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It’s been a long and very busy week at the Victorian Homestead. We’ve been preparing for a new arrival, making space for our new baby and shopping for everything she needs. Our family is deliriously happy to have finally gotten her, a long and arduous undertaking to say the very least. Her birth was not a happy one as she tested positive for heroin, meth and coke. She had to be given morphine to help with the pain of withdrawal and that caused a huge drop in her birth weight. Her ‘mom’ has three other children, one is with her father, the other two adopted by others. She is a beautiful baby.

Skyler   We all love her…


Watching BO’s speech was a real hoot. Condemning Hamas over their “tunnels into a sovereign state” and, the “Israelis have every right to destroy them”  caught him up as he realized that is exactly what is happening at our southern border. He really hoped you didn’t notice that statement as he rambled on quickly to try and cover that huge gaffe. Aren’t we also being invaded by drug cartels and their smuggling tunnels? Yes, we are. Is Mexico complicit? Yes, they are. Is Obama complicit? Yes, he is. Don’t expect him to admit that one any time soon.

The Daily Mail has an article about the southern border situation. Democrat “compassion” to score political points caused this.

Vickers, 64, told MailOnline on Wednesday that since 2012 his organization, the Texas Border Volunteers, has counted 259 dead bodies in his native Brooks County alone, including those of children.

‘And we’re probably only finding 20 per cent of them. A lot of people die out here.’

‘We find a hell of a lot of women,’ he said. ‘Three of the last ones who have died on my ranch have been women. We found a dead 12-year-old boy on my neighbor’s property.’

Some have the good fortune to find Vickers and his crew.

‘We’ve rescued some small children, quite a few,’ Vickers recalled. ‘One boy, 11 years old, was left behind 8 or 9 miles off the highway. He had no idea where he was.’ The border volunteers gave him water and arranged for U.S. Border Patrol agents to pick him up.

‘I’ve seen families out in my front yard under a tree,’ he said, ‘with little bitty toddlers with them.’

The group of about 300 amateur patrolmen go out in teams of up to 40 armed men at a time for 4- to 5-day patrols, reporting to Border Patrol agents and Texas Rangers on where the immigrant traffic is heaviest.

In nine years of scouring south Texas, no shots have been fired.

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Rep Gutierrez, we don’t hate your children. We, unlike the Progs, don’t want them to keep dying for a political agenda.  According to the Census there are close to 7 million Hispanic children living in abject poverty in the US. Why would you want to add to that number?


With all that is going on in the world what is Obama concerned about? via  weaselzippers


Nasty storm heading our way, have to close for now




  1. MOTUS is having a good day

  2. Official Approved and Endorsed Words, Sayings, and Phrases for Public Use: ….some conservative college humor

  3. No need to clarify, we know exactly what you meant…

  4. Lynn!!! A little baby girl in your house…..she doesn’t stand a chance! I can see it now….most spoiled baby in Ohio!!! Big brothers and a doting sis… very cool…and yup she is a beautiful baby.

    • …and I was so surprised, I forgot to offer huge congrats!!! Next round of adult beverages, your choice, is on me.

      • Yes, congrats!

        • Carole

          Oops, I need to say congrats to you. The world needs more loving families, such as yours, to raise children in a good environment that is full of love and attention to their basic and moral needs.

          • Thanks to you too Carole..

        • thanks Tanna…

    • They have become helicopter siblings… LOL

  5. Carole

    I thought you would enjoy this article Lynn. It is about how one home owner association handled the problem of illegals leaving trash near their complex while working on a construction job to build new homes. It is a hoot!!

    Old Nutty Nanny Peee-Losi needs to sue her plastic surgeon because she now acts like a wild-eyed, nut cake with a face full of cheek implants, a Botox forehead, stretched skin ready to explode if she smiles or tries to move any facial muscles. Her brain has turned to mush because of excessive Botox shots. Old Nutty Nanny is so removed from reality. She has no idea what is going on around the world or what is happening to the American population in general. All she cares about is living like a queen off the backs of the poor taxpayers. Old Nutty Nanny would back any political tyrant, like Barry, the Imposter President, in order to live the life of an elite who lives off the back of the peons, To believe the Quataris leaders, who told her that Hamas is a humanitarian organization, proves that she is out of touch and is so entrenched in liberalism that she cannot comprehend the reality that the world in general is in danger of becoming an “Islamic ruled one nation,” such as Iran. What a nut cake!!! It is time to oust people like Peee-Losi, Boxy Boxer, Frankenstein Feinstein, (she also needs to sue her plastic surgeon), Rusty, Dusty, Dingy, Out of Touch Reid. Then you have nut cases like Dumb, Dumber, All Hair, No Brains Wasserman, and Sandra Fluke, rhymes with (xx,,,,uck,), I Want to …uck Every Guy on Campus or the Streets, making fools of themselves in front of millions and millions of TV viewers. The Dim-O-Cats are now a party of Liberal Nut Cases that live in a world of Moronic Ideology.

    • LOL the article is what we call thinking outside the box. 😀

    • That is amusing.
      We used to have to walk our dog at my husband’s business, being that there were so many fighting dogs lose in our neighborhood.
      There was a factory nearby that we could hear dogs barking inside- I was assured the dogs were safe, being that the illegals that worked in the factory were inside with them.
      I’d never heard of such a set up in my life; live in workers.

      The factory keeps getting busted, then two weeks later, you can hear the dogs again.
      I might have to take a walk with a new “INS” hat.

      • That would be so funny…

  6. “After a broad immigration bill failed in 2007, President George W. Bush ordered his staff to come up with every possible change he could make without the approval of Congress.

    “Gregory Jacob, who worked on immigration issues with the president’s Domestic Policy Council, said the list included similarly broad protections from deportation as those implemented by Obama. But Bush’s staff concluded that the president didn’t have the legal authority to grant such “sweeping and categorical” protections, Jacob said

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