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“You can lead from so far behind that you start kicking your own ass”

Dana Perino summed it up in one Tweet!  That statement perfectly describes the BO outlook on every single policy, both domestic and foreign.

Leading from behind gave the Crimea to Putin, putin-obama-leading-from-behind Russian tanks moving into the Ukraine now. In the eastern city of Donetsk, friends and neighbors have transformed into enemies, and people on both sides of the conflict worry that there’s no way out from a slide to civil war.

leading from behind 2   The only commitment BO has made is to his “legacy”, which occupies his every waking moment.

This president has made it clear, however, that his vision stops at his legacy and that legacy is reflected only by the image he sees every day in the mirror.

Courage consists of lying with a straight face and, getting caught every single time as he bungles everything… IRS, Benghazi, border security, Iraq, Syria, VA, economic recovery, Obamacare…the list is a long one. He has no “honor”, Benghazi and his “red lines” prove that without a doubt.

LEADING FROM BEHIND Massive failure. Is it any wonder no one trusts him? Not even the majority of Americans.

…And now he has no choice but to re-engage “Bush’s war,” too, thanks to his administration’s abject failure to carry out his own stated Iraq policy. Unpopularity is perhaps the only thing Obama can’t claim to have inherited from his predecessor.  No, he’s earned this all by himself (via Dan Doherty).

So, ignoring what has been happening in Iraq is considered “strong leadership”?  If Al Qaeda is “decimated”, as BO has stated time and time again, who are the Islamists fighting in every single country in the ME? His boneheaded ideas have led us to an increasingly violent and unstable world. Talk about being “all over the map” and “reckless”, that is BO.

When Obama And Romney Argued About Iraq And Russia

So, what — what we need to do with respect to the Middle East is strong, steady leadership, not wrong and reckless leadership that is all over the map. And unfortunately, that’s the kind of opinions that you’ve offered throughout this campaign, and it is not a recipe for American strength, or keeping America safe over the long haul. [snip]

What I would not have had done was left 10,000 troops in Iraq that would tie us down. And that certainly would not help us in the Middle East.

Maybe the BO Administration can do more of that “#hashtag diplomacy” that has worked so well. Since we are just misunderstanders of Islam how about #hug a jihadist today.





  1. I love Marie Harf ….she gets destroyed every time she opens her mouth….between her and Jen Psaki the laughs never end… Andrea Mitchell straightens her out with hilarious results…more “leading from behind”

  2. 5 Times Obama Abandoned US Allies….leading from behind

  3. Whoa…looks like there’s more to the Bergdahl story…stalking and harassment?

    “The father of embattled POW Bowe Bergdahl, who landed on US soil today, waged a sinister campaign of stalking and harassment against pretty twin sisters – even stealing a gnome from their garden and peaking at them in the shower, the sisters claim in shocking police reports.”

    Bearded Robert ‘Bob’ Bergdahl drove by the home of Lacey and Allie Hillman ‘several times a day’ over a period of months and left ‘creepy’ notes for them, the sisters allege in police documents, obtained exclusively by MailOnline.

    Once Bergdahl banged on Allie’s door and accused her of ‘two-timing’ him – despite the fact that the pair never dated or were even friends, Allie told police.

    • It was good this came out, for selfish reasons. My mother lost her good face cream to the TSA when traveling to Ireland to meet family. I see in the Daily Mail the twin sisters run the company. Now I know where to get the cream.
      It was a lifelong dream for my mother to go, but the only hassle was the TSA, poring over her things and taking the best.

      • Oh good… glad to know we got that covered too! LOL

  4. One rosy future coming up …..

  5. Looks as if the Honduran Preezy wants us to keep their kids here….”it’s for the children”

    “Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, for his part, recognized both factors. He pleaded for U.S. authorities to recognize the plight of migrants.

    “I’ve asked the United States government to treat this matter with the utmost care from the humanitarian perspective,” he said. “They are kids in search of their parents and they have the complete right to be with their parents.”

  6. I guess BO and his “national security advisors” will be waiting until July to “decide” what to do about Iraq….

    Rouhani says Iran is not likely to send troops to Iraq but may consider working with the United States to deal with the terrorist threats. On the nuclear deal, Rouhani says it’s possible to conclude a comprehensive agreement with major world powers by the July 20th deadline. He also says all the sanctions against his country must be lifted before any deal is sealed.

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