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Memorial Day

NEVER FORGET   Rolling Thunder

This is for Joe and all his buds who served…thanks a bunch guys, your mission has never been in vain….. and, for AnniesMom who rolled with them.

About 83,000 servicemen and women remain unaccounted for from past conflicts, according to the Defense Prisoner of War Missing Personnel Office, including more than 73,000 from WWII, nearly 8,000 from the Korean War and 1,642 from the Vietnam War.


Memorial Day features the thunder of a half-million roaring motorcycles.

“This isn’t a ride. This is a demonstration,” said Rolling Thunder national spokeswoman Nancy Regg. “This is not a biker event. There’s no picnic at the end, It’s to show the government that we’re still here, we want answers, and we want our veterans taken care of.”

Named for the low rumble created by the thousands of motorcycles weaving their way through D.C. streets, the event highlights the work still to be done to bring home POWs and MIA troops, or at the very least provide some closure for their families.


































  1. …just heard one of the best ever renditions of Taps as the Indy 500 gets ready to go. Thank you, Lynn. We were just talking about how many of the Viet Nam Vets aren’t able to go anymore…just too hard on those old, achy bodies. It’s good to know the younger vets are stepping up and taking over. Honor Memorial Day

    • Thank them for me and, everyone else who comes to read this blog….we, as a group, will always Honor Memorial Day. Love you

  2. Steve
    • …wiping away a little tear…thank you.

    • Thank you so much

  3. Ronald Reagan…We Are Americans…via Weasel Zippers

  4. Carole

    On this memorial day it breaks my heart to see my dear, brave Vietnam hero, my husband laying in a hospital bed with Parkinson’s Disease while I fight to fill out tons of pages of paper work to get him VA benefits so I can afford home care for him. He has proof that he was stationed in Thailand when it was sprayed with Agent Orange as a B52 navigator. Four of his B52 buddies are now suffering from either neurological diseases, hearing loss, strokes or other now acknowledged conditions due to their service in Vietnam. None of his buddies or Gary qualify for the medical service of a VA hospital due to our retirement incomes. At least, the VA officials did indicate that we can apply for VA benefits, other than the medical part.

    • Good luck….hope it doesn’t take too long now.

    • Oh Carole…I’m so sorry to hear your sad story. Be strong and do what you have to do to take care of your DH….and remember the hurdles are there to wear you down, hoping you will get discouraged and give up. You do need someone in your corner to advocate for you….this may be a good time to call your congress people for some help. Hopefully, just the mention of the VA may take you up to the front of the waiting line.

  5. Hey Lynn….how about a pic of those babies, or have they fledged?

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