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But, not outraged over the right things. Lucky us, BO has decided to bomb ISIL (Islamic State in the Levant) which will go a long way to helping out Assad (backed by Shiite Iran) in eliminating Sunni rebels. Assad is now carefully only bombing the “moderates” the US wants to back. In the meantime Saudi Arabia (Sunni to the core) will not have “boots on the ground” to protect its own country against ISIL (Sunni) because they help fund that bunch and, according to Koranic code, they will not fight their own, neither will Jordan (Sunni) and, count out Lebanon as well.  So, if we “push” ISIL from Iraq back into Syria (that is the plan) and, the US bombs them and drones their leaders in their Syrian strongholds, who will do the mop up when we have them cornered? Does anyone honestly think it will be the “US trained moderates” of Syria? Oh hell no! Congressman: The CIA thinks Obama’s strategy of arming Syrian moderates is “doomed to failure” .

 Destroying ISIS will be left to the Shiites who are really motivated to do it, be it Assad, Iran, Hezbollah, or, most likely, Shiite militias from Syria and Iraq. This FSA pipe dream is less an actual plan than a rhetorical one, so that O has an out-of-the-box answer handy when someone asks him “Who’s going to fight our battle in Syria?” What’s he supposed to say, “Shiite death squads”? That may be the correct answer but it’s not a politic one.

Yes, BO is that devious and irresponsible. Washington’s Ruling Class Is Fooling Itself About The Islamic State and in turn wants to fool you too.  A few have voiced concerns about arming anymore Islamic nutters.

Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA), a Marine veteran, objected: “We need to crush ISIS and not work on arming more Islamic radicals. Just what would arming these people accomplish?” To prevent massive numbers of Republican congressmen from joining this common-sense question, the House Armed Services Committee’s bill requires the administration to  answer it in a report to Congress some time in the future, but not now. The fact that the administration and the leaders of both parties—the ruling class—did not make reasoned answers to the key questions the primary premise of their request suggests not so much that they are hiding these answers from others as much as that they themselves have not addressed the questions….[snip] Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV)’s common-sense objection to arming the Sunni rebels might as well have been voiced by any ordinary citizen for all the effect it had: “Our past experience, after 13 years, everything that we have tried to do has not proven to be beneficial, not proven at all. So what makes you think it’s going to be different this time? What makes you think we can ask a group of Islamists to agree with Americans to fight another group of Islamists, as barbaric as they may be?”

The WSJ notwithstanding, while the ‘moderates’ will take U.S. money and arms, no amount of ‘vetting’ will or can cause them to fight the IS for us.

The answer is that our ruling class does not think, as much as it indulges its imagination and believes its own spin.

Truly, arming people who want to kill us is beyond stupid. Here’s a thought, why don’t we kill them first.
  Just in case you were unaware of this piece of work, MO thinks we take BO for granted. Since he’s done so much to “improve” us we should do more bowing and scraping, lauding him to the heights.  Michelle Obama: Americans ‘Take for Granted’ How Much Barack Has Improved US

She also skewered members of Congress for blocking her anti-obesity agenda in public schools “In fact, it’s gotten so bad, they’ve even tried to block the work I do on child obesity — and that’s really saying something,” she said. “I mean, for most folks in this country, making sure our kids get decent nutrition isn’t all that controversial — it shouldn’t be.”

No mention of the States opting out of her NoFatKidsBehind wastefilled food program. It isn’t the Congress blocking her failure, it’s the kids. Aren’t they great!  She mentioned another of his great achievements, Cash for Clunkers. What a major success story that was, especially for the taxpayers out millions. Obamacare was also hailed. You know, the socialist health care program that everyone hates. MO is outraged we aren’t more grateful to BO and our kids don’t appreciate all  her interference in their lives either. Both of them are crashing bores with the know it all attitude.


  1. You know, historically speaking, the US has been at loggerheads with Islam since Jefferson designated the US Marines to stop Islam. That is the ONLY contribution Islam has made to the West.
    Their “Golden Age” is a huge myth. Most golden ages, like that of Persia, were long before Islam came into the picture. Arab civilization has crashed and, it will take decades to repair the damage done.

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