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Buff and Tuff

Rippetoe he isn’t. Five pound weights are hardly that tough to move.


According to the tabloid, the commander in chief “heavily sighed and groaned” during the 45-minute workout.


MO remembers civics and lectures Dims at fundraiser.  In the meantime BO breaks the law with impunity.

“Too often, we forget what we learned in civics class back in middle school, about how we have a separation of powers between three branches of government,” she said on Monday at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser in Boston.

The first lady claimed that, whenever people ask her why her husband cannot just “pass health care” or “get immigration reform done” or “hasn’t just fixed infrastructure yet,” she tells them, “you all know who has the final say on all of that, don’t you? Who? Congress. You guys remember civics. It’s Congress.”


The Post Achievement Politics of Obama and Hillary  Never in the history of our country has so much adulation been given to people who have done so little. Being powerful seems to be the whole point of their existence.

Obama is still Miss America. He wants to feed all the hungry children and bring world peace. It’s all intentions and no results. If he’s in a red state, he might mention killing Bin Laden, but mostly it’s all visionary talk about investment, opportunity and reaching out. He’s still running for office with no track record on a platform of hope and change.

Progressives live in a world rushing toward a future that never arrives. Everything is immediate and immediately forgotten. The past and the future are constantly being rewritten for the needs of the moment. History is revised to prove a current assumption about the present. Science exists in the hypothesis, not the proven theory. Everything is immediately known and yet everyone is ignorant.

Name one accomplishment of the Obama administration or Clinton that hasn’t blown up in their faces and ours… one seems able to. But, it doesn’t matter, what you say is much more important than an actual accomplishment. The drooling left calls us ‘irrelevant’ and ‘stupid’ for not agreeing with their Progressive agenda and, ‘racist’ if we dare to disagree publicly. They will never see the shallowness in their words or actions.

The loftier your vision, the better of a person you are. The only truly good people never sell out and never do anything. To actually do something is to sully your vision by compromising it and risking failure. It’s not the things that Obama has done that the left loves him for. It’s his empty talk, his worthless words and his teleprompter visions.




  1. Just can’t believe how BO struggled with 5 pound weights….I use them every day …and run up and down steps with 10 pound leg weights…

  2. Sorry about the video..may still be available at the link

    • …just more of the usual crap from his people. Do you think for a second that the clip wasn’t approved for release? How many hotel gyms has The One exercised in the last almost 6 years? How many photos have we seen? My memory isn’t very good, but my immediate answer is Zero. This was approved…they thought he looked good? Ugh…stupid people,

      • He chicken winged it! LOL 😀
        They stopped with the basketball when he embarrassed himself….
        he really isn’t very good at much of anything

      • He has a very lax style, does he not?
        I read in an article somewhere that incompetence is defined by one that thinks every thing they do is grand and hunky dory, whereas a competent person would look at what they do, and realize that they can do better.

        • he has no style at all… 😉

  3. YIKES!

    “I challenge President @BarackObama to a 1 hour workout,” the gas baron writes on his Instagram account. “My cardio is better. Will work out energy plan for America. #nosweat”

    T. Boone Pickens is 86 years old.

    Read more:

  4. MOTUS still has the video up….

  5. Carole

    Poor old Barry he is such a girly girl. He does have his prancing down the steps of Air Force One pretty well established. His silly grin is now wide and very toothy, just perfect for flirting with good looking women. The Obutts are getting their story all established for the big divorce according to most of the rag magazines. No need for the fixed up marriage because it served him well for 21 years and gave him the appearance of being a “great family man.” Actually old Barry and Moo really deserve one another!!

    • Power hungry couple….She’s a s big a failure as he is.

    • Somehow I can’t see him as the flirting-with-women type, even though there’s photos of him fawning over the dolls while Mooch scowls as an aside. Perhaps Obama and the skirt were merely talking fashion tips.

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