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No Justice, No Peace

Islamophobic Gun-Wielding Maniacs Kill 200 Boko Haram Scholars

Good for the villagers…armed citizens protecting their families.  Islamic nutters meet Allah, earlier then expected.  BO must be saddened by the wrongheaded vigilantism. Those villagers must realize that “gun control” is their only hope against those Islamist thugs. Expect Powers, serving at the UN, to rail against those who protect themselves by calling them “Islamophobes”.

“They attacked Menari and killed around 60 people and burned some homes before proceeding to Tsangayari and Garawa villages,” resident Algoni Ahunna said.

When news of the attack filtered out, people trooped out from nearby villages carrying arms.

Locals seized an armored tank, three all-terrain vans and 90 motorcycles from the attackers, residents said.

“At Tsangayari and Garawa, they met a big surprise as residents engaged them in a fierce battle in which over 200 of the Boko Haram fighters were killed. More than 150 were killed in Tsangayari,” Ahunna said.

Count on Dems every single time to obstruct any sane Senate legislation. They don’t want to hurt BO’s feelings by making Iran look like the terrorist supporting bad actor state that they are or, have any Congressional oversight on the nuclear negotiations. The great and all powerful all knowing BO is the only one brilliant enough and capable enough to make that call. Just ask him.

Menendez called off the vote in order to prevent Sen. Bob Corker (R., Tenn.) from introducing an amendment that would grant Congress a final say on any deal the Obama administration strikes with Iran regarding its contested nuclear program, according to congressional aides.

Sixty-nine percent of likely voters support congressional oversight on a nuclear deal, according to a poll released by the Israel Project.

Corker’s measure is opposed by the White House, which seeks to bypass Congress in order to push through a controversial deal with Iran that would fully lift economic sanctions in exchange for nuclear concessions.


Not only are the Dems obstructionists, so is President Know-It-All.  How Obama Became the Superhero of Excuses

Rather than conduct the important debate about the balance of powers and the structure of government in the 21st century, some liberals prefer to distort views that don’t affirm their own. Nobody expects the president to be a superhero. Most of us would settle for one who is effective, engaged, empathetic, and transparent about how he or she conducts the people’s business. Simple, not super. [snip]

The launch of the Affordable Care Act and the worsening of conditions at the Veterans Affairs Department are emblematic of Obama’s inattention to the hard work of governing. He is slow to fire poor-serving Cabinet members and quick to dismiss controversies as “phony scandals.” To the Obama administration, transparency is a mere talking point. The great irony of his progressive presidency: Democrats privately admit that Obama has done as much to undermine the public’s faith in government as his GOP predecessor.


Time to believe in the truth ..even if it offends the PC crowd…. Obama Tries to Dodge Blame in VA Scandal; Keeps Shinseki

A somewhat bedraggled and not particularly angry-looking President Obama took to the briefing room today to attempt to shirk blame for the burgeoning VA scandal, saying the problem began before him and touting the “progress” he has made fixing the various messes littering the agency.








  1. BO declared Al Qaeda vanquished….on the run…Intel said otherwise, “over my dead body”…

    But some senior U.S. intelligence officials, like Defense Intelligence Agency Director Gen. Michael Flynn, fought hard against that assessment, which amounted to an official pronouncement of the American intelligence community’s collected wisdom. Flynn and his faction won a partial victory, striking the judgment that the terrorist group no longer posed a threat to the homeland. “Flynn and others at the time made it clear they would not go along with that kind of assessment,” one U.S. intelligence officer who worked on the al Qaeda file told The Daily Beast. “It was basically: ‘Over my dead body.’”

    Since that internal clash—and since Obama said in his 2012 State of the Union that “al Qaeda operatives who remain are scrambling, knowing that they can’t escape the reach of the United States of America”—the terror group has thrived throughout the Islamic world. In the last year alone, al Qaeda has established safe havens in Libya, Syria and Iraq.

    No Justice, no peace!

  2. Where is the justice on campus? The “War on Men” continues apace.

  3. Transparency? Not hardly from the WH…read it all….

    Carefully crafted legislation that would end the government’s bulk collection of Americans’ phone records is under fire after the White House requested last-minute changes that critics say would water down its protections.

    A year after Americans learned from National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden that the NSA was secretly collecting vast amounts of telephone and email data, the House is preparing to vote this week on legislation intended to curtail domestic spying.

    Although the bill is likely to pass Thursday, the changes hammered out in secretive negotiations over the last few days between the Obama administration and leaders on Capitol Hill have led some privacy groups and civil libertarians to withdraw their support. They warn that the revisions, including changes to what sort of government data searches would be permitted, could provide loopholes that would allow massive data collection to continue.

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