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Thomas Duncan, yes, the Ebola carrier, will be charged with a crime by the Liberian government, if he lives. By lying on his travel form, saying he did not come in contact with anyone who had Ebola, he has committed a crime according to the Liberian government. Does anyone really think he came to the US innocently?  Of course not, he knew his chances of living were much greater if he lied and made it out of Liberia and into the US. What’s to stop others from doing the same? Absolutely nothing, since Obama has decided it would be cruel to have flights quarantined from infected countries. FLASHBACK: Obama Administration Dumps Quarantine Rules

In April 2010, Politico reported the administration “quietly dumped quarantine rules that would have required air passengers to submit more information to airlines and strengthened the government’s authority to detain travelers suspected of carrying disease.”

Politico initially reported in August of 2009 that the Obama administration examined Bush administration 2005 quarantine regulations, which were criticized by civil liberty advocates.

Uh-huh….why do they need attack aircraft? Why, they did a “study” and found, much to BO’s surprise, that the surrounding region is critical to the “global economy”.

The USMC is preparing to deploy 2,100 Marines to Kuwait under the auspices of Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force (SPMAGTF).

The deployment was planned before the current “conflict in Iraq and Syria with the Islamic State” began.

According to Defense News, Colonel Kenneth DeTreux said the SPMAGTF will be deployed in “fiscal ’15.” They will have “attack aircraft, the AV-8B Harrier, and support aircraft such as the MV-22 Osprey and KC-130 Super Hercules.”

The SPMAGTF “will be equipped to perform noncombat evacuation, humanitarian assistance, infrastructure support, tactical aircraft recovery, fixed-site security and theater sustainment missions.”

Cleveland, “ditto”! Downtown is total chaos and fighting when kids get out of school. Extra police have to be at the Terminal. it really is getting out of hand.

Black Mob Violence: So many Stories, not enough Room.

Ferguson Business Owner Calls Nighttime Protests ‘Terrorist Acts’

Justifiable Homicide: Black youth in peril

When you look at the murder rate in the Black community, this is civil war. In one year, out of the 20,000 homicides throughout America, 46 percent of them were “us killing us.” That means in one year, nearly 9,000 young Black men died from murder—not by a White police force, but by us. Look at all of the funerals that are happening inside the community right now. Mothers, you are taking your son, your daughter to their final resting place because of gang conflict; it was something going on in the community. How can a White policeman’s killing of a Black Brother warrant more response from Black community leaders than our shooting of one another?


The enemy is watching the disunity of Black leaders, who argue and fight each other in the public. The enemy says, “Oh well, what the hell, they’re not united, so let’s show them that we ain’t got no fear of what they are doing.” So they took Mychal Bell of The Jena Six, picked him right back up on an old charge and sentenced him to 18 months in jail. That is a horrible miscarriage of justice. So Father Michael Pfleger, Harry Belafonte, Reverend Al Sharpton and others decided to have a march on the Justice Department, because the Justice Department is really failing Black people. It’s true. I sent a message to them, stating that I will join them in a march on the Justice Department because it has failed, but I said, “Look at the statistics: It is not them killing us from the police side of this thing—it is us killing us. So, I don’t mind marching with you to the Justice Department, but let us mobilize our people and let us go in our community and get our young people and stop them from the senseless killing of one another, and then fight to give them jobs and opportunity.”

No fan but, he is right on this.

Feel good of the day via Legal Insurrection

We’ve been going through AT&T hell since September 6th. It was tedious to say the least. But, hopefully we have resolved the problems.


  1. Creating chaos wherever he goes….for more Dem votes. Illegal aliens demand legalization, ahead of legal immigrants and those who stand in line.

    “The clearest path to change is to change [the voter turnout] number,” said Obama “Si se puede, si votamos! Yes, we can, if we vote!”

  2. Creating more chaos in the ME…a complete airhead

    In response to Netanyahu’s suggestion that this new alliance play a role in the peace process, Obama “kept the spotlight squarely on the settlements” when the two leaders met at the White House on Wednesday, the New York Times reports. Later, the White House condemned Israel’s decision to build new apartments in East Jerusalem, and the arrival of several Jewish families in apartments they bought from Arabs.

    Think about that for a minute: a president who came to national prominence as a symbol of reconciliation is objecting to integrated housing, balancing the (legal!) arrival of Jews in a predominantly Arab neighborhood against the vast benefits to be gained from cultivating a regional alliance between non-extremist Arab powers and Israel–an alliance that could help bring greater stability to a region, including peace with the Palestinians.

  3. Ya think?

  4. Sad reality….we really can’t save them all….

    Public support for extending legal rights to illegal immigrant children bottoms out

  5. I love this guy! He finally found the truth just like I did….

  6. Health care chaos at the taxpayer expense…Federal Judge gives BO another slapdown…IRS and BO in more trouble again

    “The court holds that the IRS rule is arbitrary, capricious, and abuse of discretion or otherwise not in accordance with law, pursuant to 5 U.S.C.706(2)(A), in excess of summary jurisdiction, authority or limitation, or short of statutory right, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 706(2)(C), or otherwise is an invalidation of the ACA [Affordable Care Act], and is hereby vacated. The court’s order of vacatur is stayed, however, pending resolution of any appeal from this order.”

  7. Issues? They are the issue…think we’re stupid…smug and arrogant

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