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The Japanese are freaking out over the absence of MO on BO’s latest trip to “reassure” our Asian allies of our unswerving loyalty to them. White House Dossier has the latest on the wringing of hands at this slight by our ever classy MO.

According to a report in the Christian Science Monitor, the Japanese are particularly unnerved because Michelle just spent a celebratory week touring China, Japan’s ancient enemy whose aggressive tactics helped prompt President Obama’s Asia trip in the first place. [snip]

To the Japanese, the sight of Michelle jumping rope with Chinese kids, feeding pandas, trying out tai-chi, and meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan, was more than insult added to injury. It was proof of China’s ascendency to the top rung of America’s strategic priorities and Japan’s fall to second class.


We’ll be able to get another glimpse at the acting abilities of MO when she has a cameo on ‘Nashville’.

She has already made an appearance as herself on the hit comedy Parks and Recreation, in the fictional setting of Pawnee.

But now, Michelle Obama, 50, is heading to Nashville, as it has been confirmed that the First Lady will be making a guest appearance on the ABC drama, starring Connie Britton.

I am sure you’ve all heard about the Easter Egg Roll by now. A picture is worth a thousand words

MO Easter 2014 Not really sure what this represents butt she does look “shtrong” and “toned”.  She also gave a few parenting tips.

‘If you don’t smile, I’m gonna start dancin’: Michelle Obama reveals her and Barack’s secret parenting weapon

Mo has unique ways to get kids to Mooove,  Michelle Obama Wants You to Dance About a T. Rex to Lose Weight

Everyone is supposed to make a 30 second video with an original dance. All kids are encouraged to enter this exciting contest which may be uploaded to Facebook. Small problem with all that MO noise, you have to be 18 to enter.

MO also wants you to know “splurging is the key to life“….if you wear J-Crew, splurging on that $10,000 gown is a big go. No one can ever accuse her of not taking her own advice when it comes to splurging. She is the first lady of splurges…..all on the taxpayer dime.

Chicago taxpayers …….(shakes head)….*sigh*

At a meeting Thursday in Chicago that was supposed to be for discussion only, the House executive committee voted to borrow $100 million to help finance a presidential library for President Barack Obama. Testifying in favor of the borrowing were House Speaker Michael Madigan and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. They characterized the money as insurance to boost Chicago’s chances of hosting the library. New York and Hawaii are among Chicago’s competitors.  [snip]

Let’s hope this time some Democrats come to their senses. This state has no money to be devoting to a presidential library. Obama’s library should be funded the same way most presidential libraries during the last century have been funded: with private money. Bill Clinton and both Bushes did it that way.

Did Rahm close all those schools just to float a BO library, borrowing $100 million to “sweeten the pot”?

MO ‘disinvited’ but insists on showing up anyway.

Michelle Obama has rescheduled a high school graduation speech after the students complained that her appearance would prevent many of their friends and relatives from attending the ceremony.

The First Lady was scheduled to speak at a combined graduation ceremony for five high schools in Topeka, Kansas, on May 17 but will now be speaking at a different ‘senior recognition day’ ceremony the day before.

‘Once we learned about the concerns of some students, we were eager to find a solution that enabled all of the students and their families to celebrate the special day,’ said the First Lady’s communications director, Maria Cristina Gonzalez Noguera.

Read more:

That’s all I’ve got for now. Getting ready for the big 18th birthday party on Saturday…so glad cupcakes are the ‘in thing’.

Prom is like a “coming out ball for debutantes” for the masses.  So, here is “THE” dress chosen for “THE” occasion. The corseted top is beaded (no sequins). With her very pale skin and strawberry blonde hair she won’t be washed out in this dress. She is definitely not a pastel person.



  1. Miffed isn’t the word…. 😀

    A prominent Japanese politician has raised hackles as Barack Obama visits Tokyo by claiming it’s an ‘open secret’ that he and the first lady are headed for divorce, and that the president has been using Secret Service agents to cover for him as he pursues extramarital affairs.

  2. Failure after failure…..howz that “smart diplomacy” working out? We’re saving some “arrows in our quivers” as we “tee up” ….yes, he said that….*sigh*

  3. Live by the hashtag….what?

    Apparently the State Department is sticking with its social media approach to the Ukraine crisis, with spokesperson Jen Psaki hoping that the Kremlin and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation will “live by the promise of hashtag.”

    • “What hashtag – at this point – does it make”….the ridicule is never ending with this bunch of loons.

  4. Getting sick and tired of being sick and tired…. you show contempt for us, we show ours for you.

  5. From Denise VB @

  6. John XXIII “most righteous among the nations”…..

    On Divine Mercy Sunday this weekend in Rome — one week after Easter — Pope Francis will celebrate the canonizations of two recent predecessors in the Chair of Peter, Popes John Paul II and John XXIII. [snip]

    I wish we could get beyond the stereotypes here. Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was steeped in quite conventional Catholic piety, as is clear from his spiritual diary, Journal of a Soul. What made him the bold leader he eventually became as Pope John XXIII were his lifelong study of history — which taught him that the Church must adapt its presentation of perennial truths to the demands of a given cultural moment, so that the truth can be heard and engaged — and his life outside what I would call the “Catholic bubble.” He spent decades as a Vatican diplomatic representative in Orthodox and Islamic countries. He was a Holocaust rescuer. He understood that Catholicism had to rediscover its originating evangelical dynamism if it was going to be the force it should be for the healing of the world.

  7. Feminists whine…Toys for girls and Toys for boys, that’s sexist……Molly Hemingway answers….

  8. Carole Bauman

    You would think that old MO could have worn something at Easter Egg event that didn’t look like she retrieved out of rag bag. What’s with the ill matched belt or tie thingy that she wore with the rag bag top?

    • Looks very sloppy doesn’t it….. and strange LOL

  9. Oh Lynn….that is one drop-dead gorgeous dress! Here’s to a very happy B-day to the special girl…

    • Thanks, I’ll tell her…. 😉

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