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For What It’s Worth

Came down with something that felt like the flu, seems to be running rampant in the city.  But, our “little nest” was a distraction.

They have fledged and are hanging out in the yard honing their skills. Gliding is their best to date. After drinking at the pond, they have to hop to the fence, flutter up to get some height for a take off.

Here they are week Almost ready to leave and, they all survived.

Last out and the family is on its way babies last out It has been such a pleasure, and a gift, to watch all this unfold.


So convenient that Bergdahl was traded for the five mass murdering Taliban. Certainly shut down the “conversation” concerning the VA. When he first walked away from the post, there were rumors he had become a sympathizer of sorts. After seeing his father standing alongside BO, and hearing his ignorant speech, there is this nagging feeling dad has converted. Why else learn  Pashtu?  BO did this horrendous trade and put every single American abroad, including our troops, in harms way. It doesn’t pass the smell test.   The whole thing in the Rose Garden was just plain creepy.

How did Sgt. Bergdahl fall into the hands of the Enemy? The official version is that he left his post without permission, yet on a video his captors released, Bergdahl says he was the Tail-End Charlie of a foot patrol and became separated. Which is it? Did he go AWOL? Will he be charged with desertion?

  • Why did his father – who wears a full beard typical of fundamentalist Salafi Muslims – praise Allah in Arabic in the press conference with the Commander-in-Chief in front of the White House?


  • Why did the Haqqani Network, one of the deadliest jihadi groups in the world, agree to exchange Bergdahl for five commanders from the Afghan Taliban who are not members of the Haqqani Network? Instead of, for example, for Mali Kahn another Guantanamo detainee who is a senior Haqqani commander.


  • According to his friends and those that know him, Bergdahl joined the military in order to help the Afghan people and provide “philanthropic support to the war effort.” When did we change US Armed Forces recruiting protocols and start looking for charity workers instead of professional soldiers for our infantry?


  • At the strategic level, what response will the administration have to all the allied nations, including France, Spain, and Italy, to whom we have insisted since 2001 that they do not negotiate with terrorists for the release of their nationals and who did as we requested?


  • Lastly, what other concessions is the Obama White House prepared to make with the Enemy?

He did not serve with “honor and distinction”, no matter what Susan Rice says. He ran off and joined the Taliban. PERIOD

From their lips to your ears. Those who served and hunted for him have a widely differing view


Soldiers were then forced to remain silent about Bergdahl’s disappearance and the search for him, Bethea added, which led to some soldiers losing their lives.

“I was pissed off then and I am even more so now with everything going on,” Former Sgt. Matt Vierkant, a member of Bergdahl’s platoon, told CNN. “”Bowe Bergdahl deserted during a time of war and his fellow Americans lost their lives searching for him.”

His former squad leader, Greg Leatherman, told CNN “I believe that an investigation should take place as soon as healthcare professionals deem him fit to endure one.”

At least six U.S. soldiers died hunting for Bergdahl, CNN reports.

Many of his fellow troops also told CNN that they had to sign nondisclosure agreements to never share information about his disappearance and the hunt for him.

Read more:

This absolutely is another major faux pas of the BOZO Administration.  Another complete fraud perpetrated at the highest level of government.




  1. Are those baby robins? Awwww, good job Mommy Lynn 🙂

    • Yep, 4 of them.
      Insisted people called due to the ‘nursery’ on the front porch…had to let everyone in the back gate, which I keep locked because of Blitz (bad a** shepherd) LOL 😀

  2. Wasting no time…Taliban abduct Indian head of a charity on Monday…congrats to the Obama Admin for a job well done/

  3. You cannot possibly connect President Obama to what the Taliban has ALWAYS done and will continue to do regardless of who was in office in the past present or future! Ridiculous!

    I’ll put it this way that bears the real truth…….

    If we had NOT invaded Iraq instead of focusing on the actual 9/11 perpetrator’s and pulling up short in Afghanistan to chase Saddam Hussein who had NOTHING to do with 9/11, my “thisclose” to retiring from a 20+ career in the military brother wouldn’t have been called up OR, my two son’s wouldn’t have been called into Afghanistan OR, now ex POW Bergdahl wouldn’t have been there TO get imprisoned for five years either! We wouldn’t have had two unfunded wars costing us present and future untold Trillions in Veteran services as well as unprepared for expenses. Obama didn’t set ANY of that OR this in motion and shame on your hypocrisy for attempting to lay this in his lap. This is NOT about supporting or not supporting him. This is about deploring your hypocrisy and false blame placing and denial about it all.

    And to think I came for the birds! Trust me, I will not be back.

  4. Loved seeing the little birds.
    I think we are all at the ends of our ropes with everything that has gone on in this country, and seeing small hopeful things, such as a nest of new birds, is something we can all appreciate.
    Oh- and thank you for fixing my comment issue.

    • I felt the same way about that “little nest” …. 🙂
      Wordpress was giving me fits for a minute…have no idea why it got so scrambled

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