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Obama the Callous Liar

Never have I despised another human being until Obama. Now I find him beyond despicable but, gratefully acknowledge his “chickens have come home to roost”. He says he doesn’t want to play politics or have photo-ops. Oh frigging please. That’s all his presidency has been, nothing but parties, paycations, photo-ops, and partisan politics. No border security until the R-words pass his “emergency” 3.7 billion suggestion, no border security until they also pass the Senate’s “immigration reform bill”.  Obama’s pathetic border crisis blame shifting.

After noting that he did take the time out of his fundraising schedule for a closed-door meeting with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a concession of regal magnanimity upon which we must reflect in gratitude, Obama noted that he is at least open to taking emergency steps to stem the wave of illegal, unaccompanied migrant children crossing the border. But not, however, until Congress shares some responsibility for this crisis and passes a supplemental $3.7 billion request.

Don’t you love the blackmailing of the American people? Even Jesse Jackson gets it. He spoke from Chicago, we all know how bad it is there, saying if BO can spend 3.7 billion on kids from foreign countries, why not 2 billion for our own kids in the US. There have been interviews of people who are feeling the same way. A number of black Americans are finally beginning to understand what the protests at the border are about. Their golden child in the White House is as inept and corrupt as they come and will sell us all out in the name of politics. Houston black woman goes on EPIC rant about unaccompanied illegals – “Why can’t they go back?”

Bernadette Lancelin is very upset that the unaccompanied minors flooding across the border aren’t being sent back home. Instead they are being put in detention centers around the country. Lancelin is out with the local news in Houston because a closed middle school that hasn’t been used in years is now on the list to become another detention center. And she, among others, is furious about it.

and this;  BLACK PROTESTERS in Murrieta Confront Pro-Illegal Immigrant Supporters

A group of black Americans spoke out in support of protecting women and children in America BEFORE worrying about the rest of the world. This occurred at the Murrieta California Border Patrol Station on July 4th, 2014.

“It’s just too much. We already got starvation, kids walking without with no shoes. We are already taking that on in America. We don’t need other people’s kids to bring more problems.”

Polls show the majority want all of the illegals now entering to be sent home to their respective countries.

An Investors Business Daily/TIPP poll, which was surveyed 879 Americans from June 24 to 29, found that 60% of Americans wanted the illegal immigrant kids sent back while 28% said the children “should be allowed to stay in the U.S. and eventually become citizens.” Another 10% were unsure. 

The poll found that 84% of independents, 40% of Democrats, and 80% of Republicans want the illegal immigrant children sent back home.

Callous and contemptible Obama is holding the whole country hostage in favor of foreigners. The Black Caucus supports the criminal conduct of this President. Shame on them. Black Americans: The True Casualties of Amnesty
Democrats throw black voters under the bus.     

Liberal columnist and CNN pundit Sally Kohn penned a column last week arguing that the term ‘illegal immigrant’ is the same as the N-word. Kohn, is usually fair-minded and reasoned in her arguments, lumping black Americans’ unique history and suffering with that of certain Latino immigrants is absurd and offensive. Consider that the N-word was used to describe a person who was whipped daily,   while ‘illegal immigrant’ is a word used to describe a person who receives free education (even in-state tuition!), housing, driver’s licenses, legal aid, food, and healthcare. To even claim the two words are similar is an unthinkable affront – and insult – to African-Americans.

Senator Jeff Sessions’s recent National Review column  “On Immigration, It’s Time to Defend Americans,” hits the nail on the head. Sessions notes:

Harvard professor George Borjas estimated that high immigration rates from 1980 to 2000 resulted in a 7.4 percent wage reduction for lower-skilled American workers…. The Center for Immigration Studies issued a study based on Census data showing that “since 2000 all of the net gain in the number of working-age (16 to 65) people holding a job has gone to immigrants.”… If mass immigration is so good for the economy, why then — during this long sustained period of record immigration into the U.S. — are incomes falling and a record number of Americans not working?

Isn’t it great? Democrats will throw anyone and everyone under the bus, destroy people’s lives, hurt our fellow citizens, all for politics. We have 16.4 million children, who actually belong here, living in abject poverty in the US.  Those are the ones who need our help before we help anyone else.

MO is out there too. ‘Me and my girl FLOTUS!’ Jennifer Lopez poses for a selfie with Michelle Obama at Latino empowerment conference. 


Leaving the Dem Party opened my eyes to the corruption and hate filled rhetoric coming from the left. The ‘locals’ have shut me out, and others like me have suffered the same fate. Our Block Club was, for all intents and purposes, disbanded by the local CDC. We were causing ‘a problem’ by not going along to get along. We have been shut out of the grant process, no longer have monthly meetings or the support we need as a group (have to have a fiscal sponsor to accomplish anything). Our phone calls are ignored and complaints are never addressed.  We have become invisible to the Dem Party.

