible, so the bill would have been more of a boon to trial lawyers filing frivolous lawsuits than to any woman who was actually discriminated against.

A “gift” to trial lawyers due to their “gifts” to Dems. Pretty obvious isn’t it?


Mob rule by liberals with BO’s blessing. The Community Organizer-in-Chief has used the same tactics to terrorize and shut people up.

Last week brought a chilling reminder of how mercilessly some liberals will work to silence and marginalize people who hold views with which they disagree.

In case no one’s been watching, most of our worst government autocrats have an entirely different definition of citizenship than you or I. To them, citizenship is head-down, slow march, boot-licking obeisance to everything the autocrats proclaim; and never, ever question authority, rock the boat, or even ask the autocrats to explain.

To those autocrats, anyone who violates their “rules of good citizenship” must be silenced and then disposed of, normalized or otherwise rendered “harmless” by any available means.


They aren’t “migrants”, they are illegal aliens trying to jump the border and, want the Mexican government to help them.

A group of Honduran migrants who lost arms and legs falling from dangerous people trafficking trains have asked Mexico to allow them free passage to travel the U.S. border without documents.

About a dozen migrants say they petitioned the Mexican Senate earlier in the week, asking for the the government to stop persecuting Central Americans, protect them from criminal gangs, and help fund new shelters for them to stay in as they make their way towards the U.S.

If they hadn’t tried to jump the border they wouldn’t be missing their limbs. I am so at the end of feeling sorry for these people, they feel entitled to break the law. On top of that they want other people’s money to pay for hospices so they are comfortable while breaking the laws of two countries. Just can’t make this stuff up!

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  1. Hypocrites….

    It turns out President Obama isn’t the only hypocritical Democrat, in fact Senate Democrats have their own problems when it comes to equal pay. We pulled the official payroll records of various offices and calculated the average pay for men and women in each office for the most recent 6 month period available. Since some employees only worked a portion of the six month period, we calculated how much each person was paid per day in order to give an accurate representation. Here’s what we found:
    Mark Udall pays women 91 cents for every dollar that a man makes.
    Mary Landrieu pays women 88 cents for every dollar that a man makes.
    Mark Begich pays women 82 cents for every dollar that a man makes.
    Mark Warner pays women 75 cents for every dollar that a man makes.
    Gary Peters pays women 67 cents for every dollar that a man makes.

    That means on average, these five Democrats on the ballot in battleground states pay women in their office 79 cents for every dollar made by a male employee. All Republicans support equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender or race for working families, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers. Democrats, on the other hand, don’t practice what they preach. They’re hypocrites.

  2. More “War on Womyn” ….brought to you by the letter ‘H’ for hypocrite….

    Four of the five highest paid staffers on Durbin’s staff are men, according to the analysis.

    Not a single member of the Senate Democrat leadership has a female chief of staff or communications director, the Washington Times points out.

    “A male-dominated comms leadership staff is trying desperately to start a messaging war—claiming Republicans are the ones who oppose women having more opportunity and getting paid more in the workforce?” a female senior leadership aide for a Republican told the Washington Times.

  3. The “New Inquisition”…hounding people, destroying their livelihoods, denigrating women, what’s not to love when it comes to the loony left…

    Hounding out people with different views is seen by the Left as a necessary means to achieve its supposedly noble goals — just like the Spanish Inquisitioners who claimed God was on their side as they went after religiously “incorrect” Jews, Muslims, and heretics.
    Unfortunately, the Obama administration has been part of the problem, not part of the solution. Its appointees used the once-impartial IRS against conservatives. They monitored Associated Press reporters. They denied that the NSA was eavesdropping on average citizens. They arbitrarily chose not to enforce laws they didn’t like.
    The president bragged of using “a pen and a phone” to circumvent the legislative branch, and urged his supporters to “punish our enemies.” The attorney general calls Americans who have different views from his own on matters of affirmative action “cowards.”

  4. OOOPS…

    Some lawyers say Ms. Lerner could eventually be forced to talk not only because of her statement asserting her innocence, which could be seen as a waiver of her Fifth Amendment rights, but also because she has spoken to the Justice Department for its investigation. Those lawyers said under the rules of the federal appeals court for the District of Columbia, someone cannot claim Fifth Amendment protections for one part of the government yet choose to talk about that same subject to another part of the government.

    Read more:

  5. Oh noooo…Hillary speaking in Las Vegas…woman in the audience threw a shoe at her..

  6. Sebelius resigns…..not soon enough..the rumor is the White House kept interfering and micromanaging Obamacare (no wonder it’s such a massive failure)

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