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We tell them and the left has insisted we’re crazy, rightwingers, racists and, bigots. Now, after six years of hate filled rhetoric, one Prog decides we were right all along. Meet Noam Chomsky, the brilliant guy who has finally opened his eyes and his ears and, finally used that brilliant leftist brain. Well, let’s let him tell us in his own words

“It is of no slight import that the project is being executed in one of the freest countries in the world, and in radical violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights, which protects citizens from ‘unreasonable searches and seizures,’ and guarantees the privacy of their persons, houses, papers and effects,” Chomsky said.

“Much as government lawyers may try, there is no way to reconcile these principles with the assault on the population revealed in the Snowden documents.” [snip]

The scope and depth of the National Security Agency’s surveillance program is what particularly troubles the retired MIT professor and leads him to conclude that our current president is set on undermining the foundations of our society. [snip]

“In other ways too, the constitutional lawyer in the White House seems determined to demolish the foundations of our civil liberties. The principle of the presumption of innocence, which dates back to Magna Carta 800 years ago, has long been dismissed to oblivion.”

It’s also interesting to note the true confessions found in WaPo, who have finally admitted they can’t save BO’s behind on Benghazi and, neither can any of the MSM hacks.  They have finally admitted there is no running away from Benghazi or an investigation. It’s what the people are demanding. Now they call it a “mandate”, their own polls suggesting D-words, R-words and those pesky Independents don’t think the Obama administration nor Clinton are telling the truth. Republicans have a mandate for their Benghazi probe

But the polls demonstrate that Democrats can’t credibly suggest that the mere existence of this Benghazi panel is superfluous and unnecessary. A majority of the American people believe in its purpose, which gives it validity from the outset.

From here, it’s up to Democrats and the administration to recognize that — and Republicans to maintain their mandate.


Add another Dem Senator to the list of those with ethics complaints filed against them for pressuring the IRS to target conservative groups. Looks like that phony scandal without a smidgeon of corruption isn’t going away either. What made these overbearing repugnant and immoral Senators and House members think this was a great idea? Here’s a thought; from past experience it will probably point straight to the White House and the goons running it.  Dem Senator Hit With Ethics Complaint

New emails obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch revealed Levin’s considerable efforts to persuade the IRS to release information about conservative organizations.

Other groups such as Susan B. Anthony List and Americans for Tax Reform have signed on to the complaint, which was filed with the Senate Ethics Committee. [snip]

Levin is not the only Democrat facing ethics charges over his role in the IRS scandal.


FBI investigating threats against the Bergdahls. Obama doesn’t care who he hurts when it comes to his politics and ideology. He is personally responsible for anything that happens to them. His Rose Garden stunt has put that family in danger and all for some imagined ‘victory lap’ his handlers thought would make a great media opportunity for the WON.  The more that comes out, the more this family will suffer now that their names, faces, and the town they live in are hyped all over the media. The Bergdahls should just stop making appearances and speeches. BO, Rice et al should just shut up and stop the changing of the story routine. Haven’t they done enough harm already? Bergdahl is just another shiny object used for cover to justify freeing Islamic terrorists on the people of Afghanistan and any contingency of troops the US leaves there.  BO knows no shame.

From the Stars and Stripes via Weasel Zippers

“There is a dynamic here that has to change,” Bob Bergdahl said in a 2012 interview with the Idaho Mountain Express newspaper in which he criticized the stalled negotiations. He said swapping prisoners at Guantanamo for his son would be a “win-win” for the U.S. — retrieving a missing soldier while fostering goodwill with the Afghan people.

Well, he got his wish, look how that turned out.








  1. “My government”…, it isn’t. What arrogance from a sitting Preezy!

  2. In case you would like a short historical view of exactly how we got to this stage with the nutters of Islam…

  3. Pakistan getting what it absolutely deserves….harboring Taliban was not really the smart move to make…the ISI runs the country and are terrorist sympathizers

    “The assault was the most ambitious of its kind in Pakistan since Islamist militants attacked a navy air base in central Karachi in 2011. Although elite commandos moved quickly to counter the assault, many Pakistanis expressed shock that militants could penetrate such a prominent target so thoroughly and raised questions about why the attack had not been prevented by the military’s powerful spy service, the Directorate of Inter-Services Intelligence.”

    OH duh, ISI has been in bed with Islamists for years….

  4. WTF? BO didn’t “trust” Intell Committee in Congress because THEY might “leak” something but, trusted the Bergdahls? read it all….

    “Soon after Sgt. Bergdahl went missing in Afghanistan in June 2009, the Obama administration approved an outreach program that involved the Bergdahls traveling from their home in Hailey, Idaho, to the state’s National Guard headquarters in Boise.

    There they were hooked into secure video conferences that included representatives of U.S. Central Command, which runs the war in Afghanistan, as well as with White House, State Department and intelligence officials.”

    Read more:

  5. Look, this is a place where I can air a worry on my part that maybe a lot of people can’t see, but at least here I’ll get an honest input.
    The warehoused children from Mexico and South America are really bothering me. Photos of them shoulder to shoulder on the floors of military complexes are reminding me of slave ships, and it’s not helping that when I discuss this issue with friends, they say “We need cheap labor!” As if, indeed, these people are slaves.
    We haven’t the infrastructure to tend to these people, and where they are now is horrendous.
    What is to be done? Both parties seem to think this is okay.

    • It’s not ok…it will never be ok…BO has caused this with his “amnesty for Dreamers” crap
      Their parents are paying traffickers to bring them in from Central America. ICE turns them over to HHS and here they stay. This is ALL the fault of Obama and his simpletons in the WH. Can’t send them to Mexico, most don’t live there. The Dems and some RINOs thought amnesty would be a great idea for “those who were brought here through no fault of their own”. This is the result. This is why amnesty will never work, it didn’t before, it won’t now.
      Cantor lost for that very reason.
      Ask your friends if by “cheap labor” they mean “child labor”. Don’t forget who ties the hands of the border agents This is BO’s mess.

    • This is also not helping the situation. Newsmax is not usually my go to source for news but, at least they are reporting on this

      “Newspapers in El Salvador and Honduras are promoting policies by the Obama administration that defer deportation to minors brought to the United States as children by their parents — known as “Dreamers” — and those that are housing illegal children at military bases in the South and West.

      “Almost all agree that a child who crossed the border illegally with their parents, or in search of a father or a better life, was not making an adult choice to break our laws, and should be treated differently than adult violators of the law,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson is quoted in a story about a new two-year extension of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act published by Diario El Mundo in El Salvador.”

      Read Latest Breaking News from

      • The child labor/cheap labor conundrum is exactly my problem. I’m in the minority of my family- almost all of them but my brother and myself voted for Obama. The ones touting the “cheap labor” argument are supposed to be for the Little Guy, but they aren’t. They just want better wares at a cheap price.

        • Right now in the US having a ‘conscience’ is considered a bad thing. Enforcing the law is considered ‘inhumane’. Look how well the open borders policy has worked in the EU and how horribly the flood of immigrants has worked out for them.

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