To those who think of the left as the “anti-hate” side, think again. Leftists love no one except those who agree with them and they hate everyone who does not.  They are the friends of blacks until blacks get uppity and reject leftism, then blacks become “Uncle Toms” and “House niggas.” They are the friends of women, unless women aren’t submissive to leftism, then they hurl filthy insults at them and fantasize about “hate sex.” They are the friends of gays, unless gays reject leftism, then the homophobic slurs come out. The Jews of Israel and the Catholics on the Supreme Court aren’t on the ugly end of left-wing bigotry because they’re Jews and Catholics. They’re there because they have the temerity to disagree with the left’s agenda.

It’s that agenda, ultimately, that’s antiquated. Progressivism stinks so badly of past prejudices and hatreds because progressivism is inherently a regressive philosophy. Everywhere and always, the left supports one thing: rule by force. Taking an individual’s property by force, overriding an individual’s conscience by force, silencing individual dissent by force. It’s the oldest form of government there is, and the left wants to bring it back. No wonder they sound so old fashioned. For them, tomorrow is yesterday.



  1. Asshat!

  2. We already know this….

    Appearing on MSNBC to discuss his thesis, Wilkinson went a step further than he did in his column. In this segment, he suggested that Obama “wants” the present crisis, and he wants it to be a “big” one.

    “I think he wants this to be a big problem,” Wilkinson told the hosts of MSNBC’s The Cycle on Thursday. “I think he wants this to be such big problem right now that Congress has to deal with it, and that the media’s focused on it, and that the American public is focused on it.”

  3. Harry Reid tabling patent reform…. to please the lawyers…

    Armed with GOP support, that was considered a formality. Patent reform was seen as one of the few, if only, serious measures capable of passing a badly divided Congress this year.

    The tech community praised Obama, with the publication Wired writing, “History will remember Obama as the great slayer of patent trolls.”

    Less than six months later, patent reform is dead. And Obama can thank his own party for the embarrassing defeat.

    “I am furious with what happened,’ Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., told his hometown paper, the Burlington Free Press, of the bill he sponsored. “We worked so hard to get a coalition. Harry Reid and a couple of others said, ‘We won’t let it come to the floor.’ I think that’s wrong, but I’m not going to give up.”

    The legislation faced opposition from some universities and drug companies concerned that the reforms would put some of their patents at risk. Trial lawyers also opposed the law. The groups heavily lobbied Reid to spike the legislation, Senate staffers said.

  4. YEP

    “He has refused his Assent to Laws… He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing Importance. He has…exposed to all the Dangers of Invasion from without, and Convulsions within. He has obstructed the Administration of Justice…. He has erected a Multitude of new Offices… He has affected to…giving his Assent to Acts of pretended Legislation.”

    There is a new dissatisfaction blowing across the country. As it was in the 1770s, the movement is not coming from the seat of power or among those who make the laws. It’s coming from the “little people,” who live outside the Beltway.

  5. I hear you about the left. As an artist, the leftists I knew practically demanded I drop everything, and that means paying jobs, to help them with posters, etc., for their many many many causes. When I finally said ‘no.”, I was torn to shreds for being selfish. They wanted a slave, as they do now with these immigrants coming across the border.
    And EVERYTHING is a painful cause to them; anything to sour their day and cause them to fret, from someone having a little more cake on their plates, to construction workers whistling at girls. The left have no emotion but outrage, and they are like vampires with it, they thrive on outrage as an energy source.

    • The Cult of Outrage is overflowing lately…here too. When I stopped being the go-to for every one of their whims, the “selfish” mantra came out. I’m a pariah now…. LOL
      Not writing their grant requests anymore. They fudge the money to cover things not in the grant proposal. My name is on those proposals so, to avoid any legal problems, I quit. Then the gossip started…but, as I tell the kids “stand strong, put your nose in the air and walk on by”. Both of us can live without the “emotional vampires”. The left are soul destroying.

      • The gossip! In my neighborhood, one woman that I broke free from poisoned the rest of the neighbors against me, I stopped dropping everything to heed to her every whim.
        It. Truly is a coincidence that the poisoners, all of them, have lost their houses. What the government gives, they can also take away.
        There is a grave mistake when people misconstrue common courtesy for weakness.

        • “There is a grave mistake when people misconstrue common courtesy for weakness.”

          Yes, indeed.. it’s all good 😀

  6. Here is the Illegal alien chant

    “No me digas illegal”/Don’t call me illegal
    “Porque eso no lo soy”/Because I am not
    “llegal son sus leyes”/Illegal are your laws
    “Y por eso no me voy”/And that’s why I’m not leaving

  7. If your “identity” is based on color or sexual preference, there is a huge problem with you, not me.

  8. The best disinfectant is the truth…the light is dawning.
    Chicago Inner City Blacks GO OFF on Obama Over Illegal Immigration “Worst President Ever”

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