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Russia 1 Was there ever any doubt? How proud the Russian people must be of Putin’s military prowess. It takes a great deal of courage and commitment to murder 298 commercial plane passengers in such a coldblooded calculated way, rob the victims of their personal belongings, treat them as garbage. As for the sanctimonious EU, would France still sell those destroyers to Russia if they had taken out one of their commercial planes, would Germany sit on the sidelines if it were one of theirs, how about the UK? Newsflash, Russia will not cut off gas supplies to the EU since that’s all they have to keep their economy lurching along. Their response to Putin’s outrageous act of cowardice is just pathetic, as is Obama’s “mulling over new sanctions”. Everyone is so fearful of what Russia might do as justification for doing nothing. In the words of FDR;  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.


Baboon-Congress-copy  Yes, indeed it does explain a lot, Obamacare, US southern border, IRS, VA, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, US economy and a myriad of executive orders to turn our country into a third world ghetto via illegal immigrants. Let’s face it, as long as the Dems hold the Senate nothing will be done to address the grievances of the American people.




Hamas-Body-Armor-copy   While Obama tries to broker a peace deal with Qatar (backers of the Muslim Brotherhood and funding Hamas terror) Egypt and Israel want no part of it. Kerry went to the ME post haste so as not to appear totally irrelevant, inserting himself where no one wants him. He was made to wait and go through a metal detector before al Sisi would see him. It was a direct slap in the face due to Obama’s backing of the Muslim Brotherhood, which Hamas is an offshoot. In spite of the declaration of Hamas being a terrorist org., Obama will spend 45 million more of taxpayer money to help rebuild their tunnels and acquire more weaponry. In other words, Obama is a terrorist sympathizer working with Qatar, a terrorist enabling state, who runs Al Jazeera a terrorist supporting media arm of the state. The Hamas cult of death will continue to use children and women as human shields as long as the enablers of the death cult (western media) continue their haranguing of the Jewish State trying to protect its citizens from the constant barrage of rockets coming from Gaza. Israel needs to finish them off, “international community” and the prejudiced press be damned, their hypocrisy knows no bounds.



H/T to Powerline for all pics.





  1. Carole

    The Obamas belong in prison. Old Mooch is not an innocent victim of a matched up marriage by old Jackson and Rev, Wright. She knows the truth about the Great Imposter in the White House and has played an important part in the deception of conning Americans into believing Barry is a Christian while tries to destroy America with Islamic theology and secret negotiations with our Muslim enemies. There should be a clean sweep of all of Washington with special attention given to certain politicians for treason for hiding the truth of the Obamas’ backgrounds and political ideologies. Just to name a few: Nutty Nanny Pelosi, Boxy Boxer, Frankenstein Feinstein, the Clintons, the Muslim Troll, Val Jar, the Slippery Weasel , Holder, Dumber than Dumb, All Hair, No Brains Debbie Wasserman (sp)
    Jackson, Rev, Wright, the head of the National Democratic Party and all other liberals that were among the above listed Dim-o-cats.

    • I’m guessing here but, you seem to be just a ‘smidgen’ upset….

  2. There’s an unfortunate side effect of plastic surgery that people aren’t aware of- old photos vs. new photos. On a news site, there’s an old photo of Michelle in an ad, and then underneath it, a new picture of her giving a speech.
    When one has one’s cheeks built out, there’s a danger of making the chin look smaller and receded. You can really see a big difference. In the new pictures, I didn’t recognize her.

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